14 May 2013

New Issue of IJRL

The latest issue of the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL) is now available.  Articles in vol. 25, no. 1 (March 2013) include:

  • Legal Status, Labelling, and Protection: The Case of Iraqi ‘Refugees’ in Jordan [abstract] [text via author page]
  • Non-Criminalization of Smuggled Migrants: Rights, Obligations, and Australian Practice under Article 5 of the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea, and Air [abstract]
  • Shifting Borders and the Boundaries of Rights: Examining the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States [abstract]
  • Inclusion before Exclusion or Vice Versa: What the Qualification Directive and the Court of Justice Do (Not) Say [abstract] [conf. paper]

Readers will also find three book reviews, a keynote speech on the protection of LGBTI refugees, documents from the Roundtable on Temporary Protection, and case law.

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