30 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

Access to the Labour Market as a 'Pull Factor' for Asylum Seekers: What the Research Shows, Policy Briefing, no. 03/16.2 (Univ. of Warwick, March 2016) [text]
- See also the short version.

Asylum Seekers in Britain: Putting the Economic 'Pull Factor' in Context (LSE British Politics and Policy Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

Kenya: Rapid Market Assessment & Commodity Value Chain Analysis (Samuel Hall, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Northern Syria Market Monitoring Exercise: January-August 2016 Overview (REACH, Oct. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Not Just Work: Ending the Exploitation of Refugee and Migrant Workers ( Western Community Legal Centre, Nov. 2016) [texts via APO]
- Note: Report is provided in two parts.

On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration, CESifo Working Paper, no. 6111 (Center for Economic Studies & Ifo Institute, Sept. 2016) [text via SSRN]

Restricting the Economic Rights of Asylum Seekers: Cost Implications, Working Paper, no. 11/16.1 (Univ. of Warwick, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Should Asylum Seekers Have Labour Market Access?," The Researcher, vol. 11, no. 2 (Oct. 2016) [full-text via Refworld]

Vienna Fair Rewards Best Ideas for Integrating Refugees (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]

"When Lives are Put on Hold: Lengthy Asylum Processes Decrease Employment among Refugees," Science Advances, vol. 2, no. 8 (Aug. 2016) [free full-text via PubMed]
- See also related article.

Why a Market-Based Approach is Key to Unlocking Refugees’ Potential (Refugees Deeply, Nov. 2016) [text]

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New Issue of RSQ

The latest issue of Refugee Survey Quarterly (RSQ) has been published. Contents of vol. 35, no. 4, Dec. 2016 include:
  • Justice, Reconciliation, and Ending Displacement: Legal Empowerment and Refugee Engagement in Transitional Processes [abstract]
  • Finding Agency in Adversity: Applying the Refugee Convention in the Context of Disasters and Climate Change [abstract] [author site]
  • Precarity in Exile: The Legal Status of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon [open access]
  • IDPs in Afghanistan: A Confused National Glossary [abstract]
  • Asylum in Crisis: Migrant Policy, Entrapment, and the Role of Non-Governmental Organisations in Siracusa, Italy [abstract] [related thesis]
  • Utopia or Reality: Regional Cooperation in Latin America to Enhance the Protection of Refugees [abstract] [ResearchGate]
A big shout-out to Maya Janmyr for making her article "open access"! It is now the second time that an author has taken advantage of this option to provide immediate access to the full-text of an article published in RSQ ("hybrid open access").

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Regional Focus: Europe


Syrians Welcome? Contrasting Approaches to Syrian Asylum Seekers in Germany and the United Kingdom, London, 2 December 2016 [info]


Closed Borders: Programme Report on the Impact of the Borders Closures on People on the Move, with a Focus on Women and Children in Serbia and Macedonia (Oxfam, Sept. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

ECRE Comments on the Commission Proposal for an Asylum Procedures Regulation COM(2016) 467 (ECRE, Nov. 2016) [text via Refworld]

EU Policies Put Refugees at Risk: An Agenda to Restore Protection (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2016) [text]

Meeting the Challenge: Voluntary Sector Services for Destitute Migrant Children and Families (COMPAS, Nov. 2016) [text]

Refugee 'Crisis'? Try 'Crisis in the European Press' (openDemocracy, Nov. 2016) [text]

A Road to Nowhere: The Account of a Monitoring Visit at the Brest-Terespol Border Crossing between Poland and Belarus (Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Nov. 2016) [text via ECRE]

Towards a Whole-of-Society Approach to Receiving and Settling Newcomers in Europe (Migration Policy Institute, Nov. 2016) [text]

The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants: A Mirror of the Current EU Migration Policy? (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Visibilities and the Politics of Space: Refugee Activism in Berlin," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 14, no. 4 (2016) [open access]

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New Issues of EJML, GSP, Humanit. Aid, Ital. Yrbk. Intl. Law, JIRS, JIHLS, Law & Pol., Refuge, Rts. in Exile, Torture J., Yrbk. IHL

European Journal of Migration and Law, vol. 18, no. 4 (2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles. Includes one book review.

Global Social Policy, vol. 16, no. 3 (Dec. 2016) [free full-text]
- Includes special GSP Forum section that discusses "Global Social Policy and the 'Refugee Crisis'." Note: Articles are freely available until the end  of Jan. 2017.

Humanitarian Aid on the Move, no.18 (Nov. 2016) [full-text via ReliefWeb]
- "With the UN Secretary General’s report on the World Humanitarian Summit due to be published at the next UN General Assembly in New York, this issue of HEM continues to explore new areas for the sector to explore, following on from our last issue on the WHS."

Italian Yearbook of International Law, vol. 25 (2015) [contents]
- "[The] Focus section [is] devoted to a number of international and European legal issues raised by the ongoing migratory crisis. It discusses inter alia the fight against migrant smuggling under UN Security Council resolution 2240 (2015), amendment proposals to the 1951 Refugees Convention, the implications for international responsibility of the EU’s hotspot approach to managing migration, and the protection of EU citizens victims of human trafficking in Europe."

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 14, no. 4 (2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including "Visibilities and the Politics of Space: Refugee Activism in Berlin," which is open access.

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, vol. 6, no. 2 (2015) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Law & Policy, vol. 38, no. 4 (Oct. 2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles for symposium issue, including "The Paradox of Docket Control: Empowering Judges, Frustrating Refugees." Note: An abstract for the first article is available on the FM List.

Refuge: Canada's Journal of Refugees, vol. 32, no. 3 (2016) [open access]
- "General issue, with special focus on 'Age Discrimination in Forced Migration Law, Policy and Practice'." Includes five book reviews.

Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 75 (Nov. 2016) [full-text]
- News and information for refugee legal aid providers.

Torture Journal, vol. 26, no. 2 (2016) [full-text]
- Mix of articles, including "Prevalence of Torture and Other War-related Traumatic Events in Forced Migrants: A Systematic Review."

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, vol. 18 (2015) [contents]
- Theme is "Contemporary Armed Conflicts and Their Implications for International Humanitarian Law."

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29 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Law/Policy Items


Refugee Protection in Mixed Migration: A UNHCR Perspective Pre- and Post-summit, London, 1 December 2016 [info]


7th Annual Geneva Forum of Judges & Lawyers, Geneva, 17-18 Nov. 2016 [info]
- This year's theme was "Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants: The Role of Judges & Lawyers." Follow link for more information and videos.

"Conceptualizing International Migration Law," Proceedings of the One Hundred Tenth Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, (ASIL, Forthcoming 2017) [eprint via SSRN]

Global Protection Cluster Retreat 2016: Summary of Discussions (Global Protection Cluster, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Interviewing Asylum Seekers: A Vignette Study on the Questions Asked to Assess Credibility of Claims about Origin and Persecution," Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, Early View, 2 Nov. 2016 [open access]

Is the Refugee Convention in Need of Reform? (RN Breakfast Show, Nov. 2016) [access]
- Follow link for audio.

"Migration Emergencies," Hastings Law Journal, vol. 68 (Forthcoming, 2017) [preprint via SSRN]

Regulatory Frameworks on Internal Displacement: Global, Regional and National Developments (Global Protection Cluster, Nov. 2016) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Mental Health

"Complex PTSD and Phased Treatment in Refugees: A Debate Piece," European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 7: 28687 (Feb. 2016) [open access]

"Factors Affecting Implementation of Perinatal Mental Health Screening in Women of Refugee Background," Implementation Science, 11:150 (Nov. 2016) [open access]

"Impact of New Traumatic or Stressful Life Events on Pre-existing PTSD in Traumatized Refugees: Results of a Longitudinal Study," European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 7: 32106 (Nov. 2016) [open access]

"Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Syrian Refugees in Turkey," The Professional Counselor, vol. 6, no. 4 (2016) [open access]

Mental Health Risks and Resilience among Somali and Bhutanese Refugee Parents (Migration Policy Institute, Oct. 2016) [text]

Mental Health, Suicidal Thoughts and Self-Harm Inside Immigration Detention (Border Criminologies, Nov. 2016) [text via SSRN]

"Posttraumatic Stress and Depression in Yazidi Refugees," Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, vol. 12 (Nov. 2016) [open access]

"Psychological First Aid Provision for Urban Refugees in Uganda: Opportunities and Dilemmas," Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 75 (Nov. 2016) [full-text]

Public Health Aspects of Mental Health among Migrants and Refugees: A Review of the Evidence on Mental Health Care for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Irregular Migrants in the WHO European Region, Health Evidence Network Synthesis Report, no. 47 (WHO Europe, 2016) [text]

"Refugee Trauma Measurement: A Review of Existing Checklists," Public Health Reviews, 37:10 (Sept. 2016) [open access]

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22 November 2016

Admin: November Break

This blog will be quiet for the remainder of the week.

Thematic Focus: Country of Origin Information (COI)


Blended Learning Course: Researching Country of Origin Information (COI) [info]
- Includes online training from 6 Feb.-3 March 2017 and face-to-fact meeting in Vienna on 9 March 2017. Apply by 9 December 2016.

Online Course on COI (UNHCR & ACCORD) [info]
- This free course is hosted by DisasterReady.org.

"Training in the Module 'Researching Country of Origin Information'," The Researcher, vol. 11, no. 2 (Oct. 2016) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 28.

Using COI in practice:

"Principles Corroborated by Practice? The Use of Country of Origin Information by the European Court of Human Rights in the Assessment of a Real Risk of a Violation of the Prohibition of Torture, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment," European Journal of Migration and Law, vol. 18, no. 3 (2016) [abstract]
- *See also related EDAL blog post.

"Protecting Refugees and Country of Origin Information," FOCUS, vol. 83 (March 2016) [full-text]
- Discusses the use of COI in the Asia-Pacific context.

Understanding How Asylum Lawyers and NGOs Research Information for Asylum Claims in Europe (Asylos) [info]
- New research project.


Tagged Publications and Events & Opportunities. 

Regional Focus: Americas

Asylum: Variation Exists in Outcomes of Applications across Immigration Courts and Judges (U.S. Government Accounting Office, Nov. 2016) [text]

Asylum Office Backlog and Delays (Human Rights First, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Refugee, Asylum, and Related Legislation in the US Congress: 2013-2016," Journal on Migration and Human Security, vol. 4, no. 4 (2016) [open access]

El Salvador’s Sky-High Murder Rate is Creating a Humanitarian Crisis (OSF Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

Non-conventional Violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America and Mexico: Recommendations for Humanitarian Actors (Social Science Research Council, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Resettling Child Refugees: Canada and Armenian Orphans, 1923-1927 (Canadian Museum of Immigration Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

The U Visa's Failed Promise for Survivors of Domestic Violence (SSRN, Nov. 2016) [text]

Unauthorized Immigrants with Criminal Convictions: Who Might Be a Priority for Removal? (Migration Policy Institute, Nov. 2016) [text]
- See also related LA Times article.

More thoughts on impact of the Trump election:

After Trump’s Election, We Need to Get Creative on the Refugee Crisis (Refugees Deeply, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Can Trump Ban Refugees to the US?," VOA News, 17 Nov. 2016 [text]

Displacement during the Trump Era: 4 Priorities for Policy-makers (Thomson Reuters Foundation, Nov. 2016) [text]

How the Immigration Court Backlog Would Skyrocket under Donald Trump’s Plan (Immigration Impact, Nov. 2016) [text]

Notes from the Immigration Underground (The Asylumist Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

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Events & Opportunities: Even More Nov. & Dec. 2016

CFP: Global Migration and Social Change (Policy Press) [info]
- New book series; no deadline indicated.

Conference: Engendering Forced Migration in the Western Balkans - Then and Now, Geneva, 23 November 2016 [info]

Seminar: What Went Wrong? The EU Asylum Policy and the Refugee Crisis, Cairo, 28 November 2016 [info]

Seminar: Forced Displacement as a Development Issue, Washington, DC, 29 November 2016 [info]

Work-in-progress series: Children on the Move: Gaps in the Law and Case Studies in Vulnerability, Boston, 29 November 2016 [info]

CFP: Forgotten Corridors: Global Displacement & the Politics of Engagement, 10th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association for Refugee and Forced Migration Studies (CARFMS), Victoria, Canada, 15-18 May 2017 [info]
- Submission deadline **extended** to 30 November 2016.

Conference: Migration and Changing Societies: Research Agendas, Brighton, UK, 30 November 2016 [info]

Lecture: The Global Response to Refugees and Vulnerable Migrants, London, 1 December 2016 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.

Panel discussion: The Evolving Dynamics of the Refugee and Migrant Response, London, 2 December 2016 [info]
- Final showcase of all the work that has been done as part of the "Ethics and Politics of the Refugee Crisis" project.

CFP: Methodological, Practical and Theoretical Challenges in Research on Refugees, Session at the 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Lisbon, 17-21 July 2017 [info]
- Submission deadline is 4 December 2016.

Job opportunity: Two Researchers, Public Attitudes to Migration Project, Migration Policy Centre [info]
- Apply by 11 December 2016.

Job opportunity: Early Career Research Fellowships, Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research [info]
- Submit CV by 12 December 2016.

Open call for interest: Participate in the Third European Migration Forum, Brussels, 2-3 March 2017 [info]
- Submit online form by 12 December 2016.

Presentation: From Frontex to the European Border and Coast Guard: Responsibility for Human Rights Violations at the Borders, London, 13 December 2016 [info]

CFP: Migrant Smuggling Dynamics and Impacts, Migration Research Series, IOM [info]
- Submission deadline is 15 December 2016.

CFP: Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies [info]
- Conference papers from CARFMS 2016 sought for special issue of this journal; submission deadline is 16 December 2016.

Call for chapter proposals: Refugee Education: International Perspectives from Higher Education and NGOs (Emerald Publishing) [info]
- Submission deadline is 18 December 2016.

Call for articles: African Human Mobility Review [info]
- Submission deadline is 31 December 2016.

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21 November 2016

Thematic Focus: General


Seminar: Forced Displacement as a Development Issue, Washington, DC, 29 November 2016 [info]


Guidance Note: Research on Refugees, Asylum Seekers & Migrants (European Commission, June 2016) [text]

Helping Refugees Build a Future: Tackling the Root Causes of Displacement, Stabilizing Host Regions, Supporting Refugees (Govt. of Germany, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

In Search of Commitments: The 2016 Refugee Summits, Policy Brief, no. 3 (Kaldor Centre, Nov. 2016) [text]

Internally Displaced Persons and Electoral Participation: A Brief Overview (International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Nov. 2016) [text]

Is There Such a Thing as a "Natural" Disaster?, RSIS Commentary, no. 279 (RSIS, Nov. 2016) [text]

Migration Facts in a Post-truth World (IRIN, Nov. 2016) [text]

"States Continue Efforts to Stem Refugee and Migrant Flows," Our World Magazine, 15 Nov. 2016 [text]

What Does a 'Post-facts' World Mean for Migration Research and Evidence? (COMPAS Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

**What’s So Hard about a Refugee Crisis? Making Displacement a Development Problem (CGD Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

When It Comes to the Refugee Crisis, the Numbers Game Matters (Refugees Deeply, Nov. 2016) [text]

New blog:

ISIM Blog [access]
- A new blog from the Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), a research center based at Georgetown University.


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Thematic Focus: Solutions

Australia-United States Resettlement Arrangement (Kaldor Centre, Nov. 2016) [text]
- New factsheet; see also related opinion from the Univ. of South Australia.

Commission Presents Progress Report on Relocation and Resettlement: Member States Need to Sustain Efforts to Deliver on Commitments (European Commission, Nov. 2016) [text]

*Durable Solutions for Refugees: Principles and Implementation Strategy of a General Framework (LSE Human Rights Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

ESOL for Formerly Resettled Refugees in England: ESOL Policy and Delivery Mechanisms (Univ. of Sussex, Oct. 2016) [text]
- See also related article in The Guardian.

Evaluation of the Resettlement Programs (GAR, PSR, BVOR and RAP) (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, July 2016) [text]
- See also related article in The Star.

Explainer: Private Sponsorship of Refugees (Refugees Deeply, Nov. 2016) [text]

Introductory Post: Nordic Resettlement Series (NCHS Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

No Time to Lose: From Reception to Integration of Asylum Migrants, Policy Brief, no. 4 (Netherlands Institute for Social Research, March 2016) [text]

Refugee Resettlement Conference, Sussex, UK, 14-16 Sept. 2016 [info]
- Lengthy blogs written by conference presenters are posted here.

Resettlement and Humanitarian Admission Programmes in Europe – What Works? (European Migration Network, Nov. 2016) [text]
- Individual country reports are available on the EMN Studies page.


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18 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Children


Universal Children's Day, 20 November 2016 [info] [Facebook]

Work-in-progress series: Children on the Move: Gaps in the Law and Case Studies in Vulnerability, Boston, 29 November 2016 [info]


Children on the Move: An Urgent Human Rights and Child Protection Priority (FXB Center for Health & Human Rights, Nov. 2016) [access]
- Follow link for complete report, TOC, and access to individual chapters.

Guidance on Transferring Unaccompanied Children to the UK from the Migrant Camp in Calais, France (UK Visas and Immigration, Nov. 2016) [text]
- The guidance apparently restricts entry by age and nationality; see also related article in The Guardian.

The Lone Refugee Child and Universal Children’s Day (Future Development Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

Profiling Study of Unaccompanied or Separated Afghan Children Arriving in Sweden in 2015 (UNHCR, Aug. 2016) [text]

Trafficked Children and Youth in the United States: Reimagining Survivors, Budapest, 29 Sept. 2016 [info]
- Video of this lecture is available here.

Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children (ACDS, Nov. 2016) [text]
- Focus is on the UK.

UNICEF GEROS Meta-Analysis 2015: An Independent Review of UNICEF Evaluation Report Quality and Trends, 2009-2015 (UNICEF, Aug. 2016) [access]

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Regional Focus: Australia


"Refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to be Resettled in US – as It Happened," The Guardian, 13 Nov. 2016 [text]

UNHCR to Endorse Australia-United States Relocations as "Offshore Processing" Arrangements Fail Refugees (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]


Briefing on Lifetime Visa Ban (Refugee Council of Australia, Nov. 2016 [text]
- Note: Includes a link to the Senate's inquiry into the "Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing Cohort) Bill 2016", which in turn provides access to submissions relating to the bill.

"Detention and Delusion in Australia's Kafkaesque Refugee Law," Refugee Survey Quarterly (Forthcoming; posted Aug. 2016) [preprint via SSRN]

"Exclusionary Practices: The Difficulty of Entering the United States and Australia," Case study in Children on the Move: An Urgent Human Rights and Child Protection Priority (FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Nov. 2016) [text]

Refugee and Asylum Policy in Australia: Between Resettlement and Deterrence (EPRS, Nov. 2016) [text]

Six Months Later: A Reflection on What Has Changed since the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea Ordered an End to Detention on Manus Island (Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, Oct. 2016) [text]

UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants Concludes His Official Visit to Australia, 1-18 November 2016 (UN, Nov. 2016) [text]
- See also related press release and video.

The War on Boats: Let's Bring Facts to National Conversation (Pursuit, Nov. 2016) [text]

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17 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Climate Change

Assessing the Evidence: Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Morocco (IOM, 2016) [text]

Assessing the Evidence: Opportunities and Challenges of Migration in Building Resilience against Climate Change in the Republic of Mauritius (IOM, 2016) [text]

Climate-induced Migration and Displacement: Closing the Policy Gap (ODI, Oct. 2016) [text]

Fleeing Climate Change: Impacts on Migration and Displacement (CARE, Nov. 2016) [text]

Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Change and Disaster Displacement (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]

Insurgency, Terrorism and Organised Crime in a Warming Climate: Analysing the Links Between Climate Change and Non-State Armed Groups (Adelphi, Oct. 2016) [text via ALNAP]

"No Port, No Passport: Why Submerged States Can Have No Nationals," Washington International Law Journal, vol. 26, no. 2 (Forthcoming, 2016) [eprint via SSRN]

Ocean, Environment, Climate Change and Human Mobility (IOM, 2016) [text]

"Resettling China’s 'Ecological Migrants'," New York Times, 25 Oct. 2016 [text]
- Part five in a series called "Carbon's Casualties."

Seizing the Momentum: Displacement on the Global Climate Change Agenda (IDMC, Nov. 2016) [text]

The State of Environmental Migration 2016: A Review of 2015 (Presses Universitaires de Li├Ęge, Nov. 2016) [info]

Trump and Climate Change: Why not Talk about Threat Multipliers? (openDemocracy, Nov. 2016) [text]

UN Moves Forward on Task Force to Protect So-Called "Climate Refugees" (RI Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

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Tagged Publications.

Regional Focus: Asia Pacific

"Afghanistan Itself is Now Taking in the Most Afghan Migrants," New York Times, 4 Nov. 2016 [text]

"Asia's Forgotten Refugees," UCA News, 1-10 Nov. 2016 [access]
- Follow link for five-part series.

Fragility and Population Movement in Afghanistan (UNHCR & World Bank, Oct. 2016) [text]

"Postcolonial Reflection on the Christian Mission: The Case of North Korean Refugees in China and South Korea," Social Sciences, vol. 5, no. 4 (Oct. 2016) [open access]

Still Adrift: Failure to Protect Rohingya in Malaysia and Thailand (Refugees International, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Under the Canopy: Migration Governance in Southeast Asia," UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs, vol. 21 (Forthcoming, 2017) [full-text via SSRN]

UNHCR and the Migration Regime Complex in Asia-Pacific: Between Responsibility Shifting and Responsibility Sharing, New Issues in Refugee Research, no. 283 (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]

*What Progress Has Been Made Following the Andaman Sea "Crisis" in 2015? A Review by the Asian Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN, Nov. 2016) [text]

Will the UN Become Complicit in Pakistan’s Illegal Return of Afghan Refugees? (IRIN, Nov. 2016) [text]


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16 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Persons with Disabilities & Older People

Events & opportunities:

Networking event: Disabled and in Exile, London, 21 November 2016 [info]

Webinar: Including Older People and People with Disabilities in Shelter and WASH Responses, Online, 22 November 2016 [info]


Disability Task Force Guidelines: For Prioritisation of Disability-specific Services for Refugees and Other Vulnerable Populations in Jordan (Disability Task Force, Oct. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Disabled and Forcibly Displaced (Future Development Blog, Oct. 2016) [text]

"Disadvantage and Disability: Experiences of People from Refugee Backgrounds with Disability Living in Australia," Disability and the Global South, vol.3, no. 1 (2016) [open access]

Humanitarian Needs of Older Women and Men in Government Controlled Luhansk Oblast: Baseline Report (HelpAge International, Oct. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Migration and Older Age: Older Migrants and Migrant Care Workers, UNECE Policy Brief on Ageing, no. 17 (UN Economic Commission for Europe, July 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Restrictive Practices on Refugees in Australia with Intellectual Disability and Challenging Behaviours: A Family’s Story," Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, vol. 10, no. 4 (2016) [postprint via Queensland Univ. of Technology IR]

"Swift and Systematic? Identifying and Recording Disability in Forced Migration," Chapter in International Measurement of Disability (Springer, 2016) [abstract]

Other training resources:

The following two courses are part of HelpAge's Age and Disability Capacity Building Programme (ADCAP) and can also be requested from DisasterReady:

Basic Principles of Disability Inclusion in Humanitarian Response [info]

Understanding Older People and Their Needs in a Humanitarian Context [info]

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- Thematic Focus: Persons with Disabilities & Older People (9 Sept. 2016)

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Thematic Focus: Education

Education for Refugees and IDPs in Low- and Middle-income Countries: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities (HEART, Nov. 2016) [text]

"'Language Background Other Than English': A Problem NAPLaN Test Category for Australian Students of Refugee Background," Race Ethnicity and Education, vol. 19, no. 2 (2016) [postprint via Univ. of Queensland IR]

"Refugees in Germany 'Better Educated than Expected'," DW, 14 Nov. 2016 [text]
- The study referred to in this article is available via the IAB site, in German only.

Report on Joint Education Mission to Dadaab Refugee Camps, 28th-30th October 2016 (Education Cluster, Oct. 2016) [text]

The Role of Education in Displacement Crises, Dublin, 6 Oct. 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video and podcast.

Stateless Children in Dominican Republic Still Unable to Go to School (Refugees Deeply, Oct. 2016) [text]

Three Principles for Global Support to Refugee Education (Education Plus Development Blog, Sept. 2016) [text]

"University Transition Challenges for First Year Domestic CALD Students from Refugee Backgrounds: A Case Study from an Australian Regional University," Australian Journal of Adult Learning, vol. 56, no. 2 (July 2016) [full-text via ResearchGate]


PEER: Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (Catalyst Trust & IIE) [info]
- This clearinghouse "will allow refugee and internally displaced students to find and connect to education opportunities around the world." It is currently under development. More info. is available here.

Refugees Welcome Map (European University Association) [access]
- "With the Refugees Welcome Map campaign, EUA aims to showcase and document the commitment of higher education institutions and organisations in supporting refugees. EUA is collecting data on their initiatives and activities via a brief survey and presenting them in this interactive map, which will be continuously updated. The campaign began in Europe but is open to institutions and organisations around the world."

Related post:
- Thematic Focus: Education (16 Sept. 2016)

Tagged Publications and Web Sites/Tools.

Regional Focus: Europe

Afghan Refugees in Elliniko (Human Rights Brief Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

Asylum Systems under Pressure: Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden in the "Crisis Year 2015" (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Sept. 2016) [access]
- Follow link for three country studies.

"Data on Some Socio-economic Parameters Explaining the Movement of Extra-EU Asylum Seekers in Europe," Data in Brief, In Press, 9 Nov. 2016 [open access]

Facts on the European Dimension of Displacement and Asylum: Italy (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Oct. 2016) [text]
- See also related analysis.

International Refugee Protection and European Responses, Working Paper, no. 12 (ICMPD, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Interviewing Asylum Seekers: A Vignette Study on the Questions Asked to Assess Credibility of Claims about Origin and Persecution," Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling, Early View, 2 Nov. 2016 [open access]

On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration, CESifo Working Paper, no. 6111 (Center for Economic Studies & Ifo Institute, Sept. 2016) [text via SSRN]

Q&A: Why the EU-Turkey Migration Deal is No Blueprint (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2016) [text]

Reception of Asylum-seekers: Recast Directive [Legislation in Progress] (EPRS, Nov. 2016) [text]

Study on Migrants’ Profiles, Drivers of Migration and Migratory Trends: A Research on the Socioeconomic Profile of Migrants Arriving in Italy (IOM, 2016) [text]

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Regional Focus: Africa


*"Kenya Delays Closure of Somali Refugee Camp," Reuters, 16 Nov. 2016 [text]

*Kenya Delays Dadaab Closure Deadline (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2016) [text]

*Reprieve but no Solution for Kenya’s Dadaab Refugees (IRIN, Nov. 2016) [text]

*UNHCR Welcomes Kenya Statement, Urges Flexibility on Timeframes for Somali Refugees (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]


The AU Should Do More for Forced Migrants (Institute for Security Studies, Nov. 2016) [text]

Beneath the Surface of Uganda's 'Exemplary' Refugee Settlement, Tensions Simmer (Place, Nov. 2016) [text]

Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the Response to the Crisis in the Central African Republic (OCHA, March 2016) [text]

Linking Relief Rehabilitation and Development & Shelter in Somalia (Shelter Cluster, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Nigeria: Displacement Tracking Matrix, Round 12 Report (IOM, Oct. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related press release.

Nowhere Else to Go: Forced Returns of Somali Refugees from Dadaab Refugee Camp, Kenya (Amnesty International, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Protection Trends South Sudan, April-Sept. 2016 (South Sudan Protection Cluster, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Refuge from Conflict: Citizenship and Forced Migration in East and Central Africa, London, 8 Nov. 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Refugee Returns from Kenya to Somalia: "This is about Fear… Not about Choice" (Refugees International, Nov. 2016) [text]


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15 November 2016

New Issues of Can. Psych., Gender & Dev., Intl. J. Soc., Intl. Migr., JIRS, JIANL, Researcher

Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, vol. 57, no. 4 (Nov. 2016) [contents]
- Special issue on "Immigrants and Refugees."

Gender & Development, vol. 24, no. 3 (2016) [free full-text via Oxfam]
- Issue theme is "Working on Gender Equality in Fragile Contexts." Includes "Refugees and 'Host Communities' Facing Gender-based Violence: Developing an Area-based Approach to Gender-based Violence around Mbera Camp, Mauritania."

International Journal of Sociology, vol. 46, no. 3 (2016) [contents]
- Focus of this issue is "Migration in the Global South: Country Case Studies." Includes "Global Migration and Extraterritorial Controls: The Case of International Refugee Policy in Ukraine." The introduction is free to read.

International Migration, vol. 54, no. 6 (Dec. 2016) [contents]
- Articles address "Migration...and its Management." Includes "Asylum Systems in the Western Balkan Countries: Current Issues."

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 14, no. 3 (2016) [contents]
- Special issue on "Social Mobilization and Political Participation in the Diaspora during the 'Arab Spring'."

Journal of Immigration, Asylum & Nationality Law, vol. 30, no. 3 (2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles; includes "Immigration Detention in the UK: Recent Developments" and "Refugees or Migrant Workers? A Case Study of Undocumented Syrians in Russia LM and others v Russia (ECtHR 14 March 2016)."

The Researcher, vol. 11, no. 2 (Oct. 2016) [full-text via Refworld]
- Mix of articles, including "Should Asylum Seekers have Labour Market Access?," "The Right to be Heard," and "The Protection of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers in Ireland."

Tagged Periodicals.

Regional Focus: MENA, incl. Syria

2017 Humanitarian Needs Overview: Libya  (OCHA, Nov. 2016) [text]

Facts on the European Dimension of Displacement and Asylum (Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2016) [access]
- This series includes factsheets on Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco & Turkey.

Internal Displacement in Iraq: More than Just Mosul (Refugees International, Nov. 2016) [text]

Monitoring of the Protection Situation in Besieged East Aleppo City (Protection Cluster, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Profiling of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: 2015 Summary Report (Inter-Agency Coordination, Sept. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Researching Livelihoods Recovery and Support for Vulnerable Conflict-affected Women in Iraq," Gender & Development, vol. 24, no. 3 (2016) [free full-text via Oxfam]

Responding to the Syrian Crisis in Lebanon: Collaboration between Aid Agencies and Local Governance Structures (IIED, Sept. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Summary of Regional Migration Trends: Middle East - August/September 2016 (Danish Refugee Council, Nov. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

UNHCR Position on Returns to Iraq (UNHCR, Nov. 2016) [text]

'Where are We Supposed to Go?' Destruction and Forced Displacement in Kirkuk (Amnesty International, Nov. 2016) [text]

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14 November 2016

Thematic Focus: Mental Health & the Asylum Process

"Constructive or Counterproductive? Benefits and Challenges of Integrating Mental Health Professionals into Asylum Representation," Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 30, no. 1 (Fall 2015) [full-text via SSRN]

"The Fast Track Refugee Assessment Process and the Mental Health of Vulnerable Asylum Seekers," Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, vol. 23, no. 1 (2016) [postprint via Murdoch Univ. IR]

"Impact of Asylum Interviews on the Mental Health of Traumatized Asylum Seekers," European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 6: 26286 (Sept. 2015) [open access]

"The Importance of Looking Credible: The Impact of the Behavioural Sequelae of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on the Credibility of Asylum-seekers," Psychology, Crime & Law, Latest Articles, 17 Sept. 2014 [full-text via CSEL]

"Mental Health and Legal Representation for Asylum Seekers in the 'Legacy Caseload'," Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 8, no. 2 (2016) [open access]

"Mental Health Expertise in Refugee Status Decision-making: Judging or Caring?," International Journal of Evidence & Proof, vol. 18, no. 4 (Oct. 2014) [free full-text]

"Overgeneral Memory in Asylum Seekers and Refugees," Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, vol. 45 (2014) [full-text via CSEL]

"Psychological Assessment Protocol for Asylum Applications in Federal Immigration Courts," Annals of Psychotherapy & Integrative Health (Fall 2014) [full-text]

"Psychological Barriers to Fair Refugee Status Determination Related to Our Understanding and Expression of Gender," Chapter 6 in Gender in Refugee Law: From the Margins to the Centre (Routledge, April 2016) [full-text via CSEL]

Psychological Reports, Trauma and Testimony in Asylum Cases: Analysing the Case Law of the Committee Against Torture and the Human Rights Committee (GHLG Blog, Jan. 2016) [text]

"Telling Refugee Stories: Trauma, Credibility and the Adversarial Adjudication of Claims for Asylum," Santa Clara Law Review, vol. 56, no. 3 (2016) [full-text]

"Telling the Story: A Psychological Review on Assessing Adolescents’ Asylum Claims," Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, vol. 57, no. 4 (Nov. 2016) [full-text via CSEL]

"Using Learned Helplessness to Understand the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder on Refugees and Explain Why These Disorders Should Qualify as Extraordinary Circumstances Excusing Untimely Asylum Applications," Buffalo Law Review, vol. 64, no. 2 (2016) [full-text]


Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law (CSEL) [access]
- Visit the "Research Hub" for additional literature references.

The Importance of Psychosocial Support in the Refugee Status Determination Process (Rights in Exile Programme) [access]

Obtaining/Preparing Medical-Legal Assessments in RSD Adjudication (Rights in Exile Programme) [access]

Psychological Research relating to RSD Procedures (Rights in Exile Programme) [access]

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Regional Focus: Americas

"Drawing Lines among the Persecuted," Minnesota Law Review (Forthcoming, 2016) [full-text via SSRN]

Final Report for Comparative Assessment of Livelihood Approaches across Humanitarian Organizations in Post-Earthquake Haiti Camp Resettlements (Concern et al., Sept. 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Human Rights of Migrants, Refugees, Stateless Persons, Victims of Human Trafficking and Internally Displaced Persons: Norms and Standards of the Inter-American Human Rights System (IACHR, Dec. 2015 [text via Refworld]

Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Border: Haitians Stranded by Policy (Refugees Deeply, Nov. 2016) [text]

Immigration Judges Decide 57 Percent Entitled to Remain in U.S. (TRAC, Aug. 2016) [text]

The Treatment of Women under Canada’s Gender Guidelines in Judicial Reviews of Gender-Related Refugee Claims: 2003-2013, Thesis (Univ. of Ottawa, May 2016) [text]

"United States Abandons its Harder Line on Haitian Migrants in the Face of Latest Natural Disaster," Migration Information Source, 26 Oct. 2016 [text]

Thoughts on the Election of Donald Trump:

Donald Trump’s Signature Campaign Positions on Immigration and Refugee Protection and Why the President-Elect Should Reconsider Them (Huffington Post, Nov. 2016) [text]

"Expert Views: What Will Be the Impact of Trump Presidency on Immigration, Refugees?," Reuters, 11 Nov. 2016 [text]

President Trump and the Future of Our Refugee and Asylum Programs (The Asylumist Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

President Trump’s Humanitarian Agenda (IRIN, Nov. 2016) [text]

What a Trump Presidency May Look Like for Immigration (The Migrationist Blog, Nov. 2016) [text]

What Can We Expect from President Trump’s Foreign Policy (UN Dispatch, Nov. 2016) [access]
- Follow link for podcast.

*Who's Afraid of Mr. Trump? (IRIN, Nov. 2016) [text]


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