22 March 2019

Thematic Focus: Human Trafficking & Smuggling


Talk: Human Trafficking: Law and Policy Responses and the Crisis of Protection in Europe, Notre Fame, IN, 1 April 2019 [info]

Seminar: The Egyptian Legal Framework of Combating Smuggling on Migrants, Cairo, 9 April 2019 [info]


2019 Counter-Trafficking Directory (IOM, 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Both Angels and Demons? The Role and Nature of Migrant Smugglers (Mixed Migration Centre, Dec. 2018) [text]

Comparing and Contrasting the War on Drugs and the Emerging War on Migrant Smugglers (Mixed Migration Centre, Feb. 2019) [text]

"Conceptualizing the Exploitation of Human Trafficking," Chapter 1 in SAGE Handbook on Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery (SAGE, Jan. 2019) [preprint]

"Despair Endangers Dadaab Refugees as Smugglers Seize Their Moment," The Guardian, 9 Jan. 2019 [text]

GameChangers 2018: Venezuelan Migration a New Gold Mine for Organized Crime (InSight Crime, Jan. 2019) [text]

"The Human Rights Implications of Australian and Indonesian Anti-Smuggling Laws," International Journal of Migration and Border Studies, vol 4, no. 4, 2018 [preprint]

"Human Smuggling Industry Cashes in on U.S. Asylum-seekers," PBS, 9 March 2019 [access]
- Follow link for video and transcript.

Human Smuggling under Risk: Evidence From the Mediterranean (SSRN, July 2018; posted Jan. 2019) [text]

"Morally Evaluating Human Smuggling: The Case of Migration to Europe," Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, Latest Articles, 28 Sept. 2018 [open access]

Projecting European Penal Power Beyond Europe: Humanitarian War on Migrant Smuggling in West Africa (Border Criminologies Blog, March 2019) [text]

"Refugees at High Risk of Kidnapping in Horn of Africa, Research Reveals," The Guardian, 9 Jan. 2019 [text]

"Rescue a Refugee: Get Charged With Trafficking?," New Republic, 5 March 2019 [text]

"Research Trends on Human Trafficking: A Bibliometric Analysis Using Scopus Database," Globalization and Health, 14:106 (Nov. 2018) [open access]

Taking Root: The Complex Economics of the Global Smuggling Economy (Mixed Migration Centre, Jan. 2019) [text]

"We are the ones they come to when nobody can help": Afghan Smugglers’ Perceptions of Themselves and Their Communities, Migration Research Series, no. 56 (IOM, March 2019) [text]

With Ethiopia’s Border Now Open, Why are Eritreans Still Fleeing to Sudan? (African Arguments, Jan. 2019 [text]

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Regional Focus: Asia


Course: 2019 South Asia Short Course on Refugee Rights and Advocacy, Kathmandu, 13-17 June 2019 [info]
- Application deadline extended to 1 April 2019.


UNHCR Says Ethnic Chin Refugees May Require Continued International Protection as Security Situation Worsens in Myanmar (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]
- Note: UNHCR had announced in June 2018 that Chin refugees were no longer in need of refugee status. See also related video from R.AGE which "explains 'cessation', and how the recent cessation process for Chin refugees is not in accordance with UNHCR's guidelines for cessation."


 "Dignity among the Displaced in Jalalabad, Afghanistan," Case study in Dignity in Displacement (ODI, March 2019) [text]
- Scroll to p. 3.

Distant Dreams: Understanding the Aspirations of Afghan Returnees (Mixed Migration Centre, Jan. 2019) [text]
- See also related press release.

No Reason for Returns to Afghanistan, Policy Note (ECRE, Feb. 2019) [text]
- See also related editorial in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin.

Survey of Affected People and Humanitarian Staff in Afghanistan, Round 2 (Ground Truth Solutions, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

UNHCR’s Voluntary Repatriation Programme for Afghan Refugees Resumed (UNHCR, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related OCHA statistics.

Rohingya crisis:

"Briefing: How the Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh is Changing (The New Humanitarian, 13 Feb. 2019 [text]

"Displaced Rohingya Children at High Risk for Mental Health Problems: Findings from Refugee Camps within Bangladesh," Child: Care, Health and Development, vol. 45, no. 1 (Jan. 2019) [free full-text]

Extreme Weather and Disaster Preparedness in the Rohingya Refugee Response: 2018 Cyclone Preparedness Lessons Learnt (UNDP et al., March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

"International Concern over the Relocation of Rohingya Refugees to a Remote Island," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 14 March 2019 [text]

Land Confiscation is Latest Barrier to Return for Myanmar’s Displaced (Refugees Deeply, March 2019) [text]

The Rakhine Crisis: Role of ASEAN, RSIS Commentary, no. 030 (Nanyang Technological Univ., Feb. 2019) [text]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Myanmar, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/40/68 (UN Human Rights Council, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Situation of Human Rights of Rohingya in Rakhine State, Myanmar, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/40/37 (UN Human Rights Council, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Systematic Feedback from Rohingya and Host Communities in Bangladesh Project (Ground Truth Solutions, 2019) [access]
- Follow link for bulletins and survey results under the second round of data collection.

UNHCR’s International Protection Chief in Bangladesh for Talks on Seeking Solutions and Sustaining Support to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]
- See also related AFP article.

United Nations Seeks US$920 Million for Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis in 2019 (IOM & UNHCR, Feb. 2019) [text]

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Events & Opportunities: A Few More March & April 2019

Discussion panel: Reporting on Migration from Obama to Trump, Denver, 22 March 2019 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.

CFP: Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [info]
- Submission deadline is 24 March 2019.

Call for expressions of interest: Evaluations of UK Home Office Country Information Products [info]
- Reviewers sought for specific Ethiopia and Jamaica reports as well as for coverage of sexual orientation and gender identity issues in country products. Apply by 26 March 2019.

Discussion panel: Dignity in Displacement: From Rhetoric to Reality, Geneva, 27 March 2019 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.

Lecture: US Immigration Policy in the Trump Era: What's New for Refugees?, Cairo, 27 March 2019 [info]

Seminar: Asylum and the Alliance: How the United States and Australia Negotiate Refugee Protection, Washington, DC, 27 March 2019 [info]

Course: 2019 South Asia Short Course on Refugee Rights and Advocacy, Kathmandu, 13-17 June 2019 [info]
- Application deadline extended to 1 April 2019.

Lecture: Evolutions in International Refugee Law, Copenhagen, 12 April 2019 [info]
- Register by 5 April 2019.

Job announcement: Junior Professional Officers, UNHCR [info]
- Ten positions are available. Apply by 7 April 2019.

Seminar: The Egyptian Legal Framework of Combating Smuggling on Migrants, Cairo, 9 April 2019 [info]

Seminar: Withholding Protection?, New York, 18 April 2019 [info]
- Focus is on the U.S.

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Thematic Focus: Children & Families - Pt. 2 (U.S.)

DHS Secretary Denies Responsibility for Family Separation, Asks Congress to Limit Asylum Protections (Immigration Impact Blog, March 2019) [text]
- See also earlier related blog post.

Families Hit Hardest by State Department Visa Denial Uptick (Immigration Impact Blog, March 2019) [text]

"Integration of Unaccompanied Migrant Youth in the United States: A Call for Research," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 45, no. 2 (2019) [full-text via Binghamton Univ. IR]

"Judge: Immigration Must Account for Thousands More Migrant Kids Split up from Parents," NPR, 9 March 2019 [text]
- See also related Vox article.

Newly Arriving Families Not Main Reason for Immigration Court's Growing Backlog (TRAC, March 2019) [text]

"A Primer on Family Reunification/Chain Migration," Georgetown Immigration Law Journal Online, Issue no. 2018 [full-text]

Visualizing Trends for Children of Immigrants (Urban Institute, updated March 2019) [access]
- See also related NBC News article.

"Why Border Crossings are at an 11-year High, Explained in 500 Words," Vox, 6 March 2019 [text]

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Thematic Focus: Children & Families - Pt. 1


A Better Tomorrow: Syria's Children Have Their Say (Save the Children, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Across the Threshold: Negotiations of Deservingness among Unaccompanied Young Refugees in Sweden," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (Forthcoming, 2019) [open access]
- Published as part of a forthcoming special issue on "Children of the Crisis: Ethnographic Perspectives on Unaccompanied Refugee Youth in and En Route to Europe." See also the introductory article.

"Child Morbidity and Disease Burden in Refugee Camps in Mainland Greece," Children, vol. 6, no. 3 (March 2019) [open access]

"Children on the Move in Europe: A Narrative Review of the Evidence on the Health Risks, Health Needs and Health Policy for Asylum Seeking, Refugee and Undocumented Children," BMJ Paediatrics Open, vol. 3, no. 1 (Jan. 2019) [open access]

Practical Guide on the Best Interests of the Child in Asylum Procedures, EASO Practical Guide Series (European Asylum Support Office, Feb. 2019) [text]

"'Sad Day for the UK': The Linking of Debates about Settling Refugee Children in the UK with Brexit on an Anti‐Immigrant News Website," European Journal of Social Psychology, Accepted Articles, 15 Feb. 2019 [free full-text]

Stop the War on Children: Protecting Children in 21st Century Conflict (Save the Children, Feb. 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also PRIO's related policy brief on "Children Affected by Armed Conflict, 1990–2017."

Water under Fire: For Every Child, Water and Sanitation in Complex Emergencies (Unicef, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

What I Learned from Beirut’s Syrian Refugee ‘Street Children’ (Refugees Deeply, March 2019) [text]


Deeply Talks: Refugee Children and Resilience (Refugees Deeply, March 2019) [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

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21 March 2019

Regional Focus: Africa

"EU-ALS Summit Overshadowed by AU Document Thwarting EU Plans for 'Disembarkation Platforms'," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 1 March 2019 [text]

Final Report on the 2018 Registration Operation for Rwandan Refugees: The Kivus, Democratic Republic of the Congo (UNHCR, Dec. 2018) [Eng. text/
French text via ReliefWeb]

Leave No One Behind: Shining a Spotlight on Adolescent Congolese Refugees in Rwanda (ODI, March 2019) [text]

Local Humanitarian Action in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Capacity and Complementarity (ODI, March 2019) [text]

"Prospects for the Global Compacts in Africa: Combining International Solidarity with Home-Grown Solutions," International Journal of Refugee Law, Advance Articles, 17 Feb. 2019 [free full-text]

"Regional Solutions and the Global Compact on Refugees: The Experience from Africa," International Journal of Refugee Law, Advance Articles, 21 Feb. 2019 [free full-text]

"Revisiting the Sphere Standards: Comparing the Revised Sphere Standards to Living Standards in Three Urban Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 4:6 (March 2019) [open access]

Study Shows Why African Refugees Stay Put Despite End to Conflict at Home (The Conversation, March 2019) [text]
- Note: Article includes link to text of 2018 study entitled "Patterns of the Refugee Cycle in Africa: A Hazardous Cycle with No End in Sight?"

Tanzania Country Refugee Response Plan: The Integrated Response Plan for Refugees from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, January 2019-December 2020 (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]

We Asked Senegalese Migrants Why They Leave Home. Here’s What They Told Us (The Conversation, March 2019) [text]

"What Promise Does the Global Compact on Refugees Hold for African Refugees?," International Journal of Refugee Law, Advance Articles, 19 March 2019 [free full-text]

Within and Beyond Borders: Tracking Displacement in the Lake Chad Basin - Regional Displacement and Human Mobility Analysis (IOM, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

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Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance - Pt. 2

Articles & reports:

"Biased Altruism: Islamophobia and Donor Support for Global Humanitarian Organizations," Public Administration Review, vol. 79, no. 1 (Jan./Feb. 2019) [free full-text]
- See also related Humanitarian News Research Network article.

Cost-effectiveness in Humanitarian Work: Integration of Displaced Persons into Host Community Services, K4D Helpdesk Report (DFID, Sept. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

DAC Recommendation on the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus, Adopted 21 Feb. 2019 [text]

"Decision-making in Humanitarian Crises: Politics, and not only Evidence, is the Problem," Epidemiologia e prevenzione, vol. 42, nos. 3-4 (May-Aug. 2018) [full-text via ResearchGate]

Field Perspectives on the Grand Bargain Project (Ground Truth Solutions) [info]
- "The research looks at progress against the Grand Bargain’s goals from the perspective of affected people and field staff involved in humanitarian operations. It covers seven countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and Uganda. The first round of data was collected in 2017, followed by a second round in 2018. The focus of inquiry is on progress towards reaching the broader reform goals described in the Grand Bargain. Results are reported country by country and complemented by a policy brief that pulls together findings from across all seven humanitarian programmes." Follow link above for Round 2 surveys.

"Hosting as Shelter during Displacement: Considerations for Research and Practice," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 4:5 (March 2019) [open access]

Humanitarian Exchange Magazine, no. 74 (Feb. 2019) [full-text]
- Special feature on "Communication and Community Engagement in Humanitarian Response."

Innovative Financing for Humanitarian Energy Interventions, Research Paper (Moving Energy Initiative, Feb. 2019) [text]

NGOs & Risk: Managing Uncertainty in Local-International Partnerships (InterAction, March 2019) [access]
- Follow link for global report, case studies in South Sudan and Northeast Nigeria, and recommendations.

Suffering in Silence: The 10 Most Under-reported Humanitarian Crises of 2018 (CARE, Feb. 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Unit-Based Costing Methodologies for HRPs and Protection Clusters (Global Protection Cluster, Dec. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Innovation Catalogue: A Collection of Innovations for the Humanitarian Sector (Elrha, Jan. 2019) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance - Pt. 1

Events & opportunities:

Call for information: IHSA Database [info]
- Submit suggestions via the link; database will go live in May 2019.

Seminar series: Humanitarian Accountability in Displacement Contexts, London [info]
- Seminars include 1) 28 March: How to Make the Humanitarian System Fit-for-purpose?: A bottom-up approach; 2) 4 April: Taking Humanitarian Accountability to the Next Level; and 3) 6 June: Revisiting Accountability of Humanitarian Actors and Researchers: Lessons from field-research with refugee populations in East Africa.

News & blog posts:

Access to Flexible Funding is Ever-more Important (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]

"Aid Groups Worry New US Anti-terror Law Could Leave Them Liable," The New Humanitarian, 12 March 2019 [text]

Counter-Terrorism and Humanitarian Action: The Perils of Zero Tolerance (War on the Rocks, March 2019) [text]

"Humanitarian Innovation Faces Rethink as Innovators Take Stock," The New Humanitarian, 20 March 2019 [text]

International Humanitarian Assistance: What Must Change, RSIS Commentary, no. 042 (Nanyang Technological University, March 2019) [text]

The Private Sector and Refugee Protection: Beyond the Photo Ops, It’s Time for Checks and Balances (LIDC Migration Leadership Team Blog, March 2019) [text]

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20 March 2019

News: Changes to IRIN

The IRIN humanitarian news service has re-named itself The New Humanitarian (TNH), in order "to signal our move from UN project to independent newsroom and our role chronicling the changing nature of – and response to – humanitarian crises." Read more about IRIN's history here.

The web site has also been re-organized. Articles/stories can be browsed by theme, region and type. Links to new stories are posted on their Twitter feed and Facebook page.

Watch the livestream of TNH's official launch tomorrow, 21 March 2019.

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New Issue of FMR

The latest issue of Forced Migration Review (FMR) has been published. The theme of FMR60 is "Education: needs, rights and access in displacement." Here is the description:

"Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives – vital to our development, our understanding and our personal and professional fulfilment throughout life. In times of crisis, however, millions of displaced young people miss out on months or years of education, and this is damaging to them and their families, as well as to their societies, both in the short and long term."

The Editor's Briefing provides a more detailed overview of the 29 articles that focus on the main theme. Two "general" articles are also included.

Readers can access FMR articles 1) individually, in HTML & PDF formats, 2) via the digest feature, or 3) as a complete issue. Back issues of FMR are available here.

FMR is an open access publication. It is available online and in print in English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Audio versions of articles are available in English.

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19 March 2019

Regional Focus: United States - Pt. 2


Lecture: US Immigration Policy in the Trump Era: What's New for Refugees?, Cairo, 27 March 2019 [info]

Seminar: Withholding Protection?, New York, 18 April 2019 [info]


"Can One Still Call It Ignorance or Bias? Nexus Test Modified, but Courts Still Fail to Address International Law under the International Religious Freedom Act," Chapter in Migration and Religious Freedom:  Essays on the Interaction Between Religious Duty and Migration Law (Wolf Legal Publishers, May 2018) [SSRN]

Do Immigrants Threaten US Public Safety?, Working Paper, no. 2019.002 (Utah State Univ., Feb. 2019) [text]

"Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and Immigration in the United States," Migration Information Source, 14 March 2019 [text]

"Immigration Beyond the Headlines," Stanford Law Review Online Symposium, 11 March 2019 [access]
- Includes seven full-text articles on crimes involving moral turpitude, detention, the public charge rule, refugee litigation, the travel ban and white nationalism.

Mexican Immigrants Face Threats to Civil Rights and Increased Social Hostility (Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, Feb. 2019) [text]

The New Latinx 'Repatriation'? Removals, Criminal Justice, and the Efforts to Remove Latinx Peoples from the United States, UC Davis Legal Studies Research Paper (Univ. of California, Davis, Feb. 2019) [text]

"The Ring of Truth: Demeanor and Due Process in U.S. Asylum Law," Columbia Human Rights Law Review, vol. 50, no. 1 (Fall 2018) [full-text]

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Regional Focus: United States - Pt. 1

New developments:

"Budget Calls for Deep Cuts to Foreign Aid, Especially for Refugees and in Humanitarian Crises," Washington Post, 11 March 2019 [text]
- See also related Refugees International statement.

"'I was raised an American': Liberians Await Possible Deportation from US," The Guardian, 19 March 2019 [text]

"One Dept. Limited Their Protections. Another Singled Out Their Countries for Rights Violations," New York Times, 16 March 2019 [text]

"Trump Administration Moves to Close Offices for International Asylum and Refugee Cases," Los Angeles Times, 12 March 2019 [text]

"Trump Administration Puts End of TPS on Hold for Hondurans and Nepalis," Vox, 12 March 2019 [text]

"The Trump Administration Studied Plans to Deter Immigrants at the Southern Border, This Document Shows," BuzzFeed News, 12 March 2019 [text]

"Trump’s Budget Proposes Hiking Application Fees for Legal Immigrants," Vox, 12 March 2019 [text]

Blog posts:

Advancing a “Social Group Plus” Claim after Matter of A-B- (Insightful Immigration Blog, March 2019) [text]

After Shutdown Loss, Trump Doubles Down on Immigration in His New Budget (Immigration Impact Blog, March 2019) [text]

The Best Way for Trump to Offer “Love and Sympathy” is to Repeal the Muslim Ban (Insightful Immigration Blog, March 2019) [text]

More Than a DREAM (Act), Less Than a Promise (MPI Commentaries, March 2019) [text]

On the Morality of Deporting Criminals (The Asylumist Blog, March 2019) [text]

Preserving Habeas Corpus for Asylum Seekers Just When They Need It Most (ACS Blog, March 2019) [text]
- See also related NYT article and Immigration Impact blog post.

An Update on TPS: A Promising New Bill, More Lawsuits, and an Uncertain Future (Immigration Impact Blog, March 2019) [text]

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18 March 2019

Thematic Focus: General


Discussion panel: Dignity in Displacement: From Rhetoric to Reality, Geneva, 27 March 2019 [info]
- Will also be livestreamed.


74th Meeting of the Standing Committee, Geneva, 4-5 March 2019 [access]
- Follow link for meeting documents, presentations and remarks.

Area-Based Assessment with Key Informants: A Practical Guide (UNHCR & REACH, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Being Hopeful: Exploring the Dynamics of Post-traumatic Growth and Hope in Refugees," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Articles, 28 Feb. 2019 [postprint]
- Note: Access to the complete text is under embargo until 28 Feb. 2021.

Closed Borders: The International Conference on Refugees in Evian 1938 - Online Exhibition [access]
- "Comprehensive documentation of the International Conference on Refugees in Évian 1938 with words, documents, photographs and videos."

"Considering Refugees through 100 Years of Geographical Review," Geographical Review, Accepted Articles, 2 March 2019 [free full-text]

"Human Rights, Income and International Migration," International Migration, Early View, 11 March 2019 [open access]

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), MOPAN 2017-18 Assessments (Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network, Feb. 2019; officially launched March 2019) [access]
- Follow link for report and organisational performance brief. A related side event was recently at the 74th Meeting of the Standing Committee.

On Message: UNHCR's Melissa Fleming on Changing the Refugee Narrative (Devex, March 2019) [text]

“Op-ed: UNHCR’s Uncourageous Vision,” ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 8 March 2019 [text]

Urban Displacement from Different Perspectives: An Overview of Approaches to Urban Displacement (Global Alliance of Urban Crises & JIPS, Feb. 2019) [text]

Which Countries Have the Most Immigrants? (The Conversation, March 2019) [text]


A Conversation with António Vitorino, the Director General of the International Organization for Migration, Washington, DC, 6 March 2019 [info]
- Follow link for video and podcast.

Displaced, Season 2 (International Rescue Committee) [access]
- Weekly podcast series, with episodes on the future of war, refugee resettlement, and climate change and displacement.

Migration in a Turbulent World, 34th Annual EPIIC International Symposium, Medford, MA, 7-9 March 2019 [info]
- Follow link for video of the presentations. See also related Tufts Now article.

Talking Migration Podcasts (Univ. of Sheffield) [access]
- "Discussions, debates and interviews on all aspects of the politics of migration."

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Thematic Focus: Solutions


*The American Syrian Refugee Consensus, Working Paper, no 198 (Center for Comparative Immigration Studies, Jan. 2019) [text]

Community Members Should be Able to Sponsor Refugees for the Right Reasons, Not to Save the Government Money (The Conversation, March 2019) [text]

Community-sponsorship in the UK: Breaking Down Barriers to Diversity (Refugee Hosts Blog, Feb. 2019) [text]

Expectations and the Politics of Resettlement: Colombian and Palestinian Refugees in Chile and Brazil (Refugee Hosts Blog, March 2019) [text]

Migrants and Refugees are Asked to Integrate: But What Does Integration Actually Mean? The Politics of Integration: Adjusting to New Lives in Host Societies, Working Paper, no. 1 (SIRIUS Project, Jan. 2019) [text]

Promoting Socio-economic Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in the Next EU Budget (2021-2027) (PICUM & ECRE, March 2019) [text]

*"Researchers Take a Closer Look at Syrian Refugee Resettlement," The Gazette, 18 March 2019 [text]

Resettlement at a Glance (January-December 2018) (UNHCR, Feb. 2019) [text]
- Related briefing note indicates that "that despite record levels of worldwide forced displacement, just 4.7 per cent of global refugee resettlement needs were met in 2018."

Resolving Refugee Situations: Seeking Solutions Worthy of the Name, World Refugee Council Research Paper, no. 9 (Centre for International Governance Innovation, March 2019) [text]

"Stuck in the Middle": Seeking Durable Solutions in Post-peace Agreement Colombia (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, March 2019) [text]
- Part of the "Invisible Majority" thematic series. See also related IDMC blog post.

Time to Reimagine Resettlement? (Asylum Insight, March 2019) [text]

Turkey’s Refugee Dilemma: Tiptoeing Toward Integration (Center for American Progress, March 2019) [text]

UK Must Provide Support at Home That It Asks Poorer Nations to Provide in Africa (UK International Development Committee, March 2019) [text]
- Scroll down to see resettlement-related findings for "Forced Displacement in Africa: 'Anchors not walls'" report.

Understanding Integration Processes: Informing Policy and Practice, Policy Report, no. 44 (Compas, Jan. 2019) [text]

Update: Durable Solutions for Syrian Refugees (UNHCR, Feb. 2019) [text]

"Welcome, Refugees. Now Pay Back Your Travel Loans," New York Times, 15 March 2019 [text]


Displaced, Season 2 (International Rescue Committee) [access]
- The following episodes of this podcast series focus on resettlement:
19 Feb.: Refugee Resettlement: Using Data to Improve the System
26 Feb.: Refugee resettlement: A Conversation with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar
5 March: Refugee resettlement: Perspectives from an IRC Caseworker
12 March: Refugee Resettlement: Minister Ahmed Hussen Explains the Canadian Model

*Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion: A Sense of Home, Brussels, 24-25 Jan. 2019 [info]
- Follow link for video of Panel 1, "Creating Home? Housing as a Gateway to Integration."


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Tagged Publications.

New Issues of EJML, Front. Psych., GILJ, Global Educ. Rev., JIMI, J. Ref. & Glob. Health, Rts. in Exile, Transl. Issues Psych. Sci., Yrbk. Intl. Hum. Law

European Journal of Migration and Law, vol. 21, no. 1 (Feb. 2019) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including "Producing Precariousness: ‘Safety Elsewhere’ and the Removal of International Protection Status under EU Law" and "Irregular Migration by Sea: Interception and Rescue Interventions in Light of International Law and the EU Sea Borders Regulation."

Frontiers in Psychiatry, April 2018-Feb. 2019 [open access]
- Special collection on "Refugee Mental Health." The closing editorial explains the purpose of this research topic and reviews the contributions submitted.

Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 32, no. 2 (Winter 2018) [contents]
- Mix of articles including one on the Muslim ban. Note: The GILJ web site has been re-done and now includes online articles that freely available.

Global Education Review, vol. 5, no. 4 (2018) [open access]
- Theme of this issue is "The Importance of Educating Refugees," with 12 articles.

Journal of International Migration and Integration, vol. 20, no. 1 (Feb. 2019) [contents]
- Mix of articles, with several focusing on resettlement, refugees and asylum, and unaccompanied minors, among other topics. Two articles are open access.

Journal of Refugee & Global Health, vol. 2, no. 1 (2019) [open access]
- Mix of articles, with several examining health issues in refugees resettled to the U.S. and one on "Addressing Occupational Deprivation in Refugees: A Scoping Review."

Rights in Exile Newsletter, no. 100 (March 2019) [full-text]
- News and information for refugee legal aid providers.

Translational Issues in Psychological Science, vol. 5, no. 1 (2019) [contents]
- Special issue on "Translating Psychological Research on Immigrants and Refugees." The introductory article is open access.

Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law, vol. 20 (2017) [contents]
- Includes two thematic sub-sections on "The Development and Interpretation of International Humanitarian Law" and "Targeting in Armed Conflicts."

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16 March 2019

Open Access Round-up: 15 March 2019

Below is a listing of Open Access literature that I have referenced on this blog since 15 Feb. 2019. If you are not familiar with Open Access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.

Green Open Access [info]


Data for Refugees: The D4R Challenge on Mobility of Syrian Refugees in Turkey (arXiv, July 2018; updated Oct. 2018)
- Preprint version of article.

"Do Self-Reporting Regimes Matter? Evidence from the Convention Against Torture," International Studies Quarterly (Forthcoming, 2019)
- Preprint version of article.

"Entrepreneurial Refugees and the City: Brief Encounters in Beirut," Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 32, no. 1 (March 2019)
- The postprint version of this article is currently under embargo.

"The Legal Rights of Religious Refugees in the ‘Refugee-Cities’ of Early Modern Germany," Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 32, no. 1 (March 2019)
- The postprint version of this article is currently under embargo.

Book chapters:

"New Directions in Article 1D Jurisprudence: Greater Barriers for Palestinian Refugees Seeking the Benefits of the Refugee Convention," Chapter 22 in Research Handbook on International Refugee Law (Edward Elgar, Forthcoming Sept. 2019)
- Preprint version of chapter.

Gold Open Access [info]

Articles, general:

"Border-induced Displacement: The Ethical and Legal Implications of Distance-creation through Externalization," Questions of International Law, 28 Feb. 2019

"Curricular Design and Implementation of a Training Course for Interpreters in an Asylum Context," Translation & Interpreting: The International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research, vol. 11, no. 1 (2019)

"Externalizing EU Migration Control While Ignoring the Human Rights of Migrants: Is There Any Room for the International Responsibility of European States?," Questions of International Law, 28 Feb. 2019

"In Search of a Frame: Challenges and Opportunities for Sampling Immigrant Minorities," Comparative Migration Studies, 6:37 (Nov. 2018)

"Is Italy Internationally Responsible for the Gross Human Rights Violations against Migrants in Libya?," Questions of International Law, 28 Feb. 2019

"Methodological Aspects of a Quantitative and Qualitative Survey of Asylum Seekers in Germany: A Field Report," MDA: Methods, Data, Analyses, OnlineFirst, Feb. 2019

"Social Norms and Beliefs about Gender Based Violence Scale: A Measure for Use with Gender Based Violence Prevention Programs in Low-resource and Humanitarian Settings," Conflict and Health, 13:6 (March 2019)

Articles, health-related:

"Implementing a Digital Communication Assistance Tool to Collect the Medical History of Refugee Patients: DICTUM Friedland - An Action-oriented Mixed Methods Study Protocol," BMC Health Services Research, 19:103 (Feb. 2019)

"A Systematic Review of Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge, Experiences and Access to Services among Refugee, Migrant and Displaced Girls and Young Women in Africa," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 15, no. 8 (July 2018)
- See also six other open access articles in this post on "mental health."

Hybrid Open Access [info]

"Contesting the Deportation State? Political Change Aspirations in Protests against Forced Returns," Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 42, no. 16 (2019)

"Transnational Violence against Asylum-Seeking Women and Children: Honduras and the United States-Mexico Border," Human Rights Review, Latest Articles, 11 Feb. 2019

"Unmaking Citizens: Passport Removals, Pre-emptive Policing and the Reimagining of Colonial Governmentalities," Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 42, no. 16 (2019)

"'We are women and men now': Intimate Spaces and Coping Labour for Syrian Women Refugees in Jordan," Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Early View, 4 March 2019

Law Reviews

"Detained Without Due Process: When Does it End?," University of Detroit Mercy Law Review, vol. 96 (Fall 2018)

"Detainee Transfers and Immigration Judges: ICE Forum-Shopping Tactics in Removal Proceedings," Georgia Law Review, vol. 53, no. 1 (2018)

"Detainment: How the Governments of the United States and Australia Choose to Secure Borders through Inhumane Means," Social Justice and Equity Law Journal, vol. 2 (Jan. 2019)

"Enhancing Protection of Internally Displaced Persons through Domestic Law and Policy," Nnamdi Azikiwe University Journal of International Law & Jurisprudence, vol. 10, no. 2 (2019)

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15 March 2019

Regional Focus: Syria

Today is the eight-year anniversary of the Syrian conflict. Here are 8 facts after 8 years from the NRC. A fundraising conference took place earlier in the week in Brussels, with donors pledging over US$7 billion. Host countries continue to call for Syrian refugees to go back home, despite assessments that the country is not yet safe for returns. The following news articles and reports provide additional information on these issues.

Aid in Limbo: Why Syrians Deserve Support to Rebuild Their Lives (DRC & Oxfam, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Assad’s Syria: How He Planned to Transform Syria since 2011 (FIDH, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Displacement Dilemma: Should Europe Help Syrian Refugees Return Home? (ECFR, March 2019) [text]

Eight Years on, Syrian Refugees Weigh Thorny Question of Return (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]

IOM Response from within Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt 2018 (IOM, March 2019) [text]

Localised Resilience in Action: Responding to the Regional Syria Crisis (UNDP & UNHCR, Feb. 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

Palestine Refugees in Syria: A Tale of Devastation and Courage (UNRWA, March 2018) [text]

Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, Brussels III Conference, 12-14 March 2019 [info]
- Follow link for the joint declaration and fundraising figures. See also related Guardian article, ECRE summary, and NGO statement.

"Syria's Neighbours Press for Help to Return Refugees," The Guardian, 11 March 2019 [text]

"UN Experts: Syria Unsafe for Refugees, Displaced," VOA News, 12 March 2019 [text]

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Calls for Continued Support for Lebanon (UNHCR, March 2019) [text]

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Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 2

"Contesting the Deportation State? Political Change Aspirations in Protests against Forced Returns," Ethnic & Racial Studies, vol. 42, no. 16 (2019) [open access]
- Examines anti-deportation protests in Austria.

Country Reports (AIDA, 2019)
- Updated profiles available Malta, Poland, Romania, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

Evaluation on Forced Displacement and Finnish Development Policy (Govt. of Finland, March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

From Seeking Survival to Urban Revival: A Case Study of Refugees in Towns Izmir, Turkey (Tufts Univ., March 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

How New Immigration Regulations Will Make It Easier to Deport EU Citizens after Brexit (Free Movement Blog, March 2019) [text]

Pushed to the Edge: Violence and Abuse Against Refugees and Migrants Along Balkan Route (Amnesty International, March 2019) [text]

Report on the Right to Asylum in 2018 (Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, 2019) [text via ECRE]

"Venezuela Crisis: Secret Escape to Anti-migration Hungary," BBC News, 4 March 2019 [text]

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Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1

Asylum Applications in EU+ Remain Broadly Stable Despite Spike in January (EASO, March 2019) [text]

The European Agenda on Migration: EU Needs to Sustain Progress Made Over the Past 4 Years (European Commission, March 2019) [text]
- Includes links to various factsheets on migration management, debunking myths, and EU actions. See also related LRB Blog post.

"Externalizing EU Migration Control while Ignoring the Human Rights of Migrants: Is There Any Room for the International Responsibility of European States?," Questions of International Law, 28 Feb. 2019 [open access]
- This "Zoom in" features two contributions from three scholars: "Border-induced Displacement: The Ethical and Legal Implications of Distance-creation through Externalization" and "Is Italy Internationally Responsible for the Gross Human Rights Violations against Migrants in Libya?".

Legal Migration to the EU (EPRS, March 2019) [text]

NGOs Calling on European Leaders to End the Humanitarian and Human Rights Crisis at Europe’s Borders (Human Rights Watch et al., March 2019) [text]

No Reason for Returns to Afghanistan, Policy Note (ECRE, Feb. 2019) [text]
- See also related editorial in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin.

"Op-ed: How to Design Fair and Efficient Asylum Procedures in Populist Times?," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 1 March 2019 [text]

"Op-ed: Pull Factors – The Myth that Never Dies…," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 15 March 2019 [text]

"Operation ‘Sophia’: EU Officials Aware Naval Military Mission Made Crossing the Med More Dangerous," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 8 March 2019 [text]

Reforming Asylum and Migration Policies in Europe: Attitudes, Realism and Values, RSCAS Policy Paper, no. 2019/13 (European Univ. Institute, 2019) [text]

Saving Lives in the Mediterranean: Human Rights Organisations Propose Plan for "a Fair and Predictable Rescue System" (Statewatch, March 2019) [text]

Research project:

CEASEVAL: Research on the Common European Asylum System [access]
- Aims to evaluate the Common European Asylum System provide recommendations for further development. Recent working papers/reports include: "Baseline Study on Access to Protection, Reception and Distribution of Asylum Seekers and the Determination of Asylum Claims in the EU"; "The Future of the CEAS – an Analysis of Rules on Allocation"; "A Review and Analysis of the Recent Literature on the Common European Asylum System"; "Sharing Responsibilities in the Common European Asylum System"; "Solidarity – an Integral and Basic Concept of the Common European Asylum System"; and "State-of-the-art Report on Public Attitudes, Political Discourses and Media Coverage on the Arrival of Refugees."

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- Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 2 (5 March 2019)

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