16 May 2013

New Issues of Global Eye, JIRS, J. Intercult. Stud., J. Intl. Humanit. Legal Stud., MPP, Vivre Ens., WAN

Global Eye on Human Trafficking, no. 12 (April 2013) [full-text]
- A news bulletin from IOM.

Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, vol. 11, no. 2 (2013) [contents]
- Mix of articles including "Navigating Between Control and Autonomy: Recently Arrived Iraqi Refugees’ Perceptions Regarding Honor, Well-Being, and Risk for Intimate Partner Violence."

Journal of Intercultural Studies, vol. 34, no. 2 (2013) [contents]
- Focus is on migration in Australia.

Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies, vol. 3, no. 1 (2012) [contents]
- Mix of articles.

Migration Policy Practice, vol. III, no. 2 (April/May 2013) [full-text via ReliefWeb]
- Mix of articles.

Vivre Ensemble, No. 142 (April 2103) [contents]
- Mix of articles on asylum and Syria. Some articles are provided in full-text.

Women's Asylum News, no. 117 (May/June 2013) [full-text via Refworld]
- Lead article is "Pregnant Women in Detention."

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