31 May 2021

Round-up: OA Articles Published by Global South Authors (31 May 2021)

This is a round-up of open access materials produced by authors based in the global South (GS) and other geographic areas that are less well-represented in the domain of scholarly forced migration literature. Articles are included if either the lead author or at least half of the co-authors are based in the GS. These references are organized by type of open access. Also listed are book chapters and complete issues of OA periodicals published in the global South. The OA items herein were previously referenced on this blog as of 1 May 2021.

Bronze OA:

- Authors (2) = South Africa

Diamond OA:

- Authors (3) = Nigeria

- Author = South Africa

"Human Mobility and Covid-19 in the Andean Region," E-International Relations, 27 April 2021
- Authors (2) = Peru

"Impact of Psychoeducation Program on Turkish Students' Negative Attitudes Towards Refugee Peers," Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences, vol. 14, no. 1 (2020) 
- Authors (2) = Turkey

"Migration Management and Changes in Mobility Patterns in the North and Central American Region," Journal on Migration and Human Security, OnlineFirst, 17 May 2021
- Authors (3) = France/Mexico (lead), Mexico (2)

"An Overview of Food Security Statuses in Afghan Refugees in Iran," Nutrition and Food Sciences Research, vol. 8, no. 2 (April-June 2021) 
- Authors (4) = Iran

- Authors (2) = Mexico

"Sarcasm Beyond Hate Speech: Facebook Comments on Syrian Refugees in Turkey," International Journal of Communication, vol. 15 (2021)
- Authors (2) = Turkey

"Teachers’ Attitudes to Syrian Refugee Students in Turkey," Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics, vol. 7, no. 1 (2021)
- Authors (2) = Turkey

"Territorio Mutual: Una Lectura del Proceso de Trasformación Territorial desde la Alteridad de la Comunidad LGBTI Víctima del Desplazamiento Forzado en el Quindío," CS, vol. 32 (2020) 
- Author = Colombia

Gold OA:

Note: Article processing charges (APCs) are indicated below; waivers are generally offered by gold OA journals but the waiver status of the authors listed below is unknown.

- Authors (9) = US (2, incl. lead), Uganda (6), Canada (1)
- APC = USD 2590

- Authors (2) = Nigeria (1), Tanzania (1)
- APC = USD 500

"'I Go up to the Edge of the Valley, and I Talk to God': Using Mixed Methods to Understand the Relationship between Gender-Based Violence and Mental Health among Lebanese and Syrian Refugee Women Engaged in Psychosocial Programming," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol.18, no. 9 (April 2021) 
- Authors (5) = Lebanon/US (lead), Lebanon (1), US (3)
- APC = CHF 2300

"Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Food Rations of Refugees in Rwanda," International Journal for Equity in Health, 20:107 (April 2021)
- Authors (4) = Rwanda (3, incl. lead), UK (1)
- APC = USD 2890

"Policies on Return and Reintegration of Displaced Healthcare Workers towards Rebuilding Conflict-affected Health Systems: A Review for The Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria," Conflict and Health, 15:36 (May 2021)
- Authors (7) = Lebanon/US (lead), Lebanon/Netherlands (1), Lebanon (3), UK (1), Lebanon/Australia (1)
- APC = USD 2590

Hybrid OA:

Note: Article processing charges (APCs) are indicated below; waivers are not available for hybrid OA APCs.

- Authors (3) = South Africa
- APC = USD 3160

- Author = South Africa
- APC = USD 3160

- Authors (2) = South Sudan (1), South Africa (1)
- APC = USD 3160

"The Protection of Internally Displaced Children in Africa: A Doctrinal Analysis of Article 23(4) of the African Children's Charter," Journal of African Law, vol. 65, no. S1 (May 2021) 
- Authors (2) = South Africa
- APC = USD 3160

"Reflections on the Role of Ubuntu as an Antidote to Afro-Phobia," Journal of African Law, vol. 65, no. S1 (May 2021) 
- Author = South Africa
- APC = USD 3160

"Situating the Global Compact on Refugees in Africa: Will It Make a Difference to the Lives of Refugees 'Languishing in Camps'?," Journal of African Law, vol. 65, no. S1 (May 2021) 
- Authors (2) = South Africa
- APC = USD 3160

Book chapters:

"De la Migración y la Detención en México: Una Reflexión desde los Derechos Humanos Emergentes," Chapter in Derechos Humanos Emergentes en el Siglo XXI (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, 2020) 
- Scroll to p. 55.
- Authors (2) = Mexico

"El Reto Migratorio en la Frontera Ciudad Juárez-El Paso, 2018-2019," Chapter 2 in Contextos y Realidades Ciudadanas: Bases para el Desarrollo Sostenible (Ediciones Universidad Simón Bolívar, Oct. 2020) 
- Scroll to p. 41. 
- Author = Mexico

"Syrian Refugees as a Hybridizing Force in the Jordanian Society," Chapter 9 in Cultural Production and Social Movements After the Arab Spring: Nationalism, Politics, and Transnational Identity (Bloomsbury, March 2021) 
- Author = Jordan

Periodical issues:

- Includes dossier on "Pensar los éxodos, nuevos desplazamientos forzados, discriminación y representaciones mediáticas del racismo." Published by the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.

- Special issue on "Corredores migratorios en América Latina: nuevos flujos migratorios, nuevas territorialidades, nuevas restricciones." Note that of the nine articles, seven are in Spanish and two are in Portuguese, even though the table of contents might indicate that all articles are in Portuguese. Published by the Universidade de Brasília.

- Features a thematic dossier on "Pessoas migrantes e refugiadas em tempos de Covid-19: violações e resistências = Migrant and refugee people in Covid-19 times: violations and resistance." Articles are in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian or English. Published by Centro Scalabriniano de Estudos Migratórios, based in Brazil.

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