03 September 2021

Round-up: Afghan Humanitarian Crisis


Online discussion: Australia’s responsibility to Afghanistan and to its people, 7 September 2021 [info]

Webinar: Afghanistan Lives: Then and Now, 14 September 2021 [info]

Blog posts & press:

3 strategies for Indonesia to help save Afghans from a humanitarian crisis (The Conversation, Aug. 2021) [text]

Afghanistan: right to leave a country to seek asylum is well established in international law (The Conversation, Sept. 2021) [text]

‘After the airlift’: News Comment attributable to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi (UNHCR, Aug. 2021) [text]

Aligning Sanctions Laws with Humanitarian Principles: Pre-authorizing Aid in Afghanistan and Other Crises (Just Security Blog, Sept. 2021) [text]

The Biden Administration Should Not Delay in Creating a Private Sponsorship Program to Aid Afghan Refugees (Niskanen Center Commentary, Sept. 2021) [text]

The Fall of Kabul: International Protection in the context of the Armed Conflict and Violence in Afghanistan (RLI Blog, Sept. 2021) [text]

Majority of Afghan evacuees left in limbo abroad (The Hill, Sept. 2021) [text]

"The shrinking options for Afghans escaping Taliban rule," The New Humanitarian, 30 Aug. 2021 [text]

There’s a way to get refugees out of Afghanistan after this week’s deadline — if the Taliban agrees (The Conversation, Aug. 2021) [text]

There is no 'right way' for Afghan refugees to seek asylum (Kaldor Centre, Sept. 2021) [text]

"U.S. effort to resettle Afghan refugees faces major hurdles," CBS News, 2 Sept. 2021 [text]

Reports & articles:

Afghanistan’s Growing Humanitarian Crisis, Briefing Note (International Crisis Group, Sept. 2021) [text]

Figurations of Displacement in and beyond Pakistan: Empirical findings and reflections on protracted displacement and translocal connections of Afghans, Working Paper, no. 7 (TRAFIG, Sept. 2021) [text]

Now more than ever: Afghans in Pakistan need more mobility and durable solutions to stay, Practice Note, no. 7 (TRAFIG, Sept. 2021) [text]

Parole and Beyond for Afghan Nationals (Penn State Law, PARS Equality Center & Khanbabai Immigration Law, Aug. 2021) [text]

"Will the Taliban’s Takeover Lead to a New Refugee Crisis from Afghanistan?," Migration Information Source, 2 Sept. 2021 [text]

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