30 April 2009

Obama's First 100 Days: Humanitarian and Human Rights Perspectives

Here are some assessments from the humanitarian/human rights communities on Barack Obama's accomplishments during his first 100 days in office:
  • Mixed Messages: Counter Terror and Human Rights - President Obama's First 100 Days (Amnesty International) [text]
  • Obama’s First 100 Days: A Humanitarian Perspective (Refugees International) [text]
  • Obama's first 100 days: Key humanitarian issues (AlertNet) [text]
  • Report Card on President Obama's First 100 Days (Human Rights Watch) [text]
More generally, see the Telegraph's day-by-day guide to the first 100 days.

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Law Articles/Papers: Credibility, Human Trafficking, Immigration Policy/U.S., Refugee Instruments

Convention Relative au Statut des Réfugiés ; Protocole Relative au Statut Des Réfugiés (UN Audiovisual Library of International Law, April 2009) [French text]
- "The French version of the introductory note by Mr. Goodwin-Gill to the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951, and the Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees, 1967, was added to the Historic Archives section of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law website on 28 April 2009."

"Credibility Assessments and the REAL ID Act’s Amendments to Immigration Law," Texas International Law Journal, vol. 44, no. 2 (Winter 2009) [text]

"First Circuit’s Deferential Standard for Reviewing Adverse Credibility Determinations in Asylum Cases Remains Unchanged—Cuko v. Mukasey, 522 F.3d 32 (1st Cir. 2008)," Suffolk University Law Review, vol. 42, no. 2 (2009) [text]

Kucana v. Holder (SCOTUSBlog, April 2009) [text]
- Analysis of U.S. Supreme Court case involving petitioner who overslept and missed his asylum hearing. The Court "agreed to rule on whether the 2005 REAL ID Act strips courts of jurisdiction over discretionary decisions made by the Board of Immigration Appeals (source)."

"The Modern-Day Slave Trade: How the United States Should Alter the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act in Order to Combat International Sex Trafficking More Effectively," Texas International Law Journal, vol. 44, no. 1 (Fall 2009) [text]

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29 April 2009

Publications: Asylum/Mashrek, ECCD/Emergencies, Iraqi Displacement, Iraqis/U.S., Somalis/Dadaab

Asylum and Migration in the Mashrek (Euro-Med Human Rights Network, Dec. 2008) [text]

IOM Emergency Needs Assessments: Three Years of Post-Samarra Displacement in Iraq (IOM, Feb. 2009) [English text] [Arabic text]

Life in the World's Largest Refugee Settlement (openDemocracy, April 2009) [text]

The Path of Most Resilience: Early Childhood Care and Development in Emergencies - Principles and Practice (INEE, April 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]

Promises to the Persecuted: The Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act of 2008 (Human Rights First, April 2009) [text]

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28 April 2009

Disparities in Asylum Decisions

I just finished reading a fascinating book called Asylum Denied: A Refugee's Struggle for Safety in America. It's written by David Ngaruri Kenney and Philip G. Schrag, and published by UC Press. Here's the blurb from the publisher:
Asylum Denied is the gripping story of political refugee David Ngaruri Kenney's harrowing odyssey through the world of immigration processing in the United States. Kenney, while living in his native Kenya, led a boycott to protest his government's treatment of his fellow farmers. He was subsequently arrested and taken into the forest to be executed. This book, told by Kenney and his lawyer Philip G. Schrag from Kenney's own perspective, tells of his near-murder, imprisonment, and torture in Kenya; his remarkable escape to the United States; and the obstacle course of ordeals and proceedings he faced as U.S. government agencies sought to deport him to Kenya. A story of courage, love, perseverance, and legal strategy, Asylum Denied brings to life the human costs associated with our immigration laws and suggests reforms that are desperately needed to help other victims of human rights violations.
You can read the first chapter online, read a transcript of an interview with the authors, and/or watch a YouTube video/listen to a podcast of a panel discussion about the book.

One outcome of Philip Schrag's work on David Ngaruri Kenney's case was a study of inconsistencies in asylum decisions issued at all four levels of the asylum adjudication process: asylum officers, immigration judges, Board of Immigration Appeals, and U.S. Courts of Appeal. The article, "Refugee Roulette: Disparities in Asylum Adjudication," is available through SSRN.com.

As "Seeking Asylum..." reports, two of the study's authors - Philip Schrag and Andrew Schoenholtz - are now in the process of compiling a book on how asylum cases are dealt with in the U.S.

Other studies of the asylum process and decisions have been produced since then, including:
- "Refugee Roulette in an Administrative Law Context: The Deja Vu of Decisional Disparities in Agency Adjudication," Stanford Law Review, vol. 60, no. 2 (2007) [text]
- "A Well-Founded Fear of Having My Sexual Orientation Asylum Claim Heard in the Wrong Court," New York Law School Law Review, vol. 52 (2007/2008) [text]
- "A Review of the 2006 Measures of Improvement to the Immigration Courts and Board of Immigration Appeals," Refugee Law Paper (posted Feb. 2009) [text]
- "The Path to Asylum in the US and the Determinants for Who Gets In and Why," International Migration Review, vol. 43, no. 1 (March 2009) [abstract]

A recent study looked at Canadian asylum adjudication rates; see "Troubling Patterns in Canadian Refugee Adjudication," Ottawa Law Review, vol. 39 (2008), as well as the author's data sets for 2006-2008.

Studies in other countries that examine fairness in the asylum process include:
- Irish Asylum Decisions made at First Instance lack Consistency and Sustainability in Law (Irish Refugee Council, 2000) [text]
- Watching the Watchmen: Reviewing the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in the UK (Law and Society Association, 2008) [access]
- Reasons for Refusal: an audit of 200 refusals of Ethiopian asylum-seekers in England, conference paper (2009) [access; scroll down to title]

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27 April 2009

Publications: Eligibility/Iraqis, Human Trafficking/Ireland, Integration/Ireland, Protection/Natural Disasters, Remittances/Darfur

Globalisation, Sex Trafficking and Prostitution: The Experiences of Migrant Women in Ireland (Immigrant Council of Ireland, 2009) [text]

Humanitarian Perspectives on "Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters" (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, April 2009) [text]

Livelihoods, Migration and Conflict: Discussion of Findings from Two Studies in West and North Darfur, 2006 - 2007 (Feinstein International Center, April 2009) [text]

Mapping Integration: UNHCR's Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming Project on Refugee Integration in Ireland - 2008/2009 (UNHCR, April 2009) [text]

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Iraqi Asylum-Seekers (UNHCR, April 2009) [text]

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24 April 2009

Law Articles

"Bringing Law to Refugee Camps," IntLawGrrls Blog (April 2009) [text]

"Can Tax Policy Stop Human Trafficking?" Georgetown Journal of International Law, vol. 40 (2009) [text via SSRN]

"Hope for the Future? The Asylum Claims of Women Fleeing Sexual Violence in Guatemala," University of Pennsylvania Law Review, vol. 157, no. 4 (April 2009) [text]

"Refugees Themselves: The Asylum Case for Parents of Children at Risk of Female Genital Mutilation," Harvard Human Rights Journal, vol. 22, no. 1 (Winter 2009) [text]

"Revisiting Germany's Residenzpflicht in Light of Modern E.U. Asylum Law," Michigan Journal of International Law, vol. 30, no. 2 (Winter 2009) [text]

"The Second Circuit’s Expedited Adjudication of Asylum Cases: A Case Study of a Judicial Response to an Unprecedented Problem of Caseload Management," Brooklyn Law Review, vol. 74, no. 2 (Winter 2008) [text]

For a title list of law review articles and other legal papers for which I have not located the full-text, check out the new addition to the sidebar: "New Law Articles and Papers."

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23 April 2009

Publications: Diagnosing Infections, Diaspora Lit. Rev., Hum. Action/India, Iraqi Refugee Assistance, Refugees/Turkey, UNHCR Amicus Brief

The Diaspora–Conflict–Peace–Nexus: A Literature Review (Diaspeace, March 2009) [text]

Guidelines for the Diagnosis, Management and Prevention of Infections in Recently Arrived Refugees (Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases, March 2009) [text]

Iraqi Refugee Assistance: Improvements Needed in Measuring Progress, Assessing Needs, Tracking Funds, and Developing an International Strategic Plan (U.S. GAO, April 2009) [text]

The Role of the Affected State in Humanitarian Action: A Case Study on India (ODI, April 2009) [text]

Stranded: Refugees in Turkey Denied Protection (Amnesty International, April 2009) [access]

Valdiviezo-Galdamez v. Holder, Attorney General: Brief of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees as Amicus Curiae in Support of the Petitioner (UNHCR, April 2009) [text]

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22 April 2009

Regional Focus: Asia

"Only 17 out of 55 countries in the Asia Pacific region have acceded to the international legal instruments for refugee protection, and there are no related regional conventions or mechanisms." (source)

Various developments have taken place recently to raise the profile of refugees in Asia and to promote greater protection of their rights, including the following:

Asia Pacific Consultation on Refugee Rights, Kuala Lumpur, 20-21 November 2008 [site]
- The presentations included overviews of refugee situations in different sub-regions and advocacy strategies.

Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN)
- One outcome of the Asia Pacific Consultation was the establishment of the APRRN. A recent example of its advocacy focus is the statement it issued calling for a regional solution for the Rohingyas.

Researchers present at the consultation and involved in the network will also be presenting at the upcoming IASFM meeting in Cyprus. At least two panels will focus on Asia: The Protection of Forced Migrants in South-East Asia and Protection Gaps in Asia.

Finally, the UNHCR Global Appeal 2009 Update indicates that two Asian countries are preparing to accede to the refugee convention: Indonesia and Mongolia.

For additional information relating to forced migration in Asia, visit:
  • Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM) [access]
  • Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) [access]
  • IDMC, "Internal Displacement in Asia and the Pacific" [access]
  • Online Burma/Myanmar Library [access]
  • Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) [access]
  • Refugee Watch Online [access]
  • Refworld, "Asia" [access]
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21 April 2009

Publications: Climate Change, Evaluation/Burundi Repat., Human Trafficking Handbk., Timing of Indictments

Combating Trafficking in Persons: A Handbook for Parliamentarians (UNODC, IPU & UNGIFT, April 2009) [text]

Impact Evaluation of PRM Humanitarian Assistance to the Repatriation and Reintegration of Burundi Refugees (Terra P Group; U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Sept. 2008, release date Feb. 2009) [text]

The Right to Survive: The humanitarian challenge in the twenty-first century (Oxfam, April 2009) [access to English, French, Spanish texts]

When to Indict? The Impact of Timing of International Criminal Indictments on Peace Processes and Humanitarian Action (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, April 2009) [text]

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20 April 2009

Publications: Burmese Refugees, Detention/Malta, Detention & Trafficking, Health & Conflict, Mig. & Dev.

Health and Conflict: A Review of the Links (Fafo, April 2009) [text]

Life in Exile: Burmese Refugees along the Thai-Burma Border (IRC, Feb. 2009) [text]

Migration, Development and Social Service, Transatlantic Perspectives on Migration, Policy Brief no. 6 (ISIM, Feb. 2009) [text]

"Not Criminals": Medecins sans Frontieres Exposes Conditions for Undocumented Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Maltese Detention Centers (MSF, April 2009) [text]

On the detention of trafficking victims (IntLawGrrls, 20 April 2009) [text]

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17 April 2009

Publications: Changing UNHCR, Dev. & Conflict/Sri Lanka, HIV, Human Rights/Eritrea, Land/Iraq, Poverty/Colombia

Development Assistance and Conflict in Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Eastern Province (ICG, April 2009) [text]

Do Conflicts Create Poverty Traps? Asset Losses and Recovery for Displaced Households in Colombia, MICROCON Research Working Paper 10 (MICROCON, March 2009) [text]

HIV and Emergencies: One Size Does Not Fit All (ODI, March 2009) [text]

Land, Property, and the Challenge of Return for Iraq’s Displaced, Special Report no. 221 (USIP, April 2009) [text]

Service for Life: State Repression and Indefinite Conscription in Eritrea (Human Rights Watch, April 2009) [text]
- See also related press release, "Eritrea: Repression Creating Human Rights Crisis - Host Countries Should Cease Forced Returns of Eritrean Refugees."

"Struggling to change UNHCR: Explaining why a top recruit of the High Commissioner for Refugees recently quit," Global Post, 13 April 2009 [text]
- HT to Seeking Asylum from the Mainstream.

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16 April 2009

New Issues of Dev. in Practice, Intl. J. Multicultural Soc., Norweg. J. Geog., Women's Asylum News

Development in Practice, vol. 19, no. 3 (2009) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

International Journal on Multicultural Societies, vol. 10, no. 2 (2008) [full-text]
- Special theme for this issue is "The Conditions of Modern Return Migrants." Includes articles on the return of Libyans from the UK and the repatriation of Afghan and Iraqi refugees from Iran.

Norwegian Journal of Geography, vol. 63, no. 1 (March 2009) [contents]
- Focus of this issue is the "Tsunami of 2004 in Sri Lanka: Impacts and Policy in the Shadow of Civil War."

Women's Asylum News, no. 82 (April 2009) [full-text via Refworld]
- Lead article is "The Trafficking Convention – Meaningful Protection or Rhetoric?"

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15 April 2009

Detention Resources

The Global Detention Project is a new web site launched by the Graduate Institute of Geneva's Programme for the Study of Global Migration. It aims to "investigate the role detention plays in states’ responses to global migration, with a special focus on the policies and physical infrastructures of detention." The site provides access to country profiles, the domestic and international legal framework for migration-related detention, and a detention news feed in English, French and Spanish. Other resources will be added in the future.

The International Detention Coalition also monitors detention policies and practices around the world. It offers a newsletter (most recent edition), a resource library, and a global survey (scroll down for findings).

Other resources:
  • Migration-Related Detention: A research guide on human rights standards relevant to the detention of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees (Amnesty International, Nov. 2007) [text]
  • Refworld's Detention Page [access]
  • Selected Documents Relating to Detention (UNHCR, Feb. 2009) [text]

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13 April 2009

Publications: IDP Guide, Iraq, Irish Asylum Procedures, Parliamentarians & IDPs, Refugee Health Course

"Effects of a refugee elective on medical student perceptions," BMC Medical Education 9:15 (April 2009) [open access text]

Internal Displacement and the Role of Parliamentarians in Times of Crises (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, April 2009) [text]

Internally Displaced Persons: Guide to Legal Information Resources on the Web (LLRX.com, April 2009) [text]

Iraq: Preventing the Point of No Return (Refugees International, April 2009) [text]

The Single Protection Procedure: A Chance for Change (Irish Refugee Council, April 2009) [text]

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10 April 2009

Update on Zimbabweans

Additional developments re. Zimbabweans, following on from this earlier post:
  • SA grants legal status to Zim asylum seekers (Hatnews, April 2009) [text] (see other Hatnews stories relating to Zimbabweans)
  • SA sets up new refugee reception facility in Pretoria (ZimOnline, April 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]
  • South Africa: Permits Will Make Zimbabweans Safer (HRW, April 2009) [text]
  • "Stateless former farm workers in Zimbabwe," Forced Migration Review, no. 32 (April 2009) [text]
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09 April 2009

Publications: Eligibility/Eritreans & Sri Lankans, Intl. Custom & Internal Displacement, Iraqi Refugees, Mental Health Care

The Emerging Customary Nature of International Norms on Internal Displacement, by M. Kovac, MSc dissertation (Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, 2009) [text]

Guide to Providing Mental Health Care Support to Asylum Seekers in Primary Care (HatNews, April 2009) [text]

Iraqi Refugees and Regional Stability (Stimson Center, April 2009) [access via Human Security Gateway]

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Asylum-Seekers from Eritrea (UNHCR, April 2009) [text]

UNHCR Eligibility Guidelines for Assessing the International Protection Needs of Asylum-Seekers from Sri Lanka (UNHCR, April 2009) [text]

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08 April 2009

2009 Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peace building

The 2009 edition of Alert! Report on conflicts, human rights and peace building is now available in Spanish on the Escola de cultura de pau web site. This annual report "analyses developments and relevant trends in the international scene in terms of armed conflicts, tensions, peace processes, post-war rehabilitation and international involvement, humanitarian crises, disarmament, human rights and transitional justice and the gender perspective in peacebuilding."

English editions as of 2004 are also available.

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07 April 2009

Publications: AU & Resp. to Protect, Somalia, Stateless Persons/Detention, Violence against Aid Workers

The African Union and the Challenges of Implementing the "Responsibility to Protect" (Nordic Africa Institute, 2009) [text]

The Protection of Stateless Persons in Detention (Equal Rights Trust, Jan. 2009) [text]

The Protection of Stateless Persons in Detention Under International Law (Equal Rights Trust, Jan. 2009) [text]

Providing aid in insecure environments: 2009 Update. Trends in violence against aid workers and the operational response, HPG Policy Brief 34 (HPG, April 2009) [text]

Somalia: Political Progress, Humanitarian Stalemate (Refugees International, April 2009) [text]

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06 April 2009

New Issues of FMR, Human Rts. Brief, ICRC Rev., JHRP

Forced Migration Review, no. 32 (April 2009) [full-text]
- Focus of this issue is "statelessness." Also includes mini-feature on refugee status determination, various general articles, and notes from regular contributors.

Human Rights Brief, vol. 16, no. 2 (Winter 2009) [full-text]
- Mix of articles.

International Review of the Red Cross, no. 871 (2008) [full-text]
- Full-text version of the journal, with special theme on the inter-relationships between international human rights and humanitarian law.

Journal of Human Rights Practice, vol. 1, no. 1 [free full-text]
- New journal from OUP; first issue is made available at no cost. Aim of the journal is "to capture learning and communicate the lessons of practice across professional and geographical boundaries, within and beyond the human rights mainstream, and to provide a vehicle for innovative national and local practitioners world-wide who currently lack a platform for sharing their expertise internationally."

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Publications: Insecure Environments, Intl. Law & Natural Disasters, Mental Health/Unacc. Minors, Migration/Scotland, Seeking Refuge Papers

Department for International Development: Operating in insecure environments (UK House of Commons, Public Accounts Committee, April 2009) [text]

International Law and Standards Applicable in Natural Disaster Situations (International Development Law Organization, March 2009) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Mental health issues in unaccompanied refugee minors," Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health 3:13 (April 2009) [open access text]

Papers prepared for "Seeking Refuge: caught between bureaucracy, lawyers and public indifference?" conference, Centre of African Studies, SOAS, University of London, April 16-17 2009 [access]
- Peruse the list of panels.

Recent Migration into Scotland: The Evidence Base (Scottish Government, March 2009) [text]

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Country of Origin Information

Here are a few articles/papers that I've come across lately that examine the role played by country of origin information in the asylum process:

"Consistency in Asylum Adjudication: Country Guidance and the Asylum Process in the United Kingdom," International Journal of Refugee Law, vol. 20, no. 4 (Dec. 2008) [full-text via Manchester Univ. IR]

Did That Really Happen? Determining The Status of Asylum Applicants Through Corroborative Evidence (Birdsongslaw’s Weblog, posted March 2009) [text]
- Analyzes several recent court decisions that have implications for establishing credibility and the need for corroborative evidence (or country conditions information).

"The politics of knowledge: an examination of the use of country information in the asylum determination process," Paper prepared for "Seeking Refuge: Caught between bureaucracy, lawyers and public indifference?", Centre of African Studies, SOAS, University of London,
April 16-17 2009 [draft text; scroll down to locate]
- Prepared for the "Courts, experts and deciding the law" panel.

"Source Assessment in COI Research," The Researcher, vol. 4, no. 1 (March 2009): 2-6 [text]
- Discusses how to evaluate country of origin information, particularly when it involves web-based sources.

Working Party on Country of Origin Information and Country Guidance: Recent Developments (IARLJ, Jan. 2009) [text]
- Reviews several developments relating to COI, including the growing acceptance of standard guidelines for COI, an ECHR case that addressed in part the use and role of COI in decisions on asylum-related cases, and an IJRL article reporting the results of a scholarly study of the UK's country guidance system.

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03 April 2009

INEE Global Consultation, Upcoming Events in May and June

The INEE Global Consultation took place 31 March - 4 April 2009. The theme was "Bridging the Gaps: Risk Reduction, Relief and Recovery." A detailed programme is available in PDF or can be viewed by individual session. The proceedings were reported on in the Global Consultation Blog; scroll down to the bottom and read up to get a chronological overview.

Upcoming events in May, June:

AUC Center for Migration and Refugee Studies Short Courses, Cairo, May-June 2009 [site]
- Courses will be held on "International Law on Migrant and Refugee Women and Children" (31 May - 4 June); "Advanced International Refugee Law" (7-11 June); "and Meeting the Psychosocial Needs of Refugees" (14-18 June). Register by 15 April.

16th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine, Victoria, BC, Canada, 12-15 May 2009 [site]
- "[D]evoted to equipping health professionals to prepare for and respond to disasters and health emergencies around the world." Register by April 24th.

The Great Lakes Pact – Two Years On: Issues of Implementation and Enforcement, London School of Economics and Political Science, 29-30 May 2009 [info.]
- Documents relevant to the conference are available here.

2nd Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS), University of Ottawa, 1-3 June 2009 [info.]
- Theme is "Forced Migration and Shifting Borders." No programme available at present.

13th Management of Humanitarian Emergencies: Focus on Children and Families, Cleveland, Ohio, 15-19 June 2009 [site]
- "[E]xamines the most important problems and priorities in disaster situations as they relate to the most vulnerable and numerous victims of disasters -- children and families." Register by 15 May.

12th International Association for the Study of Forced Migration Conference, University of Nicosia, Cyprus, 28 June – 2 July 2009 [site]
- Theme is "Transforming Boundaries."

UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs, Geneva, 29 June - 1 July 2009 [site]
- Registration deadline is 5 June.

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01 April 2009

New Journal Articles: Alerts and Full-text Retrieval

As I mentioned in this past post, I've added some new features to the sidebar of this blog. While I already highlight the contents of new issues of forced migration-specific journals on a regular basis, I have not had a mechanism in place to systematically point readers to all the other relevant articles that appear in non-forced migration journals. The "New Journal Articles" list is one solution for this gap. It works like this: As I come across articles of interest, I bookmark them in Delicious with the tag "newjournalarticles." Each time this occurs, the list of article titles in the sidebar updates accordingly. So whenever you visit the blog, be sure to check the list for any new titles of interest.

If you forget to check, you can always 1) click on the link to go to the bookmarked titles in Delicious, or 2) subscribe to the RSS feed for the listing and peruse the updates at your leisure in your own newsreader.

One thing to note is that these journal articles are not necessarily available in full-text online. To retrieve the full-text, you have several options:

- purchase the individual article
- sign up for a free online trial for the journal you are interested in (for example, Sage Journals is offering free access to all of its journals during April)
- search Worldcat.org for libraries that subscribe to a particular journal; enter your postal or zip code to determine which library is closest to you, and retrieve the text from that library
- if you are based in a developing country, you might have access to full-text journals through one of these initiatives: Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL); GDN Journal Services; HINARI Access to Research Initiative; JSTOR Developing Nations Initiative.

Finally, it's always worth searching online for keywords in the title of journal article you are seeking. Why?
- Sometimes journal publishers designate specific issues as free online samples: see, e.g., "A Heterotopian Analysis of Maritime Refugee Incidents," abstracted in IngentaConnect, but available at no cost by Wiley InterScience.
- Some articles are posted online in openly accessible journals: see, e.g., "The humanitarian consequences and actions in the Eastern Mediterranean Region over the last 60 years – a health perspective", which was indexed in PubMed.
- Some articles are available as preprints or conference papers: see, e.g, the abstract for "Resettling Refugees in Rural and Regional Australia: Learning from Recent Policy and Program Initiatives"; a report with a slightly different title but with the same authors was published earlier.

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Cross-posted in Researching Refugees.

Publications: Bhutanese/Nepal, Hum. Crisis/Kenya & Somalia, Iraqi IDPs/Resettlement, Labour Trafficking, Particular Social Group

Addressing the Humanitarian Crisis on the Kenya/Somalia Border (Oxfam International, March 2009) [text via Human Security Gateway]

Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal, CRED Refugee Population Brief (Feb. 2009) [text]

"The Emerging Importance of Social Perception in Defining a 'Particular Social Group' and Its Potential Impact on Gender-Related Asylum Cases," Yale Law & Policy Review, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 47-106 (Fall 2008) [extract]

Labour Trafficking: Key Concepts and Issues, Transnational crime brief, no. 3 (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2009) [text]

Resettling Iraq's Four Million Displaced (Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, Feb. 2009) [text]

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