07 May 2018

Regional Focus: Africa

Analysis of Solutions Programming in Urban Contexts (ReDSS, April 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Cameroon’s Forced Returns Put Nigerian Refugees at Risk (Institute for Security Studies, May 2018) [text]
- See also related UNHCR press release.

"Conflicting Perspectives on the ‘Migrant Crisis’ in the Horn of Africa," Chapter in The Oxford Handbook on Migration Crisis (Oxford University Press, Forthcoming) [preprint]

Constraints and Complexities of Information and Analysis in Humanitarian Emergencies: Evidence from Nigeria (Tufts University, May 2018) [text]
- See also related briefing paper.

Déplacement Forcé et Accès au Logement, à la Terre et à la Propriété: Cas de l’Extrême-nord du Cameroun (Norwegian Refugee Council, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Enabling a Better Understanding of Migration Flows (and Its Root-Causes) from Nigeria Towards Europe: Final Report (IOM, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

How Night-Time Street Lighting Affects Refugee Communities: A Population-based Assessment of Community Lighting in Northern Uganda’s Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement (UNHCR, Dec. 2017) [text]

“I am 100% Central African”: Identity and Inclusion in the Experience of Central African Muslim Refugees in Chad and Cameroon (International Center for Transitional Justice, March 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Legal Identity and Education in Central African Republic (Norwegian Refugee Council, April 2018) [text]
- Follow link for report in French and briefing note in English.

Model Law for the Implementation of the African Union Convention for the Protection of and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (African Union, April 2018) [text via Refworld]

"Pilot Testing and Evaluation of a Toolkit for Menstrual Hygiene Management in Emergencies in Three Refugee Camps in Northwest Tanzania," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 3:6 (May 2018) [open access]

A Region on the Move: Migration Trends in the East & Horn of Africa, 2017 (IOM, April 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

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