07 May 2013

New Web Sites

Changes to existing web sites:

AlertNet [access]
- As of 23 April 2013, AlertNet was folded into Trust.org; for more info., watch the video.

Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers [access]
- New URL and look and feel.

Human Security Gateway [info]
- This service has been discontinued; its contents will be transferred to the World Bank's The Hive (see below).

Refworld [access]
- New and improved version launched in mid-April; here's the press release.

New sites/resources:

The Hive: A Knowledge Platform on Fragility, Conflict and Violence [access]
- "Provides both an online and face-to-face communication platform for the community of practice working on these issues to share and build knowledge."

JIPS Essential Toolkit (JET) [access]
- "Aims to support good practices in profiling exercises."

Road to Refuge [access]
- "An interactive website about asylum seekers and refugees that allows the user to step into their shoes and make the impossible decisions along their journey from home to Australia."  See also Facebook page.

Women Working in Aid and Development [access]
- Blog established to give women "a forum that they could go to to discuss their experiences in the sector."

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