22 May 2013

Regional Focus: Syrians

"Forced Displacements from Syria or How to Institutionalize Regimes of Suffering," ESIL Reflections, vol. 2, no. 6 (May 2013) [text]

Mission Report: An NGO Perspective on the Response to the Syria Crisis (ICVA & InterAction, May 2013) [text]

Multimedia Memo: Syria (UNHCR) [access]

The Past, Present and Future of Transnational Conflict in Jordan: A Study of Syrian Refugees in the Hashemite Kingdom, Masters Capstone Paper Project (Illinois State University, May 2013) [text]

People on the Move: 'For many displaced Syrians, going back home is out of the question' (Amnesty International, May 2013) [text]

Syria Refugees: Your Stories (Guardian Witness) [access]

[Map credit: "Syria: Numbers and Locations of Refugees and IDPs," U.S. Dept. of State, May 2013]

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