19 November 2019

Thematic Focus: Solutions - Pt. 1

Event & opportunity:

Seminar: Is Return the Preferred Solution for Refugees?, London, 4 December 2019 [info]

Call for evidence: UK Resettlement Schemes for Vulnerable Refugees [info]
- "The Chief Inspector invites anyone with knowledge and experience of the Home Office’s handling of UK Resettlement Schemes for Vulnerable Refugees to submit evidence for his next inspection." Submit comments by 13 December 2019.

Blog posts & press:

Americans’ Immigration Policy Priorities: Divisions between – and within – the Two Parties (Pew's Fact Tank, Nov. 2019) [text]
- Scroll down to see views on refugees.

"Australians in Canada Step Up to Help Refugees," The Diplomat, 12 Nov. 2019 [text]

Can States Cease the Protection Status of Resettled Refugees? (Asylum Insight, Nov. 2019) [text]
- Uses Denmark as a case study.

Devil in the Details: Digging Deeper into 2020 Refugee Resettlement Changes (Niskanen Center Blog, Nov. 2019) [text]
- Focuses on the U.S.

IOM Welcomes First US Bound Refugees Resettled in FY 2020 (IOM, Nov. 2019) [text]

Less Than One Third of Refugees in Australia’s Humanitarian Program are Resettled from UNHCR (Refugee Council of Australia, Oct. 2019) [text]

"New Refugee Resettlement Scheme to be Rolled out Nationwide Following Successful Pilot," Irish Examiner, 15 Nov. 2019 [text]

"Syrian Refugees: Highest Proportion Resettled in Northern Ireland," BBC News, 12 Nov. 2019 [text]

"The Two Contrasting Sides of German Refugee Policy," The New Humanitarian, 11 Nov. 2019 [text]

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