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13 August 2014

Events & Opportunities: September 2014 & Last Minute August 2014

August 2014:

Consultancy to Develop a Web-based NGO Coordination Resource Centre [info]
- Apply by 18 August 2014.

Crisis, Mobility and New Forms of Migration, Cork, Ireland, 2-4 September 2014 [info]
- Register by 19 August 2014.

September 2014:

MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies, University of London [info]
- The first postgraduate course to be offered via distance study!  Apply by 1 September 2014.

CFP: Organizational Perspectives on Environmental Migration, Rome, 7-8 November 2014 [info]
- Abstract deadline is 1 September 2014.

Call for Expressions of Interest: "Developing Individual Case Processing Capacity in View of Increasing Resettlement Outputs in Africa," UNHCR Project No. DIP/CEI/013/2014 [info]
- Submission deadline is 15 September 2014.

First Global Forum on Statelessness, The Hague, Neth., 15-17 September 2014 [info]
- Registration is ongoing; check out the programme.

CFP: Volume 5 of Reference Encyclopedia on Contemporary Issues and People of Color [info via ImmigrationProf Blog]
- Editors are seeking essays on immigration and migration issues in the U.S.; deadline for submissions is 19 September 2014.

Engaging with Faith Organisations and Communities in Development and Humanitarian Work, Amman, 4-6 November 2014 [info]
- Application deadline is 21 September 2014.

Job: Research Assistant, Migration Policy Centre [info]
- Application deadline is 22 September 2014.

Bordering on Failure: Canada-US Border Policy and the Politics of Refugee Exclusion, Oxford, 30 September 2014 [info]

Master of Arts in Migration and Displacement, Wits University, Johannesburg [info]
- Applications from South African students are due 30 September 2014.

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25 July 2014

Regional Focus: Europe

An EU Commissioner for Migration? The Devil is in the Details (MPI, July 2014) [text]

Frontex between Greece and Turkey: The Border of Denial (FIDH et al., July 2014) [text]

Penalising Refugees: When Should the CJEU Have Jurisdiction to Interpret Article 31 of the Refugee Convention? (EU Law Analysis Blog, July 2014) [text]

Ukraine: Displaced People Need Urgent Help (Human Rights Watch, July 2014) [text]

UNHCR Central Mediterranean Sea Initiative (CMSI): EU Solidarity for Rescue-at-sea and Protection of Refugees and Migrants (UNHCR, updated July 2014) [text]

Urgent European Action Needed to Stop Rising Refugee and Migrant Deaths at Sea (UNHCR, July 2014) [text]
- Follow link to access audiovisual materials relating to rescue at sea. See also related news story.

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27 June 2014

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

"Challenging Operations: An Ethical Framework to Assist Humanitarian Aid Workers in Their Decision-making Processes," PLoS Currents: Disasters, 23 June 2013 [open access]

Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (Sphere Project, People In Aid & Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, June 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]
- Note: "Draft 2 for consultation & testing."

"The Hard Challenge of Aid Coordination," World Development, In Press, 7 March 2014 [open access]

"International Coordination and the Effectiveness of Aid," World Development, In Press, 27 Jan. 2014 [open access]

"Military Humanitarianism: Syria Hasn’t Killed It," The Washington Quarterly, 1 March 2014 [full-text]

MSF and the Aid System: Choosing not to Choose (MSF CRASH, May 2014) [text]
NGOs and the Shock of the New (IRIN, June 2014) [text]

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21 May 2014

Thematic Focus: UNHCR

Image credit:
© UNHCR/A.Rodriguez/24October2007
High Commissioner's Dialogue on Protection Challenges, Geneva, 10-11 December 2014 [info]
- The theme for the next HC Dialogue is "protection at sea."  UNHCR has also launched a Global Initiative on Protection at Sea.

A Review of UNHCR’s Utilisation of the Central Emergency Response Fund, PDES/2014/02 (UNHCR, May 2014) [text]

The Rise and Decline of a Global Security Actor: UNHCR, Refugee Protection and Security, Oxford, 12 March 2014 [access]
- Follow link for podcast.

UNHCR as a Subsidiary Organ of the UN: Plurality, Complexity and Accountability, IRPA Working Paper, no. 4/2013 (Istituto di Ricerche sulla Pubblica Amministrazione, Feb. 2014) [text]

UNHCR Launches Global Safe Energy Strategy to Benefit Millions (UNHCR, May 2014) [text]
- See also related Women's Refugee Commission news release.

[UNHCR-OCHA High-Level Discussions, 24 April 2014]
- See the summary conclusions and a joint note on coordination in practice.

UNHCR Refugee Coordination Model: Adaptation of UNHCR’s Refugee Coordination in the Context of the Transformative Agenda (UNHCR, Nov. 2013?) [text]
- See also related graphics.

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15 April 2014

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

Analysis: Scaling Up Accountability to Communities (IRIN, April 2014) [text]

Humanitarian Aid vs Resilience Debate Should Put Priorities in Context (Global Observatory, March 2014) [text]

"Managing the 'Republic of NGOs:' Accountability and Legitimation Problems Facing the UN Cluster System," Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, vol. 47, no. 1 (2014) [full-text]

NGO-NGO Learning: What Works? (IRIN, April 2014) [text]

NGO Safety and Security Training Project: How to Create Effective Security Training for NGOs (InterAction & European Interagency Security Forum, April 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Reporting on Humanitarian Crises: A Manual for Trainers & Journalists and an Introduction for Humanitarian Workers (Internews Network, April 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

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08 April 2014

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance


The Future of Humanitarian Security in Fragile Contexts: An Analysis of Transformational Factors Affecting Humanitarian Action in the Coming Decade (European Interagency Security Forum, March 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Global Humanitarian Policy Forum, New York, 12-13 December 2013 – Analytical Summary: Transforming for the Future (OCHA, April 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also some illustrations from the report.

Index for Risk Management - InfoRM: Concept and Methodology (European Union, 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Learning from Disaster: How Governments Gain Insight and How Regional and International Bodies can Help (ALNAP, March 2014) [access]
- Follow link for the study, a discussion starter, and related blog post.

National Humanitarian Conference, Paris, 31 March 2014 [access]
- Video of this second meeting of the French humanitarian sector is available via the link.

Perception du Danger et Gestion de la Sécurité, Paris, 7 Jan. 2014 [info]
- Videos of the meeting are now available.

Web sites:

Disaster Ready Training Course (Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation) [access]
- "[A] free, easy to use online training resource designed to help prepare aid workers for the demands they face in the field."

World Humanitarian Summit on Facebook [access]
- Follow planning of and developments relating to the first World Humanitarian Summit, due to take place in Istanbul in May 2016.

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05 March 2014

News: Funding for Research Projects

The U.S. State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration recently announced a funding opportunity for "Research Projects to Strengthen Evidence-based Humanitarian Decision Making by PRM and its Partners Worldwide."

Priority is given to the following research topics:

1. Understanding Refugee Return to Urban Areas

2. Promoting Coordination in Non-Camp Settings

3. Adapting Humanitarian Response to Local Contexts

4. Understanding the Relationship Between Statelessness and Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

5. Health Impacts of Statelessness

6. Assessing the Impact of International Community Advocacy on Gender Discrimination in Nationality Laws

The deadline for submitting proposals is 16 April 2014.

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16 January 2014

Regional Focus: Central African Republic & South Sudan

Central African Republic

100 Day Plan for Priority Humanitarian Action in the Central African Republic, 24 December 2013-2 April 2014 (OHCA, Dec. 2013) [text]

The Central African Republic: Media in a Complex Emergency (International Media Support, Jan. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Central African Republic: Open Letter to the UN Humanitarian System (MSF, Dec. 2013) [text]
- See also related MSF press release.

Emergency Response for the Central African Republic Situation (UNHCR, Jan. 2014) [text]

Public Health Risk Assessment and Interventions: Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Central African Republic (WHO, Dec. 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

South Sudan


S. Sudanese Refugees (UNHCR, Jan. 2014)
Emergency Response for the South Sudan Situation (UNHCR, Jan. 2014) [text]

Public Health Risk Assessment and Interventions: Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan (WHO, Jan. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Response Plan: South Sudan Crisis - January-March 2014 (OCHA, Dec. 2013) [text]

The Search for Common Ground: Civil–military Coordination and the Protection of Civilians in South Sudan, HPG Working Paper (ODI, Dec. 2013) [text]

South Sudan: 6 Things You Need to Know about the Humanitarian Crisis (OCHA, Jan. 2014) [text]

Web sites:

Humanitarian Response: South Sudan (OCHA) [access]
- Aim is to provide support to humanitarian operations.

Refugees in South Sudan: Information Sharing Portal (UNHCR) [access]
- Access point for authoritative operational data.

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09 October 2013

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance


XV. Humanitarian Congress Berlin, 25-27 October 2013 [info]
- Online registration is now open!  Theme is "No Access! Who Cares? How to Reach People in Need"; includes a panel on "Refugees and IDPs in Dadaab: The Never Ending Emergency."

World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Istanbul, 24-27 October 2013 [info]
- Registration is ongoing; theme is "Human Security: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses."

Current Humanitarian Challenges - Two Perspectives: Switzerland and the ICRC, New York, 15 October 2013 [info]

AidEx 2013, Brussels, 13-14 November 2013 [info]
- Free event, but registration required.


The Global Space of Aid, Presentation at "Movements & Exchanges in an Unequal World: ICS at 40," Durham, NC, 28 Feb.-1 March 2013 [access]
- See abstract under "Humanitarianism and Development"; follow link above for video.

Localising the Humanitarian Toolkit: Lessons from Recent Philippines Disasters (AADMER Partnership Group & Save the Children, Aug. 2013) [text via PreventionWeb]

A Networked Response? Exploring National Humanitarian Networks in Asia (ALNAP, Sept. 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Safe Access to Firewood and Alternative Energy in Humanitarian Settings (FAO, Oct. 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Web site:

MSF Speaking Out [access]
- Provides access to "a series of studies from Médecins Sans Frontières that openly examine and analyse the organisation’s actions and decision-making process during humanitarian emergencies that have led it to speak out."  Currently features a case study on Somalia; reference materials, a map and timeline, and videos are included.  A report on Ethiopia is expected next month, while analyses of Chechnya, Kosovar Albanians, North Korea, and Rwanda will be made available in 2014.


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02 August 2013

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

Aid Worker Job Specs in the Network Age (IRIN, Aug. 2013) [text]

Analysis: The UN in 2023 (IRIN, July 2013) [text]

Collective Responsibility: The Perceptions, Expectations and Realities of NGO Coordination in Humanitarian Leadership (InterAction, June 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Global Humanitarian Assistance 2013 (Development Initiatives, July 2013) [text]

Guidance for Collaborating with Formal Humanitarian Organizations (Digital Humanitarian Network, July 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Guidance for Collaborating with Volunteer & Technical Communities (Digital Humanitarian Network, July 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Humanitarian Financing 101 (CDAC Network, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Humanitarian Standards to be Unified, Simplified (Thomson Reuters Foundation, July 2013) [text]

An Overview of Global Humanitarian Action at Mid-Year 2013 (OCHA, July 2013) [text]

Writing the 'Other' into Humanitarian Discourse: Framing Theory and Practice in South-South Responses to Forced Displacement, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 257 (UNHCR, July 2013) [text]

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03 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

Events & opportunities:

Saving the World: Does Faith-based Humanitarian Aid Deliver Relief or Redemption?, New York, 15 May 2013 [info]
- Free and open to the public.

FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement for Research Projects to Strengthen Evidence-Based Humanitarian Decision Making by PRM and its Partners Worldwide [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 30 May 2013.


A Call for Evidence-based Decision-making in Humanitarian Response (ALNAP Forum, April 2013) [text]

Hugo Slim: Legal and Ethical to Pursue Cross-Border Humanitarian Aid (Global Observatory, April 2013) [access]

"Humanitarian Workers Unprepared for Decades of Conflict, Warns UNHCR," The Guardian, 30 April 2013 [text]

"Improving Humanitarian Coordination: Common Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Cluster Approach," Journal of Humanitarian Assistance (April 2013) [full-text]

*International Legal Frameworks for Humanitarian Action: Topic Guide (Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, March 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Many Meanings of Humanitarianism (Debating Development, March 2013) [text]


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09 January 2013

Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

GA Meet to Strengthen its Coordination of Humanitarian & Disaster Relief (UN Pulse, Dec. 2012) [text]

Happy Groundhog Year? Why We Must Adapt and Innovate in 2013 (ODI, Jan. 2013) [text]

HPN Coordinator Speaks with Antonio Donini (Humanitarian Space Blog, Dec. 2012) [access]
- Podcast interview with the editor of The Golden Fleece (Kumarian Press, Oct. 2012).  The first chapter of the book is also provided.

Interview: Preparation and Prevention Key for Humanitarian Action in 2013 (OCHA, Dec. 2012) [text]

Operational Guidance for Coordinated Needs Assessments in Humanitarian Crisis (IASC, March 2012) [text]
- Final version; see also "Coordinated Assessments" web site; the mandate of the Needs Assessment Task Force (NATF) ran through 2012.

Responding to Urban Disasters: Learning from Previous Relief and Recovery Operations (ALNAP, Nov. 2012) [text]

Time to Listen: Hearing People on the Receiving End of International Aid (Collaborative Learning Projects, Nov. 2012) [text]
- Note: The book will be launched at this 15 Jan. 2013 event, hosted by ALNAP.

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28 November 2012

Evaluations/Lessons Learned

Asylum and Population Control: Assessing UNHCR’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme in Guatemalan Refugee Settlements, Working Paper, no. 83 (RSC, Sept. 2012) [text]

Commander's Guide to Supporting Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: Observations, Insights and Lessons (Center for Army Lessons Learned, Sept. 2012) [text]

Coordinated Assessments in Emergencies - What We Know Now: Key Lessons from Field Experience (ACAPS, Nov. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]

Dangerous Liaisons? A Historical Review of UNHCR’s Engagement with Non-state Armed Actors, PDES/2012/03 (UNHCR, Dec. 2012) [text]

Evaluation and Review of Humanitarian Access Strategies in DG ECHO Funded Interventions (Global Public Policy Institute, June 2012) [text via ALNAP]

Evaluation of the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies (CBHA) Pilot (DARA, 2012) [text via ALNAP]

Evaluation of the Protection Standby Capacity (ProCap) and Gender Standby Capacity (GenCap) Projects (Global Public Policy Institute, Dec 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

Organisational Effectiveness Assessment: Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) (Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network, Dec. 2011) [vol. 1] [vol. 2]

Special Evaluation Study: ADB’s Response to Natural Disasters and Disaster Risks (Asian Development Bank, Oct. 2012) [text]

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24 September 2012

Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

Upcoming events & opportunities:

Call for presentations: 28th ALNAP Meeting on Evidence and Knowledge in Humanitarian Action, Washington, DC, March 2013 [info]
- Submit an abstract by 16 November 2012.

Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, Seattle, 21-24 October 2012 [info]
- "Technology for the benefit of humanity"; registration is ongoing.


Can Evidence Save Lives? Perspectives from Humanitarian Actors, New York, 19 July 2012 [info]
- See the concept note and background paper for this event.

IASC Real Time Evaluation (IASC RTE) of the Humanitarian Response to the Horn of Africa Drought Crisis 2011: Regional Mechanisms and Support during the Response (Inter-Agency Standing Committee, June 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also synthesis report.

Mainstreaming GBV - Drought, Famine, and Displacement in Somalia: Considerations for Emergency Humanitarian Response (Protection Cluster, Aug. 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Staff Care and Humanitarian Aid Organizations: A Moral Obligation," The Applied Anthropologist, vol. 31, no. 2 (2011) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 49.

Towards More Coordination of Aid in the Gulf (IRIN, Sept. 2012) [text]

Web resource:

AidSource [access]
- A humanitarian social network; read "AidSourcery 101: Getting the most out of your AidSource experience" to help you get started.

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18 April 2012

UNHCR/NGO Consultations

(note: dates corrected below)

This year, UNHCR's Annual Consultations with NGOs will take place 3-5 July 2012. The agenda is available here. Some of the topics to be covered include resettlement, statelessness, displacement and climate change, and the protection of children. Registration is open until 8 June 2012.

Last year's conference report can be read here.

Other events have been scheduled to coincide with the consultations, including:

A Refugee Rights Leadership Training organized by Asylum Access, the Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration and the Global Detention Project/Programme for the Study of Global Migration will be held 29 June-1 July 2012; the application form is available here (apply by 30 April 2012). Contact for more information.

Meetings of the following networks - International Detention Coalition (IDC), Southern Refugee Legal Aid Network (SRLAN), and Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) - will take place on 2 July.

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10 February 2012

Focus on Humanitarian Assistance

The Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) recently issued a call for papers for "Humanitarianism: Past, Present and Future?," a conference that will be held in Manchester, UK, 8 -10 November 2012. The deadline for submissions is 20 April 2012. Here's the blurb:

While the field of humanitarian studies is growing rapidly, it remains unclear if and in what way the research offered by historians and social scientists enters into the reflections of practitioners and policy makers. This three-day conference will explore the past, present, and future of humanitarianism, emphasising links between scholars and practitioners in order to forge better understanding of the humanitarian field. It will provide a platform for mutual reflection by showcasing recent historical and social science scholarship, while also involving practitioners as respondents to such work, so as to better inform both contemporary scholarship and the practice of humanitarian intervention.

Recent publications that relate to humanitarian assistance include:

Combating "Compassion Fatigue" and Other Reporting Challenges (WorldBridge Blog, Feb. 2012) [text]

Crises in a New World Order: Challenging the Humanitarian Project (Oxfam, Feb. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb] [other languages]

Disaster Risk Management for Insecure Contexts (Action Contre la Faim, Oct. 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

Engaging Humanitarian Actors in Geneva (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, Feb. 2012) [text]

Humanitarian and Development Assistance: Project Evaluations and Better Information Sharing Needed to Manage the Military’s Efforts (U.S. Government Accountability Office, Feb. 2012) [text]

Making Gender Matter in Humanitarian Operations: A Review of Selected UN Organisations' Awareness and Practical Implementation of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Gender Handbook in Humanitarian Action (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Jan. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]
- Reviews UNHCR, WFP, Unicef, and OCHA.

01 February 2012

Focus on Climate, Environmental Displacement

Changing Climate, Changing Disasters: Pathways to Integration (Christian Aid et al., Jan. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related policy brief.

"Climate Change and Conflict," Special Issue of Journal of Peace Research, vol. 49, no. 1 (Jan. 2012) [contents]

Climate Conversations: Questioning the Conflict Link (AlertNet, Jan. 2012) [text]

Climate Refugees, Refugees or Under Own Protection?: A Comparative Study between Climate Refugees and Refugees Embraced by the United Nations Refugee Convention, Undergraduate thesis submitted to the Faculty of Social and Life Sciences (Karlstad University, 2011) [text]

Coping with Climate Change (IRIN, Jan. 2012) [text]

"Critical Approaches to Environmental Displacement," RSC Seminar Series 2012 [access]
- Podcasts for past presentations are being made available on FMO.

Mind the Gap: Exposing the Protection Gaps in International Law for Environmentally Displaced Citizens of Small Island States, Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (University of British Columbia, 2012) [text]

"The Question of the Protection of 'Environmental Refugees' from the Standpoint of International Law," Chapter in Migration and Climate Change (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2011) [preprint via SSRN]

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09 January 2012

Focus on Humanitarian Assistance

ALNAP is requesting input for its next State of the Humanitarian System report, which is due to be published in early Summer 2012. Surveys are available for humanitarian practitioners with international aid agencies, national/regional aid agencies, and governments, and for aid recipients.


A Partnership at Risk? The UN-NGO Relationship in Light of UN Integration (Norwegian Refugee Council, Dec. 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

Reference Guide: Normative Developments on the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance in the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council since the Adoption of General Assembly Resolution 46/182 (2nd Edition) (OCHA, Nov. 2011) [text via ReliefWeb]

"We’re Not in the Field Anymore": Adapting Humanitarian Efforts to an Urban World
- Background paper for 27th ALNAP Meeting, Chennai, India, 17-19 Jan. 2012 [text]

Winning Hearts and Minds? Examining the Relationship between Aid and Security in Afghanistan (Feinstein International Center, Jan. 2012) [text]

Past event:

Risk, Adaptation and Innovation in Humanitarian Action, New York, 12-13 Dec. 2011 [info]
- See OCHA news story and related comment.  Follow the link above for presentations and final report.

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26 August 2011

New Publications

EU Initiatives Supporting the Integration of Third-country Nationals (European Commission, July 2011) [text]

Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping, 2nd ed. (MapAction, July 2011) [text]

Living Hand to Mouth: Protection Funding and Coordination in South Sudan, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 218 (UNHCR, Aug. 2011) [text]

"Notes from the Field: Mortality Among Refugees Fleeing Somalia - Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya, July-August 2011," Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, vol. 60, no. 33 (Aug. 2011) [text]

Refugee Roulette, European Style (IntLawGrrls, Aug. 2011) [text]

Uprooted and Unrestored: A Comparative Review of Durable Solutions for People Displaced by Conflict in Colombia and Liberia, PDES/2011/09 (UNHCR, Aug. 2011) [text]

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02 April 2011

Publications: Climate Displ./South Asia, Employment/US, EU Charter, Humanitarian Coord., Protection/Maghreb, Social Networks

2010 Report on the Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (European Union, 2011) [text]

Climate-related Displacement and Human Security in South Asia: A Review of the Social Science Research, Working Paper, no. 3 (Institute for Human Security, 2011) [text]

The Humanitarian Groundhog Day (Aid on the Edge, March 2011) [text]
- See also related comment.

Migrant Social Networks: Vehicles for Migration, Integration, and Development (Migration Information Source, March 2011) [text]

Refugee Assistance: Little is Known about the Effectiveness of Different Approaches for Improving Refugees' Employment Outcomes (GAO, March 2011) [text]

Study on Migration and Asylum in Maghreb Countries (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network, Feb. 2011) [text]

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