15 April 2009

Detention Resources

The Global Detention Project is a new web site launched by the Graduate Institute of Geneva's Programme for the Study of Global Migration. It aims to "investigate the role detention plays in states’ responses to global migration, with a special focus on the policies and physical infrastructures of detention." The site provides access to country profiles, the domestic and international legal framework for migration-related detention, and a detention news feed in English, French and Spanish. Other resources will be added in the future.

The International Detention Coalition also monitors detention policies and practices around the world. It offers a newsletter (most recent edition), a resource library, and a global survey (scroll down for findings).

Other resources:
  • Migration-Related Detention: A research guide on human rights standards relevant to the detention of migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees (Amnesty International, Nov. 2007) [text]
  • Refworld's Detention Page [access]
  • Selected Documents Relating to Detention (UNHCR, Feb. 2009) [text]

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