26 July 2019

Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1


Between Closed Borders: Joint Agency Paper on Refugees and Migrants in Serbia 2018 (UNHCR et al., July 2019) [text]

Border Procedures: Not a Panacea - ECRE's Assessment of Proposals for Increasing or Mandatory Use of Border Procedures (ECRE, July 2019) [text]

"A European Field of Public Administration? Administrative Cooperation of Asylum Agencies in the Dublin System," Chapter 8 in Horizontal Europeanisation: The Transnationalisation of Daily Life and Social Fields in Europe (Routledge, April 2019) [open access]
- Note: The book itself is not open access, just this chapter!

For Our Welfare and Not for Our Harm (Jesuit Refugee Service UK, June 2019) [text]
- Focuses on the experiences of asylum-seekers in the UK.

Migration Mission Creep? ECRE’s Assessment of the Emerging Role of CSDP Missions in Forced Displacement and Migration (ECRE, July 2019) [text]
- Note: CSDP = Common Security and Defence Policy.

"Mobility Hub or Hollow? Cross-border Travelling in the Mediterranean, 1995–2016," Global Networks: A Journal of Transnational Affairs, Early View, 23 July 2019 [open access]

Partners in Crime? The Impacts of Europe’s Outsourced Migration Controls on Peace, Stability and Rights (Saferworld, July 2019) [text]

"The Relational Dimension of Externalizing Border Control: Selective Visa Policies in Migration and Border Diplomacy," Comparative Migration Studies, 7:29 (July 2019) [open access]

"The Resilience Potential of Different Refugee Reception Approaches Taken During the 'Refugee Crisis' in Amsterdam," Current Sociology, OnlineFirst, 21 March 2019 [open access]

"A Slowly Evolving Response to the European Migration Crisis," Columbia Journal of Transnational Law Online, 26 April 2019 [full-text]

"Support for Collective Action against Refugees: The Role of National, European, and Global Identifications, and Autochthony Beliefs," European Journal of Social Psychology, Accepted Articles, 14 June 2019 [open access]

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