09 November 2020

Blog series: OA Articles Published by Global South Authors - Pt. 1

This multi-part series highlights open access articles published by authors affiliated with institutions in the global South (GS). While these articles have already been referenced in my bi-monthly OA round-ups from the past 6 months, I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the specific ways that GS authors provide open access to their research. (If you are not familiar with open access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.) 

The articles are organized into four OA categories: the APC-free options of green and diamond (although some of the latter might assess page charges) and the APC-based options of gold and hybrid. Some articles resulted from North-South collaborations, but I have only included those that had a lead author or at least half of all authors from the global South.

All in all, 86 articles are listed, with most (55) falling into the diamond OA category (i.e., no APC), followed by 25 that are gold OA. GS authors were least likely to use the green and hybrid routes to OA, with only 3 articles included in each of these categories. Only 20 articles resulted from North-South collaborations. 

The overall geographic breakdown of where authors are based (excluding those from the global North) is as follows:

Americas = 30 articles
Africa = 24 articles
Asia = 17 articles
MENA = 15 articles

In general, the ways that GS-based authors make their work open access in this compilation are consistent with the patterns observed in a study I conducted earlier in the year. (You can read more about it in these blog posts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.)

Articles published in diamond OA journals are listed below, while parts 2 and 3 of this series list gold and hybrid OA articles, respectively. The final part focuses on green OA.

Diamond OA

- Most of these articles appear in journals that are published in the global South, typically by academic institutions, scholarly & professional societies or NGOs.  
- Articles in journals that are published by global North-based organizations are marked by an asterisk. Publication costs for these titles are generally covered by either financial support from research/academic institutes or alternative business models such as "subscribe to open." 
- The geographic breakdown for these articles is: Africa = 16; Americas = 25; Asia = 5; MENA = 6.
- From a "discovery" perspective, a number of resources exist that facilitate access to OA articles from the first two regions, including African Journals Online (AJOL) and SciELO (covering Latin American & South African journals). Moreover, language limitations on my part make it more challenging for me to locate relevant articles originating from the latter two regions.

*"Agent-Based Modeling Within Forced Migration Research: A Review and Critique," Refugee Review, no. IV (June 2020)
- Two authors; lead author = US, co-author = South Africa

"Análisis Crítico del Concepto de Apátrida de Facto," Revista Peruana de Derecho Internacional, vol. 70, no. 164 (Enero-Abril 2020)
- Two authors = Peru

"The Application of the Cartagena Declaration on Refugees to Venezuelans in Brazil: An Analysis of the Decision-making Process by the National Committee for Refugees," Latin American Law Review, no. 5 (2020) 
- Two authors; lead author = Brazil/UK, co-author = Brazil

"El Asilo Diplomático y el Caso Alan García," Revista Peruana de Derecho Internacional, vol. 70, no. 164 (Enero-Abril 2020) 
- Author = Peru

"Asilo, Refugio y Protección Subsidiaria," Anuario Hispano-Luso-Americano de Derecho Internacional, no. 24 (2019-2020)
- Author = Argentina

"Back on your own: Migración de Retorno y la Respuesta del Gobierno Federal en México," Migraciones Internacionales, vol. 11 (2020)
- Two authors = Mexico

"Barriers of Labour Market Integration of Humanitarian Immigrants in Sweden," African Journal of Governance and Development, vol. 9, no. 1 (July 2020)
- Two authors = Ethiopia

"Batallando con Fronteras: Estrategias Migratorias en Tránsito de Participantes en Caravanas de Migrantes," Estudios Fronterizos, vol. 21 (2020)
- Two authors = Mexico

"Climate Change and Forced Migration," Migraciones Internacionales, vol. 11 (2020)
- Two authors; lead author = Colombia, co-author = US

"Climate Change-induced Migration: Pre-Conditions Determining Out-Migration in Semi-Arid Areas of Shinyanga, Tanzania," Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, vol. 7, no. 1 (2020)
- Author = Tanzania

- Author = South Africa (no APC, but page charges are assessed)

"Condenados a Moverse Entre Fronteras? Hacia Nuevos Paradigmas de la Regulación Internacional en Materia de Desplazamientos Internos Forzados," Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional, vol. 20 (2020)
- Author = Argentina

"La Condición del Migrante Irregular: Una Reflexión de la Noción 'Apátrida' desde Hannah Arendt y Giorgio Agamben," Estudios de Derecho, vol. 77, no. 169 (Jan.-June 2020)
- Two authors = Colombia

*"The Corona Virus and Migration Governance in South Africa: Business as Usual?," Africa Spectrum, vol. 55, no. 1 (2020)
- Two authors; lead author = Germany, co-author = South Africa

"Coyotes o Defensores de Migrantes? Criminalización del Activismo Promigrante en Tiempos de Caravanas," REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol.28, no.58 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Author = Mexico

- Author = Jamaica

"De Qué Hablamos Cuando nos Referimos a las Movilidades Forzadas? Una Reflexión desde la Realidad Latinoamericana," Estudios Políticos, no. 57 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Author = Mexico

"Los Desplazados Forzosos como Grupo Vulnerable sin Estatutos de Protección Privilegiada," Anuario Hispano-Luso-Americano de Derecho Internacional, no. 24 (2019-2020)
- Author = Chile

"Does the Right to Dignity Extend Equally to Refugees in South Africa?," African Human Rights Law Journal, vol. 20, no. 1 (2020)
- Author = South Africa

"El Elemento Situacional de Violación Masiva de Derechos Humanos de la Definición Ampliada de Cartagena: Hacia una Aplicación en el Caso Venezolano," Revista Chilena de Derecho, vol. 47, no. 2 (2020)
- Three authors = Peru

*"Ethics and Methods for Collecting Sensitive Data: Examining Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs of and Services for Rohingya Refugees at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh," International Journal of Information, Diversity, & Inclusion, vol. 4, no. 2 (2020)
- 14 authors; lead author & 11 co-authors = Bangladesh, 2 co-authors = Switzerland

"Exploring Childhood Statelessness in South Africa," Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, vol. 23 (2020)
- Author = South Africa (no APC, but page charges are assessed)

"Gobernabilidad Migratoria, Reforzando el Modelo de Securitización en Suramérica? El Exodo Venezolano y sus Retos para el Estado Colombiano," Estudios Políticos, no. 57 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Author = Colombia

*"Harmonising Data Systems for Cash Transfer Programming in Emergencies in Somalia," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 5:11 (July 2020)
- Author = Kenya

*"How Social Capital Can Inform Targeting Formal Social Safety Net Interventions in Vulnerable Communities in Eastern Ethiopia: An Ethnographic Case Study," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 5:10 (July 2020)
- Four authors; lead author & 1 co-author = Ethiopia, 2 co-authors = Uganda

*"Identifying the 'Outsider': An Assessment of Foreigner Tribunals in the Indian State of Assam," Statelessness and Citizenship Review, vol. 2, no. 1 (2020)
- Author = India

*"Imaginary Objects, Imaginary Palestine: Exploring Methodological Challenges and Opportunities in Ethnographic Research in the Context of the Nahr El-Bared Refugee Camp," Refugee Review, no. IV (June 2020)
- Two authors; lead author = Brazil, co-author = Spain

*"The Impact of Social Adjustment Policy on Syrian Refugees," Journal of International Studies, vol. 13, no. 2 (2020)
- Author = United Arab Emirates

"Impacto Ambiental y Desplazamientos Forzados en el Continente Africano," REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol.28, no.58 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Author = Argentina

"Indeterminación del Estatus Jurídico del Migrante por Cambio Climático," Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional, vol. XX (2020)
- Author = Mexico

"Indigenous Approaches to Integrate Unaccompanied Minors: An Evaluation of Psychosocial Services at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi," African Journal of Social Work, vol. 10, no. 1 (2020)
- Two authors = Malawi

*"Investigating Self–settled Syrian Refugees’ Agency and Informality in Southern Cities Greater Cairo: A Case Study," Review of Economics and Political Science, Early Cite, 18 May 2020
- Author = Egypt

"Is Voluntary Repatriation the Preferred Durable Solution? The View of Refugees in South Africa," African Human Mobility Review, vol. 6, no. 2 (May-Aug. 2020) 
- Author = South Africa

*"Language for Resilience: Semantic Mapping and Syrian Refugees," Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Studies, vol. 7, no. 1 (2020)
- Three authors = Jordan

*"Migración y Refugio en Venezuela 1998-2020: Dos Miradas de una Tragedia," Trayectorias Humanas Trascontinentales, NE no. 6 (2020)
- Two authors = Venezuela

*"'Mud Feet': Displacement and Prejudice After Environmental Disaster in Brazil," Refugee Review, no. IV (June 2020)
- Author = Brazil

*"Ni Refugiados ni Migrantes: La Protección Complementaria en Casos de Migrantes en Situación de Pobreza, a la Luz del Derecho Internacional de los Derechos Humanos," American University International Law Review, vol. 35, no. 3 (2020)
- Author = Chile

*"Noncitizens’ Rights: Moving beyond Migrants’ Rights," Migration & Society, vol. 3, no. 1 (June 2020) 
- Author = Malaysia

*"Un Nuevo Paradigma de la Migración Venezolana a México," Trayectorias Humanas Trascontinentales, NE no. 6 (2020)
- Author = Mexico

"Oscilar entre la Esperanza y la Incertidumbre: Actitudes sobre Trayectorias, Autoridades, Medidas de Protección e (In)seguridad de Solicitantes Centroamericanos de la Condición de Refugio en México," Estudios Políticos, no. 57 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Two authors = Mexico 

*"Promoting Digital Humanitarian Action in Protecting Human Rights: Hope or Hype," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 5:6 (June 2020)
- Two authors; lead author = Russia, co-author = China

"The Protection of Refugees under International Law: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan Region Refugees," Qalaai Zanist Scientific Journal, vol. 5, no. 1 (2020)
- Two authors = Iraq

- Author = Nigeria

*"Refugee Issues in Southeast Asia: Narrowing the Gaps between Theory, Policy, and Reality," Refugee Review, vol. IV (June 2020)
- Three authors = Malaysia

"Refugee Protection in the Era of Complex Migratory Flows: A Reflection on Ubuntu and Social Work Practice," African Journal of Social Work, vol. 10, no. 1 (2020)
- Author = Zimbabwe

*"Réfugiés Syriens au Maroc: Etude de Perceptions des Marocains sur l’Accueil des Réfugiés Syriens," Viaggiatori, vol. 3, no. 2 (2020)
- Two authors = Morocco

*"The Role of Universities in the Protection of Refugees and Other Migrants: A View from Brazil and Latin America," Migration & Society, vol. 3, no. 1 (June 2020)
- Author = Brazil

*"Socio-environmental Conflicts Between the Refugee Populations and Their Host Communities: The Case of Eritrean Refugees in North Western Tigray, Ethiopia," Environmental & Socio-economic Studies, vol. 8, no. 2 (June 2020)
- Two authors = Ethiopia

"Somali Refugees’ Wellbeing: The Role of Socio-culturally Mediated Agency," Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, vol. 6, no. 2 (2019; published May 2020)
- Author = Uganda

"South Korean Media Representation of Yemeni Refugees," KEMANUSIAAN: The Asian Journal of Humanities, vol. 27, no. 1 (2020)
- Author = Iraq

"Stateless Transnational Migrant Children in South Africa: Implications and Opportunities for Social Work Intervention," African Human Mobility Review, vol. 6, no. 2 (May-Aug. 2020)
- Author = South Africa

- Two authors = Mexico

"Transformaciones en las Migraciones Contemporáneas en México (2000-2019): Acercamiento a las Violencias y Solicitudes de Refugio," Estudios Políticos, no. 58 (May/Aug. 2020)
- Two authors = Mexico & Colombia

Blame-shifting in Cape Town," African Human Mobility Review, vol. 6, no. 1 (Jan.-April 2020)
- Three authors = South Africa

"'Vienen por un sueño americano que ya no existe': Migrantes y Deportados en la Frontera Norte de México," REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol. 28, no.5 8 (Jan.-April 2020)
Two authors = Argentina & Mexico

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