31 August 2009

Publications: Boat Arrivals/Australia, Climate Change, Pakistan, Protracted Situations, Refugee Employmt./UK, Returnees/Afgh., Urban IDPs/Uganda

Afghanistan: What Now for Refugees? (International Crisis Group, August 2009) [text]

Boat arrivals in Australia since 1976 (Parliamentary Library, August 2009) [text]

A Clash of Principles? Humanitarian Action and the Search for Stability in Pakistan (HPG, Sept. 2009) [text]

Climate Change and Human Rights: A Rough Guide (International Council on Human Rights Policy, August 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]

Court decisions on entitlement to work for asylum seekers (Refugee Council, August 2009) [text]

Refugee trends: Lost in limbo (The Economist, August 2009) [text]

Violence, Exile, and Transitional Justice: Perspectives of Urban IDPs in Kampala (Refugee Law Project, August 2009) [text]

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29 August 2009

Legal Items: Commentary, Event, Legal Decisions

7th Circuit Opinion by Judge Posner on Particular Social Group (ImmigrationProf Blog, August 2009) [text]

"Asylum and Voluntary Repatriation applied to the Sub-Saharan African Legal Context: Are They Two Viable Solutions for Refugees?," Revue de droit international de sciences diplomatiques et politiques, vol. 86, no. 3 (2008)
- Journal article just published; earlier version of text available online.

"Effective Interaction?: The Role of the European Court of Justice and National Courts and Tribunals in EU Asylum Law, with particular reference to the Qualification Directive," European Asylum Law Judges Association Workshop, Berlin, 19‐20 October 2009 [info]

Environmental Refugees from the Maldives: Are They Protected? (SSRN, July 2009) [text]

The Ninth Circuit's Latest on FGM (ImmigrationProf Blog, August 2009) [text]

"Trying to Understand the Tanzania National Refugee Policy of 2003," International Refugee Law News, vol. 2, no. 2 (Summer 2009), pp. 2-5 [access]

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Asylum Procedures

The Intergovernmental Consultations on Migration, Asylum and Refugees (IGC) has published Asylum Procedures: Report on Policies and Practices in IGC Participating States (2009). The description notes:
The 2009 Asylum Procedures report contains 17 standardised country reports that aim to facilitate a quick comparison of policies and practices while also providing a comprehensive picture of asylum determination, from entry to appeal. Complementary information on pre-entry measures, decision-making, reception, return and integration is also presented. The report is supplemented by statistical data on applications, top countries of origin and decisions, and by extracts of national, regional and international laws relevant to asylum procedures.

IGC states include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

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26 August 2009

Publications: Asylum Law/Asia, Human Security, Persecution of Witches, Remittances, UNHCR

Asylum Law – Surrogate Protection: Asian Perspectives, Challenges and Contributions (IARLJ, July 2009) [text]

Global and Swedish Migrant Remittances. An Overview (Nordic Africa Institute, August 2009) [text]

"Human Security and the Rights of Refugees: Transcending Territorial and Disciplinary Borders," Michigan Journal of International Law, vol. 30, no. 3 (Spring 2009) [text]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Philip Alston, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/11/2 (Human Rights Council, May 2009) [text]
- Includes survey of the persecution of witches; see related press release.

"The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)," Reports on International Organizations (ASIL, August 2009) [text]

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25 August 2009

Publications: Cash Transfers, Climate Change, Donors, Gaza Needs Assessment, IDPs/Philippines, Refugee Law/Korea, Returnees/Greece

Be a Better Donor: Practical Recommendations for Humanitarian Aid (PAHO, July 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]

Cash Transfers in Emergencies: A Synthesis of World Vision's Experience and Learning (HPG, August 2009) [text]

Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Human Displacement: A UNHCR Perspective (UNHCR, August 2009) [text]
- Update of the October 2008 paper.

Philippines: Shattered lives, beyond the 2008 – 2009 Mindanao armed conflict (Amnesty International, August 2009) [text]

The Situation of Persons Returned by Austria to Greece Under the Dublin Regulation. Report on a Joint Fact-Finding Mission to Greece (May 23rd - 28th 2009) (Austrian Red Cross, August 2009) [text via Refworld]

UNHCR's Comments on the 2009 Draft Bill on Refugee Status Determination and Treatment of Refugees and Others (UNHCR, June 2009) [text]
- Comments on draft legislation in the Republic of Korea.

Updated Quick Response Plan for Gaza: An Assessment of Needs Six Months after the War (UNRWA, August 2009) [text]

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21 August 2009

New Issues of al-Majdal, Disasters, FEX, J. of Peace Research

al-Majdal, no. 39/40 (August 2008/Winter 2009) [full-text]
- Theme is "Palestine's Ongoing Nakba."

Disasters, vol. 33, no. 4 (Oct. 2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including one that focuses on child soldiers and one on the protection needs of children in Darfur.

Field Exchange, no. 36 (July 2009) [full-text]
- Includes "Fresh Food Vouchers for Refugees in Kenya."

International Migration, early view (August 2009) [contents]
- Several relevant articles are available, such as "Asylum Legislation and Asylum Applications: A Geographical Analysis of Belgian Asylum Policy by Country of Origin (1992-2003)," "DEPORTED: The Right to Asylum at EU's External Border of Italy and Libya," "Protecting Women Asylum Seekers and Refugees: From International Norms to National Protection?," and "Why seek asylum? The roles of integration and financial support."

Journal of Peace Research, vol. 46, no. 5 (Sept. 2009) [contents]
- Includes "Negotiating the Right of Return."

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20 August 2009

Publications: Economic Dev. & Conflict, Gaza, Humanitarian Assistance, Palestinian Refugees, UN Resolutions, UNHCR/NGO Consultations

Analysis: Humanitarian action under siege (IRIN, August 2009) [text]

Compilation of United Nations Resolutions on Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA, 2009) [text]
- See also companion Reference Guide.

Israel-Palestine: solving the refugee question (openDemocracy, August 2009) [text]

Locked in: The Humanitarian Impact of Two Years of Blockade on the Gaza Strip (OCHA, August 2009) [text]

Report on UNHCR's Annual Consultations with Non-Governmental Organizations (29 June - 1 July 2009, Geneva, Switzerland) (UNHCR, August 2009) [text]

Sustainable Economic Development in Conflict-Affected Environments: A Guidebook (GTZ, June 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]

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19 August 2009

World Humanitarian Day

August 19th was designated as World Humanitarian Day by the UN General Assembly to "honor all humanitarian and United Nations and associated personnel who have lost their lives in the cause of duty and those who have worked in the promotion of the humanitarian cause." It is being commemorated for the first time this year. More information about the day, the symbolism of August 19th and the people honored is available on the Sergio Vieira de Mello Foundation site. Ideas and materials for promoting the day and its significance are provided by OCHA.

Resources for, by and about humanitarian assistance and personnel:
  • Aid Worker Daily [access]
  • Aid Workers Network [access]
  • AlertNet [access]
  • Change.org - Humanitarian relief [access]
  • Humanitarian Practice Network [access]
  • International Aid Workers Today [access]
  • Journal of Humanitarian Assistance [access]
  • ReliefWeb [access]
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18 August 2009

CEDAW/UNHCR Joint Seminar

The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and UNHCR recently held a joint seminar to promote the advancement of gender equality and non-discrimination among asylum-seeking, refugee, internally displaced and stateless women and girls. UNHCR prepared a background paper for the event, entitled "Displacement, Statelessness and Questions of Gender Equality under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women." A summary of the paper is also available.

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Upcoming September Events

14th International Metropolis Conference: Migration and Mobility - National Responses to Cultural Diversity, Copenhagen, 14-18 September 2009 [access]
- "This conference will examine the role of policy in determining the outcomes of immigration and the presence of immigrants in, as well as their contribution to different societies."

Cuenca Colloquium on International Refugee Law, 30 September-3 October 2009 [access]
- "Focus is on the development of the Common European Asylum System Phase II."

How Country of Origin Information can help win asylum cases: Practical Country Specific Courses, various dates [access]
- "Free half-day training courses on Country of Origin Information...will be held in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Leeds. The country courses on offer include: Iran; Iraq; Somalia; General course on Internal Flight Alternative."

Protecting People in Conflict & Crisis: Responding to the Challenges of a Changing World, Harris Manchester College and Queen Elizabeth House, 22-24 September 2009 [access]
- Aim is to "review the state of policy and practice in the broad field of humanitarian protection."

Refugee Futures Conference 2009, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy, 10-12 September 2009 [access]
- Topics to be covered include "the future challenges faced in the strategic management of refugee movements and settlement; protracted refugee situations and the difficulty of finding solutions; the scope for refugee resettlement; refugees, crime and security; climate change and displacement of people; refugee children: how can the international community improve outcomes; the future of the global refugee regime."

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17 August 2009

Publications: Accelerated Procedures, EU Asylum Stats., High School Curriculum Unit, Sri Lanka Camps, UK Asylum Policy

Asylum applicants and decisions on asylum applications in Q1 2009 (Eurostat, July 2009) [text]

Curriculum unit on refugee and migration issues (JRS/USA, August 2009) [text]

Guidelines on human rights protection in the context of accelerated asylum procedures (Council of Europe, July 2009) [text via Refworld]

ICAR 'Focus On' July 2009: European Elections and UK Asylum Policy [text]

Unlock the Camps in Sri Lanka: Safety and dignity for the displaced now (Amnesty International, August 2009) [text]

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13 August 2009

60th Anniversary of the Geneva Conventions

The Geneva Conventions - the "bedrock of international humanitarian law" - turned 60 August 12th.

For more information on the role these international instruments have played in protecting victims of armed conflict, visit:

- The Geneva Conventions are 60 years old: time to know them better - take our test! (TRIAL)

- The Geneva Conventions at Sixty (Crimes of War Project)

- Live Seminar: Geneva Conventions at 60 (International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative)

- Sixty years of the Geneva Conventions: learning from the past to better face the future (ICRC)

General resources:

- Brief Primer on IHL (International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative)

- The Geneva Conventions: the core of international humanitarian law (ICRC)

- Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions (Society of Professional Journalists)

- Rule of Law in Armed Conflicts Project (Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights)

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12 August 2009

New Issues of INSCAN, J. Conflict & Sec. Law, JEMS, Sec. Dialogue, Women's Asylum News

INSCAN: International Settlement Canada, vol. 23, no. 1 (Summer 2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Journal of Conflict and Security Law, vol. 14, no. 1 (Spring 2009) [contents]
- Includes articles from a symposium on Darfur.

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 35, no. 8 (2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles including "The Early-Morning Phonecall: Remittances from a Refugee Diaspora Perspective" and "'The Golden Country': Ex-Yugoslav and African Refugee Experiences of Settlement and 'Depression'."

Security Dialogue, vol. 40, no. 3 (June 2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Women's Asylum News, no. 85 (July/August 2009) [full-text via Refworld]
- Lead article on the Testimony Project, which gives a "voice to refugee and asylum seeking women."

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07 August 2009

Publications: Accountability, EXCOM Conclusions, Human Trafficking, Sexual Orientation Refugee Claims, Sri Lankan Tsunami Refugees

Model Law against Trafficking in Persons (UNODC, June 2009) [text]

"Sri Lankan tsunami refugees: A cross sectional study of the relationships between housing conditions and self-reported health," BMC International Health and Human Rights, 9:16 (2009) [open access text]

Taking the Initiative - Exploring Quality and Accountability in the Humanitarian Sector: An Introduction to Eight Initiatives (Sphere Project, July 2009) [text]

Thematic Compilation of Executive Committee Conclusions, 4th ed. (UNHCR, Aug. 2009) [text]

"The UNHCR's Guidance Note on Refugee Claims Relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity," ASIL Insight, vol. 13, no. 10 (July 2009) [text]

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Immigrant Detention Update


Developments since my earlier post on U.S. immigrant detention facilities:

- A recap on the current situation from IntLawGrrls: "Humanizing Immigration Detention"

- A note from Human Rights First on an "Important Detention Reform Bill Introduced Last Week in Senate"

- A NYT article announcing "U.S. to Reform Policy on Detention for Immigrants"

- A statement on ImmigrationProf Blog re. "Improvements in Immigrant Detention?"

- And another: "ICE Announcement on Detention: Smoke and Mirrors?"

More generally, check out the International Detention Coalition's "Compendium of international law, standards and guidelines related to the detention of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants."

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New Films

Forced to Flee: New series of short films on displacement (IRIN) [access]

Short film about the lives and experiences of refugees and asylum seekers (Hatnews and Leicester Libraries) [access]

UNHCR/NGO Consultations, Film Agenda [access]
- Search for these films on the UNHCR web site.

Video Advocacy (Refugee Law Project) [access]
- Currently, two films available on urban IDPs in Uganda.


"Talk Together 2009 examines the situation facing an estimated 170,000 people living in refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria, separated from their families in the city of Layounne. Layounne sits in an area known by the UN as Western Sahara, and claimed by the Moroccans as Moroccan Sahara." Two films documenting the project will be released. For updates on the project as it unfolds, follow the blog.

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06 August 2009

New Issues of E. African J. Peace & HR, HR Brief, HRQ, JIMI, R2P, Refugee Rts. News

East African Journal of Peace & Human Rights, vol. 14, no. 2 (2008) [contents]
- Includes an article on the Uganda Refugees Act and one on gender and forced migration.

Global Responsibility to Protect, vol. 1, no. 2 (March 2009) [contents]
- Articles focus on humanitarian crises.

Human Rights Brief, vol. 16, no. 4 (Spring 2009 special ed.) [full-text]
- Reproduces presentations from the International Conference on the Prevention of Torture and Other Ill-Treatment.

Human Rights Quarterly, vol. 31, no. 3 (August 2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Journal of International Migration and Integration, vol. 10, no. 3 (August 2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Refugee Rights News, vol. 5, no. 4 (June 2009) [full-text]
- Lead article entitled "Repatriation or Else: Closing the Mtabila Refugee Camp in Tanzania."

Tagged Periodicals.

04 August 2009

Publications: Detention/UK, ECHO Report, Forced Resettlement, Peacekeeping, Zimbabweans

"Development-Forced Displacement and Resettlement: A Global Human Rights Crisis," Chapter one in Development and Dispossession: The Crisis of Forced Displacement and Resettlement (School for Advanced Research Press, June 2009) [text]
- See table of contents.

Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid - (ECHO): Annual Report 2008 (Commission of the European Communities, July 2009) [text]

Greater Expectations: UN Peacekeeping & Civilian Protection (Refugees International, July 2009) [text]

National and international responses to the Zimbabwean exodus: implications for the refugee protection regime, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 175 (UNHCR, July 2009) [text]

Out of sight, out of mind: experiences of immigration detention in the UK (Bail for Immigration Detainees, July 2009) [text]

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