17 May 2017

Regional Focus: United States


Some commentary on and analysis of oral arguments in Hawaii v. Trump before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

"Appeals Court Wrestles with Trump's Revised Travel Ban Order," Politico, 15 May 2017 [text]

Argument Summary: Hawaii v. Trump (Lawfare Blog, May 2017) [text]

"Donald Trump’s Travel Ban has Another Day in Court," The Economist, 16 May 2017 [text]

Hawaii v. Trump: What Would an “Objective Observer” Think of President Trump’s Travel Ban? (Lawfare Blog, May 2017) [text]

The Ninth Circuit and the Refugee EO: Back to the Statute? (Lawfare Blog, May 2017) [text]

Ninth Circuit Hears Oral Argument on Trump Travel Ban (SCOTUS Blog, May 2017) [text]


American Attitudes on President Trump’s Early Policies (Brookings, May 2017) [text]
- See also related RI blog post and watch video of related event.

"AP Report: U.S. Wants Tally of Haitian Immigrants’ Crimes," PBS, 9 May 2017 [text]

Despite Hiring, Immigration Court Backlog and Wait Times Climb (TRAC, May 2017) [text]

DHS Secretary Kelly Using Alt-Facts about Asylum (Human Rights First Blog, May 2017) [text]

The Federal Lawyer (May 2017) [free full-text]
- Issue focuses on immigration law in the U.S.; includes "A Complete and Total Ban: Placing the Muslim Ban in Historical Context," "Land of the Free? Immigration Detention in the United States" and "Vetting Refugees: Is Our Screening Process Adequate, Humane, and Culturally Appropriate?"

"A Harrowing Turning Point for Haitian Immigrants," New Yorker, 12 May 2017 [text]

"Immigration and the Bully Pulpit," Harvard Law Review Forum, vol. 130, no. 7 (May 2017) [full-text]

The Perils of Expedited Removal: How Fast-Track Deportations Jeopardize Asylum Seekers (American Immigration Council, May 2017) [text]

"Separated Families: Barriers to Family Reunification after Deportation," Journal on Migration and Human Security, vol. 5, no. 2 (2017) [open access]

Tracking the Trump Immigration Agenda and What Comes Next (Immigration Impact, May 2017) [text]

"US Immigration Policy and the Case for Family Unity," Journal on Migration and Human Security, vol. 5, no. 2 (2017) [open access]

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