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10 July 2013

Commentary re. Edward Snowden

Here is a round-up of various blog posts commenting on Edward Snowden and his current predicament:

Countries Should Consider Snowden’s Asylum Claim Fairly (Human Rights Watch, July 2013) [text]

Does the UK Consider Asylum Applications Made from Abroad? (Free Movement, July 2013) [text]

Edward Snowden and the Realpolitik of Asylum (The Asylumist, July 2013) [text]

Former CIA Official Reveals Secrets, Plans to Seek Asylum Abroad (The Asylumist, June 2013) [text]

Is Edward Snowden a Refugee? (Free Movement, July 2013) [text]

Is Edward Snowden Stateless? (Free Movement, July 2013) [text]

Memo to Media/Assange/President of Ecuador: Snowden Does Not Need a Valid US Passport to Leave Moscow (RSDWatch, July 2013) [text]

Snowden’s Asylum Case: Be Careful What You Ask for (IntLawGrrls, July 2013) [text]

UNHCR Drawn into the Edward Snowden Fray, if Only by Speculation (RSDWatch, June 2013) [text]

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19 October 2012

Identification Issues

"Anonymous Aliens? Questions of Identification in the Detention and Deportation of Failed Asylum Seekers," Population, Space and Place, vol. 18, no. 6 (Nov./Dec. 2012) [abstract]
- See also info. on author's research interests.

Establishing Identity for International Protection: Challenges and Practices (European Migration Network, 2012) [access]
- Read a brief overview of the study's objectives; follow the link above for background info. and texts of national contributions.

Failed Asylum Seeker Stuck in Samoa (The Asylumist, Oct. 2012) [text]
- Notes that World Passport was used as travel document.

Guide for Issuing Machine Readable Convention Travel Documents for Refugees and Stateless Persons (ICAO & UNHCR, Oct. 2012) [text]

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