31 May 2013

Regional Focus: Africa

Municipal Authorities and IDPs Outside of Camps: The Case of Kenya's 'Integrated Displaced Persons' (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, May 2013) [text]

Nutrition Survey Final Report: Unity State Refugee Camps, South Sudan (UNHCR et al., Feb. 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

South Africa: Police Repeatedly Turn on Asylum-seekers Amid Xenophobia Spike (Amnesty International, May 2013) [text]

Tuareg Migration: A Critical Component of Crisis in the Sahel (Migration Information Source, May 2013) [text]

‘You are All Terrorists:’ Kenyan Police Abuse of Refugees in Nairobi (Human Rights Watch, May 2013) [text]

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30 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Children/Disabled Persons

The theme for the 2013 edition of the State of the World's Children is "Children with Disabilities."  Chapter 5  focuses on "Humanitarian Response," which discusses strategies for implementing disability-inclusive approaches to humanitarian action.

Other publications on either children or disabled persons:

"Bouncing Forward of Young Refugees: A Perspective on Resilience Research Directions," European Journal of Psycho-Traumatology 4: 20124 (May 2013) [open access text]

"Disability and Forced Migration," Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, no. 37 (May 2013) [full-text]

Disabled, Displaced, Determined: 2013 Voices of Courage Awards Luncheon, New York, 2 May 2013 [info]
- Follow the link to learn more about this year's honorees.

Happy Birthday? Disputing the Age of Children in the Immigration System (Coram Children’s Legal Centre, May 2013) [text]

"The Marginalisation of Refugee Children," Runnymede Bulletin, no. 373 (Spring 2013) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 6.

"Overcoming Barriers to Education for Refugees with Disabilities," Migration Australia Journal, vol. 3 (forthcoming, 2013) [eprint via SSRN]

Young and Astray: An Assessment of Factors Driving the Movement of Unaccompanied Children and Adolescents from Eritrea into Ethiopia, Sudan and Beyond (Women's Refugee Commission, May 2013) [access]

Event & opportunity:

National Forum on Children and Young People from Refugee Backgrounds, Sydney, 15-16 July 2013 [info via BroCAP]
- Registration now open.

CFP: "Disability, Asylum and Migration" [info]
- Articles sought for special issue of Disability and the Global South: An International Journal.  Submission deadline is 1 September 2013.

Tagged Publications and Events & Opportunities. 

Regional Focus: Europe

Event & opportunity:

CFP: Irregular Migration and Southern Europe, Malmö, Sweden, 25-27 August 2013 [info]
- Abstract deadline is 31 May 2013.

Protection Interrupted: Dublin Regulation's Impact on Asylum Seekers' Protection, Brussels, 4 June 2013 [info]
- Registration is still open!


Assisted Return of Rejected Asylum Seekers – How Can We Create Sustainability?, Policy Brief (DIIS, May 2013) [text]

"Asylum Seekers from Serbia and the Problems of Returnees: Why Serbia is among the World’s Leading Countries in Number of Asylum Seekers," Two Homelands, no. 37 (2013) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 53.

The Second Phase of the Common European Asylum System: A Brave New World – or Lipstick on a Pig? (European Area of Freedom Security & Justice Blog, April 2013) [text]

UNHCR's Contribution to the European Commission's Consultation on Female Genital Mutilation in the EU (UNHCR, May 2013) [text]

Forthcoming resource:

Asylum Information Database [access]
- "The AIDA project is jointly coordinated by the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), Forum Réfugiés-Cosi, Irish Refugee Council and the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. It aims to provide up-to date information on asylum practice in 14 EU Member States (AT, BE, BG, DE, FR, GR, HU, IE, IT, MT, NL, PL, SE, UK) which is easily accessible to the media, researchers, advocates, legal practitioners and the general public and includes the development of a dedicated website which will be launched in the second half of 2013. Furthermore the project seeks to promote the implementation and transposition of EU asylum legislation reflecting the highest possible standards of protection in line with international refugee and human rights law and based on best practice."  Note that national reports are already available for Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

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29 May 2013

Thematic Focus: ICTs/Innovation

Humanitarianism in the Network Age: Including World Humanitarian Data and Trends 2012 (OCHA, March 2013) [text]
- See also related iRevolution blog post.

Innovative ICT Helps Aid Workers in Afghanistan (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

Media Outlets Multiply, but Aid Communication still Missing Mark (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

Moving Forward with Technology: Another Tool in the Toolbox? (WFP et al., 2013) [text]

Potential, Pitfalls of "Big Data" for Humanitarians (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

Serious Games at the UNHCR with ARLearn, a Toolkit for Mobile and Virtual Reality Applications (Open Universiteit, April 2013) [text]

South Sudan: Innovation in Delivering Aid to Refugees (OCHA, May 2013) [text]

UNHCR Innovation Monthly Newsletter, no. 3 (April 2013) [text]

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Regional Focus: Palestinians

Al Jabal: A Study on the Transfer of Bedouin Palestine Refugees (BIMKOM & UNRWA, May 2013) [text]
- See also related UNRWA press release; a related lecture takes place today in Jerusalem entitled "Bedouin Palestine Refugees in the West Bank: An Anthropological Perspective."

Forgotten in the Diaspora: The Palestinian Refugees in Egypt, 1948-2011, Thesis (American University in Cairo, Spring 2013) [text]

Note on UNHCR's Interpretation of Article 1D of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and Article 12(1)(a) of the EU Qualification Directive in the Context of Palestinian Refugees Seeking International Protection (UNHCR, May 2013) [text]

An Ongoing Displacement: The Forced Exile of the Palestinians (Jadaliyya, May 2013) [access]
- Infographic.

Reconciling Return and Rights: Palestinian Refugees and the Emergence of a "Political Society" (Jadaliyya, March 2013) [text]

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28 May 2013

Thematic Focus: General


The Management of the External Borders of the European Union and its Impact on the Human Rights of Migrants, Geneva, 29 May 2013 [info]
- Side event convened by the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants.

Forced Migration: Global Perspectives and Practices, London, 12 June 2013 [info]
- Registration now open; deadline is 31 May 2013.

Eleventh Orientation Course on Forced Migration Studies, Kolkata, India, 8-14 December 2013 [info]
- Apply by 24 June 2013.


"Conceptual Problems in Forced Migration," Refugee Survey Quarterly, Advance Access, 21 May 2013 [abstract]
- Introduction to special issue of RSQ, based on seminar series held in early 2011. Podcasts for some of the seminars are available on Forced Migration Online.

"Conflict-Induced Displacement, Understanding the Causes of Flight," American Journal of Political Science, vol. 57, no. 1 (Jan. 2013) [free full-text]
- See also related Monkey Cage blog post and thesis.

A Global Overview of the Growing Internal Displacement Crisis, Washington, DC, 24 May 2013 [access]
- Follow link for audio.

Internal Displacement and Development Agendas: A Roundtable Discussion with Sadako Ogata, Washington, DC, 14 May 2013 [event report]

The Role of Ethics and Compliance in UNHCR: Global Context and Specific Challenges (bepress, 2013) [text]

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24 May 2013

Events & Opportunities: More June 2013

Call for Panels: Third World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, Istanbul, 24-27 October 2013 [info]
- The theme of the conference is "Human Security: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses."  Deadline for panel proposals is 1 June 2013.

Migration & Asylum Policies in Europe, Oxford, 6-7 June 2013 [info]
- Organized by the European Studies Centre.

CFP: Critical Migration Studies Stream, Critical Legal Conference, Belfast, 5-7 September 2013 [info]
- Abstract deadline is 15 June 2013.

Job Vacancy: Assistant to the International Summer School and Conferences Manager, Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford [info]
- Application deadline is 19 June 2013.

Eleventh Orientation Course on Forced Migration Studies, Kolkata, India, 8-14 December 2013 [info]
- Apply by 24 June 2013.

20 Years after the German Asylum Law Reform: Demise or Transformation of Refugee Protection?, Berlin, 28 June 2013 [info]
- No registration deadline indicated.

Related post:
- Events & Opportunities: May/June 2013

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Regional Focus: Africa

The Disappearance of Sudan? Life in Khartoum for Citizens without Rights, Citizenship and Displacement in the Great Lakes Region, Working Paper, no. 9 (International Refugee Rights Initiative, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Humanitarianism and the "National Order of Things": Examining the Routinized Refugee Response in Eastern Cameroon, Honors Projects Paper, no. 17 (Macalester College, 2013) [text]

Maban Refugee Camps, South Sudan: Nutrition Survey Final Report (UNHCR et al., 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

République du Tchad: Mission conjointe d'évaluation de la situation des réfugiés soudanais, retournés tchadiens et la population locale dans la zone de Tissi au Sud-est du Tchad (WFP & FAO, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Rejected from Refuge: Displaced Malians Face Eviction from Apartments They can no Longer Afford (IDMC Blog, May 2013) [text]

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23 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Statelessness

The European Network on Statelessness and the Statelessness Programme at Tilburg University are calling for the adoption of an "International Day on Statelessness," similar to Human Rights Day or World Refugee Day.  Share your support/thoughts over at the ENS blog!


"Becoming Stateless: Historical Experience and Its Reflection on the Concept of State among the Lahu in Yunnan and Mainland Southeast Asian Massif," Southeast Asian Studies, vol. 2, no. 1 (2013) [full-text]

"Born Lost: Stateless Children in International Surrogacy Arrangements," Cardozo Journal of International and Comparative Law, vol. 21, no. 2 (2013) [full-text]

"'A Forgotten Human Rights Crisis': Statelessness and Issue (Non)Emergence," Human Rights Review, vol. 14, no. 2 (June 2013) [abstract]
- See also related ENS Blog postFMR article and thesis.

A Government Approach to Moving Statelessness Forward on the International Agenda (ENS Blog, May 2013) [text]

Litigation, Legal Aid & Law Clinics (ENS Blog, May 2013) [text]

[Nationality Laws in Liberia, Nepal and Thailand] (Statelessness Programme, May 2013)
- Students in the 'Nationality, Statelessness and Human Rights' course at Tilburg University provide their analyses.

The Price of Statelessness: Palestinian Refugees from Syria (Middle East Monitor, May 2013) [text]

U.S. Immigration Reform May Finally Help Stateless People (Refugees International Blog, May 2013) [text]

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Amnesty International Report 2013

Amnesty International's flagship annual report was released today.  The 2013 edition includes a focus on "People on the Move," with the press release noting "that the rights of millions of people who have escaped conflict and persecution, or migrated to seek work and a better life for themselves and their families, have been abused. Governments around the world are accused of showing more interest in protecting their national borders than the rights of their citizens or the rights of those seeking refugee or opportunities within those borders."

The report begins with an introductory essay on "Human Rights Know NO Borders," and continues with surveys on the state of human rights in 159 countries and territories. A global update, regional overviews, and other language editions can be found on the report's web site.

Previous editions of the report can be accessed via my wiki.

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22 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Health

"Improving Early Detection of Refugee-Related Stress Symptoms: Evaluation of an Inter-Professional and Inter-Cultural Skills Training Course in Sweden," Societies 3(2) (May 2013) [open access text]

"Meaningful Change or Business as Usual? Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Settings," Forced Migration Review 25th Anniversary Collection (April 2013) [open access text]

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Disaster Situations in the Caribbean (PAHO, Dec. 2012) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Piloting Community-based Medical Care for Survivors of Sexual Assault in Conflict-affected Karen State of Eastern Burma," Conflict and Health 7:12 (May 2013) [open access text]

"Quality of Ultrasound Biometry Obtained by Local Health Workers in a Refugee Camp on the Thai–Burmese Border," Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology, vol. 40, no. 2 (Aug. 2012) [open access text]

War Surgery: Working with Limited Resources in Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence, vol. 2 (ICRC, 2013) [text]

Tagged Publications.  

CFPs/New Issues of FEX, FMR, GILJ, Humanit. Exch., OxMo, St. Ant. Intl. Rev.


British Journal of Social Work [info]
- Special issue on "'A World on the Move': Migration, Mobilities and Social Work."  Abstract deadline is 7 June 2013.

Disability and the Global South: An International Journal [info]
- Special issue on "Disability, Asylum and Migration." Submission deadline is 1 September 2013.

Intervention [info]
- Special issue on psychosocial work and peacebuilding. Submission deadline is 1 July 2013.

Journal of Human Rights in the Commonwealth [info]
- New open access journal published by the School of Advanced Study, University of London.  Submission deadline is 31 July 2013.

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [info]
- Scroll to p. 101 for CFP.  Submission deadline is 14 August 2013.

New issues:

Field Exchange, no. 44 (Dec. 2012) [full-text]
- Mix of articles.

Forced Migration Review, no. 43 (May 2013) [info]
- Theme issue on "States of Fragility."  Full-text is coming soon.

Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 26, no. 2 (Winter 2012) [contents]
- Mix of articles including two on "women as a social group" and "refugee relief and resettlement during armed conflict."

Humanitarian Exchange, no. 57 (May 2013) [full-text]
- Theme is "South Sudan at a Crossroads."

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 3, no. 1 (May 2013) [full-text]
- Mix of articles that reflect on the concepts of "international solidarity" and "international cooperation" in refugee protection.

St. Antony's International Review, vol. 9, no. 1 (May 2013) [contents]
- Special issue on "The Gendered Refugee Experience."  See also an overview of the issue's contents and the editorial introduction.

Tagged Periodicals and Events & Opportunities. 

Regional Focus: Syrians

"Forced Displacements from Syria or How to Institutionalize Regimes of Suffering," ESIL Reflections, vol. 2, no. 6 (May 2013) [text]

Mission Report: An NGO Perspective on the Response to the Syria Crisis (ICVA & InterAction, May 2013) [text]

Multimedia Memo: Syria (UNHCR) [access]

The Past, Present and Future of Transnational Conflict in Jordan: A Study of Syrian Refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom, Masters Capstone Paper Project (Illinois State University, May 2013) [text]

People on the Move: 'For many displaced Syrians, going back home is out of the question' (Amnesty International, May 2013) [text]

Syria Refugees: Your Stories (Guardian Witness) [access]

[Map credit: "Syria: Numbers and Locations of Refugees and IDPs," U.S. Dept. of State, May 2013]

Tagged Publications and Web Sites/Tools.

Regional Focus: Europe

"African Irregular Migrants in Malta: Exploring Perceptions and Renegotiating the Socio-Cultural Siege of Malta," Pursuit: The Journal of Undergraduate Research at the University of Tennessee, vol. 4, no. 1 (Dec. 2012) [full-text]
Asylum: Fixing a Broken System (Euronews, May 2013) [access]
- Follow link above for news report and this link for related debate on asylum.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees were Already Marginalised in Cyprus; Now, with the Crisis, their Situation is Deteriorating (ECRE, May 2013) [text]

Evaluation of the Early Legal Advice Project (UK Home Office, May 2013) [text]

Papers presented at 13th European Union Studies Association Biennial Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, 9-11 May 2013 [info]
- Here are two titles of interest; check paper archive for more: "Normative Regimes in the Regulation of Asylum and Immigration: International Conventions – Attitudes – EU Integration" and "Linking Berlin and Brussels: Nongovernmental Organizations Engage the European Union on Asylum."

Regional Study: Management of the External Borders of the EU and its Impact on the Human Rights of Migrants, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/23/46 (UN General Assembly, April 2013) [access]
- Background info. on the study is available here.

The Statistical and Econometric Analysis of Asylum Application Trends and Their Relationship to GDP in the EEA (arXiv.org, May 2013) [text]

Study on the Situation of Third-country Nationals Pending Return/Removal in the EU Member States and the Schengen Associated Countries (European Commission, March 2013) [text]

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20 May 2013

Milestone/More on Accessing Journal Articles

[An aside: This is my 2500th published post!  It has taken me 7 1/2 years to get to this point, but maybe I'll get to 5000 posts in less time since my daily posting rate has increased over the years!  At the same time, it's not so much about the numbers, but rather relevance and utility.  My sincerest hope is that these posts have proven useful to you and the valuable work that you do to assist and protect forced migrants.]

Now here's the actual post...

Last month, I provided some suggestions for how to find the full-text of journal articles when you do not have subscription or database access to journal collections through your institution.  One suggestion was to try to locate an article of interest via Google Scholar.  However, if you don't find anything in Google Scholar, broaden the scope of your search to include all of the web.  The reason is that it can take a little time for references to end up in Scholar's index, so information about newly published journal articles may not be available immediately.

Here's an example:  Today, the PDES Facebook page included a link to an abstract of an article entitled "Early relationships and marriage in conflict and post-conflict settings: vulnerability of youth in Uganda."  Full-text access requires payment, so I searched in Scholar for it but only found a citation.  However, when I expanded my search to all of the web, I located the full-text on the Women's Refugee Commission web site.  (As it turns out, the principal author is a WRC staff member.)

Likewise, the texts of the two law review articles I referenced in today's "gender issues" post are not yet in Google Scholar, but they are available online nonetheless.

If you give the suggestions in this and the earlier post a try but still cannot track down a certain article, let me know - I might be able to point you in the right direction, although no guarantees!

[Image credit: Spider Firework, Wikipedia]

Tagged Publications. 

Regional Focus: Americas

2012 Refugee Claim Data and IRB Member Recognition Rates (Canadian Council for Refugees, May 2013) [text]

Colombia: Between the Humanitarian Crisis and Hope of Peace (Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Lessons from the Earthquake in Haiti: A Survey on the IDPs and on the Resettled Households (Migration Policy Centre, May 2013) [text]
- English summary of a French-language research report by the ACP Observatory on Migration.

The Price of Fear (IRIN, May 2013) [text]
- Discusses fear of crime and gang violence.

Refugiados en México: Perfiles Sociodemográficos e Integración Social (UNHCR, 2012; launched May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Tagged Publications. 

Regional Focus: Africa

Destination Unknown: Eritrean Refugee Torture and Trafficking (NATO Civil-Military Fusion Centre, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Kampala Convention: Entry into Force (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, May 2013) [access]

Libyans in North Africa Scared to Return Home (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

"Life in Transition: Ongoing Social and Economic Impacts of Internal Displacement on Young People in Liberia," Georgetown Public Policy Review, vol. 18, no. 2 (Spring 2013) [full-text]

Returns to South and Central Somalia: A Violation of International Law (Amnesty International, May 2013) [text via Refworld]

Tales of the Unexpected (Inside Story, May 2013) [text]

Voices from Exile: Daily Realities and Future Prospects of Congolese and Burundian Refugees in the Great Lakes Region (Danish Refugee Council, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

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Thematic Focus: Gender Issues

Event & opportunity:

FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement for Global Programs to Develop and Assess the Humanitarian Community's Capacity to Prevent and Respond to Gender-based Violence (GBV) within Refugee and Conflict-affected Populations [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 5 June 2013.

Gender, the Refugee and Displacement (1900-1950), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 5 July 2013 [info]
- Registration is now open; a programme will be available at the end of the month.


Annual Review of the Human Rights Situation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex People (ILGA Europe, May 2013) [text via Refworld]
- See also other related materials from ILGA Europe including score sheets per country.

Female Refugees Fleeing Conflict (IntLawGrrls, May 2013) [text]

Invisible in the City: Protection Gaps Experienced by Sexual Minority Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Urban Ecuador, Ghana, Israel, and Kenya (HIAS, Feb. 2013) [text]
- See also related U.S. State Dept. speech.

"Nexus with a Convention Ground: The Particular Social Group and Sexual Minority Refugees in Ireland and the United Kingdom," Irish Law Journal, vol. 1, no. 1 (2012) [full-text]

The Plight of LGBTI Asylum Seekers, Refugees (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

"Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and the Protection of Forced Migrants," Forced Migration Review, no. 42 (April 2013) [open access text]
-"Around the world, people face abuse, arbitrary arrest, extortion, violence, severe discrimination and lack of official protection because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This latest issue of FMR includes 26 articles on the abuse of rights of forced migrants who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex. Authors discuss both the challenges faced and examples of good practice in securing protection for LGBTI forced migrants."

UK Asylum Process Painful for Lesbians Fleeing Death Threats (Thomson Reuters Foundation, May 2013) [text]

"Women as a Particular Social Group: A Comparative Assessment of Gender Asylum Claims in the United States and United Kingdom," Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 26, no. 2 (Winter 2012) [full-text via SSRN]

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16 May 2013

New Issues of Global Eye, JIRS, J. Intercult. Stud., J. Intl. Humanit. Legal Stud., MPP, Vivre Ens., WAN

Global Eye on Human Trafficking, no. 12 (April 2013) [full-text]
- A news bulletin from IOM.

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 11, no. 2 (2013) [contents]
- Mix of articles including "Navigating Between Control and Autonomy: Recently Arrived Iraqi Refugees’ Perceptions Regarding Honor, Well-Being, and Risk for Intimate Partner Violence."

Journal of Intercultural Studies, vol. 34, no. 2 (2013) [contents]
- Focus is on migration in Australia.

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, vol. 3, no. 1 (2012) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Migration Policy Practice, vol. III, no. 2 (April/May 2013) [full-text via ReliefWeb]
- Mix of articles.

Vivre Ensemble, No. 142 (April 2103) [contents]
- Mix of articles on asylum and Syria. Some articles are provided in full-text.

Women's Asylum News, no. 117 (May/June 2013) [full-text via Refworld]
- Lead article is "Pregnant Women in Detention."

Tagged Periodicals.

Regional Focus: Australia

Australia's Parliament has passed an amendment that redefines its migration zone in such a way as to render illegal any boat arrivals on the mainland.  Those who do arrive by sea will be subject to offshore processing and detention on Nauru or Papua New Guinea's Manus Island.  The law does not apply to asylum-seekers who arrive by air. Previously, the zone was limited to islands off the northern coast of Australia (see map).

For more information and initial reactions:
- Australia’s Expanded Excision Law a New Low in Refugee Protection (Refugee Council of Australia, May 2013) [text]
- Government Removes Australia from its Own Borders to Avoid Obligations (Amnesty International, May 2013) [text]
- *New Australian Law: All Asylum Seekers Who Arrive by Boat Will Be Processed Offshore (Human Rights & Democracy, May 2013) [text]
- *New "Excision" Law does not Relieve Australia of its Responsibilities (UNHCR, May 2013) [text]
- Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Excising Australia from the Migration Zone (The Conversation, May 2013) [text]
- "Parliament Excises Mainland from Migration Zone," ABC News, 16 May 2013 [text]
- What Does "Excising the Mainland from the Migration Zone" Mean? (Australian Immigration Law Weblog, May 2013) [text]

*For background on the consideration of the excision bill that took place earlier in the year, visit the Senate Committee's web pages where you can find, among other things, the submissions to the Committee and the final Committee report.  See also the comment to this post from Jane McAdam.

*Interestingly, it has been reported that subsequent to the Parliament's passage of the new bill, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship released its quarterly asylum statistics showing that asylum-seekers arriving by boat have a higher refugee recognition rate than those who arrive by plane.

I will add more references as they become available.

[Map credit: "Maritime Boundaries and Application of Excision Legislation," Commonwealth of Australia, Jan. 2007]



Asylum Seekers: In Search of a Humanitarian Solution, Melbourne, 22 May 2013 [info]

Human Rights 2013:  The Annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference, Melbourne, 26 July 2013 [info]
- Includes session on "Refugees, the rule of law and the ethics of protection."  Registration is ongoing.


Asylum Seekers and Refugees—How Will They be Affected by This Year’s Budget? (FlagPost, May 2013) [text]

"Australia’s Costly Asylum-Seeker Policy Contributes to Nation’s Deficit Woes," Time Magazine, 14 May 2013 [text]

Can Either Side of Politics Stop the Asylum Boats? (Off the Hustings, May 2013) [text]

PromiseWatch 2013: The Houston Panel (Centre for Policy Development, May 2013) [text]

Tagged Publications and Events & Opportunities. 

Events & Opportunities: May/June 2013

Crisis and Migration – Perceptions, Challenges and Consequences, IMISCOE 10th Annual Conference, Malmö, Sweden, 25-27 August 2013 [info]
- Some 45 workshops have been organized, with a variety of CFP deadlines (mostly May and June 2013).  Follow the link above to search for relevant fora, browse through workshop descriptions, or check out the overview.

Job Vacancy: Senior Programme Officer, Libya & Tunisia, Danish Refugee Council [info]
- Based in Tripoli.  Application deadline is 22 May 2013.

The Political Geography of Refugee Camps, Panel proposal for International Studies Association Annual Convention, Toronto, 26-29 March 2014 [info]
- Submit a proposal by 24 May 2013.

Job Vacancy: Interim Campaigns & Communications Manager, Freedom from Torture [info]
- Based in London.  Application deadline is 28 May 2013.

Regional Protection Programmes: An Effective Policy Tool?, Brussels, 30 May 2013 [info]
- The agenda is now available!

XV Humanitarian Congress, Berlin, 25-27 October 2013 [info]
- Online registration opens in June 2013.

FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO Programs Benefiting Refugees and IDPs in the Balkans [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 3 June 2013.

FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement for Global Programs to Develop and Assess the Humanitarian Community's Capacity to Prevent and Respond to Gender-based Violence (GBV) within Refugee and Conflict-affected Populations [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 5 June 2013.

FY 2013 Funding Opportunity Announcement for NGO Programs Benefiting Sri Lankan Refugees in Tamil Nadu, India [info]
- Proposal submission deadline is 6 June 2013.

Summer School: European Union Law and Policy on Immigration and Asylum, Brussels, 1-12 July 2013 [info]
- Apply by 7 June 2013.

Related posts:
- Employment Opportunities: May Deadlines
- Events & Opportunities: Even More May 2013

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15 May 2013

Thematic Focus: General


Award for an Outstanding Master Thesis in Global Migration [info]
- Offered by the Programme for the Study of Global Migration to "promote innovative and high-quality research on global migration." The deadline for submissions is 9 September 2013.

Events after the fact:

Displacement and Migration Policies: Exploring the Interconnections, Washington, DC, 7 May 2013 [info]
- Follow link for audio and transcript.

Stranded Migrants: A New Challenge for the International Community, Washington, DC, 9 May 2013 [info]
- Follow the link for audio.


Refugee Repatriation: Justice, Responsibility and Redress (Cambridge University Press, 2013) [info via
- Follow link for text of introduction.

Regional Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration: Approaches, Recent Activities and Implications for Global Governance of Migration, Migration Research Series, no. 45 (IOM, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

A Report on IASFM14: The 14th Conference of The International Association for the Study of Forced Migration, Kolkata, 6-9 January 2013 [text]

Transitions and Durable Solutions for Displaced Persons: 21 Reasons for Optimism, Presentation at the Transitions and Solutions Roundtable, Amsterdam, 18-19 April  2013 [text]

Tagged Publications and Events & Opportunities. 

Thematic Focus: Human Trafficking/Smuggling


Analysis: Southeast Asia's Human Trafficking Conundrum (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

"Assistance and Protection of Smuggled Migrants: International Law and Australian Practice," Sydney Law Review, vol. 35, no. 1 (2013) [full-text]

Global Eye on Human Trafficking, no. 12 (April 2013) [full-text]
- A news bulletin from IOM.

In Brief: Raids Free Enslaved Migrants/Refugees in Yemen (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

'No to People Smuggling': A Review of Australia’s Anti-migrant Smuggling Awareness Campaigns (Migrant Smuggling Working Group, May 2013) [text]

Stuck in Traffic: How Helpful is the Trafficking Framework? (COMPAS Blog, May 2013) [text]

Web site:

Migrant Smuggling Working Group [access]
- Research group based at the University of Queensland.  Its aim is to "expose and analyse the reality of and responses to migrant smuggling in Australia and continuously monitor national and international developments."  Two recent outputs are listed above.

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Regional Focus: Europe

Asylum Applicants and First Instance Decisions on Asylum Applications: 2012, Data in Focus, no. 5/2013 (Eurostat, May 2013) [text via EMN Belgium]

"Asylum Seekers/Refugees' Orientations to Belonging, Identity & Integration into Britishness: Perceptions of the Role of the Mainstream and Community Press," Observatorio (OBS*), vol. 7, no. 1 (2013) [full-text]

A City Says Yes! Reflections on the Experiences of the Save Me Campaign to Promote Refugee Resettlement in Germany (European Resettlement Network, May 2013) [access]
- Launch of publication at event promoting resettlement.  Follow link for text and event information.

Initial Observations by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Regional Representation for the Baltic and Nordic Countries on Law Proposal No. 579/Lp11 Amending the Asylum Law of the Republic of Latvia (UNHCR, May 2013) [text]

"Refugees in Serbia – Twenty Years Later," Journal of the Geographical Institute "Jovan Cvijić" SASA, vol. 63, no. 1 (2013) [full-text]

Social Networks, Social Capital and Refugee Integration (Nuffield Foundation, April 2013) [text]

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Regional Focus: Asia

Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan and the Influx of Refugees (International Refugee Law Blog, May 2013) [text]

In Search of Survival and Sanctuary in the City: Refugees from Myanmar/Burma in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (International Rescue Committee, Dec. 2012) [text]
- See also related IRC blog post.

"Polish Refugees in India during and after the Second World War," The Sarmatian Review, vol. XXXIII, no. 2 (April 2013) [full-text]

Rohingya Evacuation under Way in Myanmar (IRIN, May 2013) [text]
- See also related OCHA map.

Sanctuary in the City? Urban Displacement and Vulnerability in Peshawar, Pakistan, HPG Working Paper (ODI, May 2013) [text]

"Towards an Understanding of North Korean Adolescent Refugees in South Korea," Torch Trinity Journal, no. 15.2 (2012) [full-text]

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14 May 2013

New Issue of IJRL

The latest issue of the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL) is now available.  Articles in vol. 25, no. 1 (March 2013) include:

  • Legal Status, Labelling, and Protection: The Case of Iraqi ‘Refugees’ in Jordan [abstract] [text via author page]
  • Non-Criminalization of Smuggled Migrants: Rights, Obligations, and Australian Practice under Article 5 of the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea, and Air [abstract]
  • Shifting Borders and the Boundaries of Rights: Examining the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States [abstract] [SSRN]
  • Inclusion before Exclusion or Vice Versa: What the Qualification Directive and the Court of Justice Do (Not) Say [abstract] [conf. paper]

Readers will also find three book reviews, a keynote speech on the protection of LGBTI refugees, documents from the Roundtable on Temporary Protection, and case law.

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Regional Focus: Israel, Syrians


Upcoming event:

The (Mis)treatment of Eritrean and Sudanese Asylum Seekers in Israel, Oxford, 28 May 2013 [info]


Despite Halt in Deportations, Refugees in Israel Live in Fear (IPS, May 2013) [text]

Israel: Knesset Urged Not to Pass Law that Would Forcibly Evict Tens of Thousands of Negev/Naqab Bedouin (Amnesty International, April 2013) [text]

"Israel's African Refugee Dilemma," Peace Newsletter, no. 824 (May 2013) [full-text]

Protection Concerns Facing Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Israel (HIAS, April 2013) [text]



Fleeing Syria, Refugees Arrive to a Different Kind of Hell in Greece (The Atlantic, May 2013) [text]

Shelter Poll Survey on Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (UNHCR & Statistics Lebanon, April 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

Too Close for Comfort: Syrians in Lebanon, Middle East Report, no. 141 (International Crisis Group, May 2013) [text via ReliefWeb]

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13 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Climate Change/Disasters

Global Estimates 2012: People Displaced by Disasters is a newly-released report from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).  It finds that "98% of all displacement in 2012 [an estimated 32.4 million people] was related to climate- and weather-related events... ."  Follow the link to access the text of the report, a press release, global estimates highlights, and a map.

Other recent publications:

Climate Change, Environmental Degradation, and Migration, Commission Staff Working Document, no. SWD(2013) 138 final (European Commission, April 2013) [text]

CRED Crunch, no. 31 (March 2013) [full-text]
- Provides data for natural disasters in 2012.

Measuring Disasters' Full Impact (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement, May 2013) [access]

"Wet Feet Marching: Climate Justice and Sustainable Development for Climate Displaced Nations in the South Pacific," Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, vol. 14, no. 1 (2012) [full-text]

Where the Sea has Risen too High Already (IPS, April 2013) [text]

New web site:

The Nansen Initiative: Disaster-induced Cross-border Displacement [access]
- "The Nansen Initiative is a state-led, bottom-up consultative process intended to build consensus on how to address the needs of people displaced across international borders in the context of slow- and sudden-onset natural disasters, including the adverse effects of climate change."  Note the emphasis on "cross-border" not internal displacement (see FAQs for more info.).  The first round of regional consultations is due to take place in the Cook Islands, on 21-24 May 2013.  Follow the link for a background paper, concept note, desk review, agenda, and participants' list.

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10 May 2013

Thematic Focus: Work Issues

Upcoming event:

Labour Migration and Refugee Protection – a Contradiction?, Prague, 3-4 June 2013 [info]
- Register by 18 May 2013.


Agreement Reached in National Class Action Lawsuit on Work Authorization for Asylum Seekers (ImmigrationProf Blog, April 2013) [text]

The Benefits of Granting Third Country Nationals Equal Rights to Work (ENARgy, April 2013) [text]
- From the European Network against Racism.

The Economic and Political Impact of Immigrants, Latinos and Asians State by State (Immigration Policy Center, Jan. 2012) [access]
- Note: Some state factsheets were updated May 2013.

How a Stateless Refugee Overcame Low Self-Esteem to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (Huffington Post, April 2013) [text]

"Immigration Reform Overlooks Asylum-seekers - Harsh Rules Enacted in 1996 Prevent Them from Working for Months or Years, Making Many Destitute," Los Angeles Times, 25 April 2013 [text]

The Plight of an Ethiopian Refugee Searching for Work in Nairobi (Refugee Work Rights, May 2013) [text]

Web sites:

Asylum Seeking and Work (ASAW) [access]
- "The main objective of ASAW is to raise the awareness of employment issues in the reception of asylum seekers in relation to the implementation of concerning EU directives."

Higher Advantage [access]
- A program of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) that "provides newcomer workforce solutions to corporations across the U.S. while supporting career entry and advancement for resettled refugees and other new Americans."

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