15 November 2018

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14 November 2018

Thematic Focus: Solutions - Pt. 2 (Integration)


Global Refugees and Migration in the Twenty-first Century: Policies and Narratives of Inclusion, Washington, DC, 15 November 2018 [info]


A Bridge to Life in the UK: Refugee-led Community Organisations and Their Role in Integration (Refugee Council, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

English Plus Integration: Shifting the Instructional Paradigm for Immigrant Adult Learners to Support Integration Success (Migration Policy Institute, Oct. 2018) [text]

"France Has a Compassionate Plan to Help Young Refugees Make Friends and Get Jobs," QZ, 26 Oct. 2018 [text]
- Introduces the newly launched "Volont’r program."

Negotiating Place, Culture and New Dutch Identities: Inclusion, Exclusion and Belonging in a Grassroots Refugee Integration Organisation in Utrecht, the Netherlands, RSC Working Paper, no. 126 (Refugee Studies Centre, Oct. 2018) [text]

Real People, True Stories: Refugees for More Inclusive Societies (Friends of Europe, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"The Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital of Syrian Refugees Privately Sponsored to Settle in Montreal: Indications for Employment and Housing During Their Early Experiences of Integration," Canadian Ethnic Studies, vol. 50, no. 2 (2018) [ResearchGate]

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Thematic Focus: Solutions - Pt. 1


"Bangladesh Silent on Canadian Offer to Take Rohingya Refugees - Officials," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 9 Nov. 2018 [text]

"Most of Latest Manus Refugee Group Rejected by US," Radio NZ, 8 Nov. 2018 [text]

"Peter Dutton: Resettling Refugees in New Zealand Risks Return of Boats," The Guardian, 1 Nov. 2018 [text]

"Private Fund Helps Sponsor 685 Refugees Across Canada," CBC, 14 Nov. 2018 [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Dislocation in an Age of Connection: Mapping Refugee Settlement Trajectories within an Increasingly Mobile World," Scoop, 4 Oct. 2018 [text]
- New research project at the Univ. of Auckland.

"From Resettled Refugees to Humanitarian Actors: Refugee Diaspora Organizations and Everyday Humanitarianism," New Political Science, Latest Articles, 25 Oct. 2018 [abstract]
- See also earlier related conference paper.

Nowhere to Return to: Iraqis' Search for Durable Solutions Continues (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Oct. 2018) [text]

*"A Phenomenological Study on the Experience of Syrian Asylum‐Seekers and Refugees in the United States," Family Process, Early View, 10 Nov. 2018 [free full-text]

Regional Futures: Economic and Social Impact of the Karen Resettlement in Bendigo (Deloitte Access Economics & AMES Australia, Oct. 2018) [text via APO]

Three Things the European Union Can Do to Support Private Sponsorship for Refugees (Migration Policy Institute, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Understanding Refugee Durable Solutions by International Players: Does Dialogue Form a Missing Link?," Cogent Social Sciences, vol. 4, no. 1 (2018) [open access]
- Focuses on refugees in East Africa.


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Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance

Watch for:

The 2018 edition of the State of the Humanitarian System will be launched on December 5th. It "will assess performance over the period of January 2015 to December 2017 [and] compare its findings with the three previous editions, in order to capture key trends of the past decade."

News & blog posts:

5 Humanitarian Newsletters You Should Sign up for (Humanitarian News Research Network, Nov. 2018) [text]

Aid for the Private Sector: Continued Controversy on ODA Rules (ODI Comment, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Schemes to Stop Sex Abuse in the Aid Sector off to a Shaky Start," IRIN, 18 Oct. 2018 [text]

"What is Humanitarian Deconfliction?," IRIN, 13 Nov. 2018 [text]

Reports & journal articles:

Contested Evolution of Nutrition for Humanitarian and Development Ends, RSC Working Paper, no. 125 (Refugee Studies Centre, Oct. 2018) [text]

Evaluation of Protection in Humanitarian Action, ALNAP Guide (ALNAP, Oct. 2018) [text]
- Companion to the "Evaluation of Humanitarian Action Guide."

Fit for the Future: Envisioning New Approaches to Humanitarian Response (Center for Global Development, Oct. 2018) [text]

The Grand Bargain: Perspectives from the Field (Ground Truth Solutions & OECD, June 2018) [text via ALNAP]

Guidelines for Mobile and Remote Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Service Delivery (International Rescue Committee, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related evaluation report.

"The Impact of Emergency Aid Work on Personal Relationships: A Psychodynamic Study," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 3:14 (Nov. 2018) [open access]

OCHA's Use of Flexible Funding 2017 (OCHA, Oct. 2018) [text]

Research Evidence in the Humanitarian Sector: A Practice Guide (Evidence Aid, Health in Humanitarian Crises Centre & Alliance for Useful Evidence, Oct. 2018) [text]

Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment in the Aid Sector: Victim and Survivor Voices Listening Exercise (UK Department for International Development, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Too Tough to Scale? Challenges to Scaling Innovation in the Humanitarian Sector (ELRHA, Oct. 2018) [text via ALNAP]

World Disasters Report (IFRC, Oct. 2018) [access]
- The 2018 theme is “Leaving No One Behind.” See also related opinion published in IRIN and Devex article.

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Regional Focus: Rohingya Crisis


The implementation of a plan to begin repatriating some Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar in November appears to be imminent, despite warnings from NGOs and the international community that conditions are not yet safe for return. The following news stories/statements are organized chronologically:

"Bangladesh, Myanmar Agree to Repatriate Rohingya," VOA News, 30 Oct. 2018 [text]

"Myanmar Officials Try to Convince Rohingya to Return, Accept ID Cards," Reuters, 31 Oct. 2018 [text]

"UNHCR: Myanmar Not Safe for Return of Rohingya Refugees," VOA News, 31 Oct. 2018 [text]

Myanmar/Bangladesh: Plan Puts Rohingya at Risk (Human Rights Watch, 2 Nov. 2018) [text]

"Fear and Mistrust Surround Latest Plan to Return Rohingya," IRIN, 7 Nov. 2018 [text]

42 NGOs Warn That Return of Refugees to Myanmar Now Would be Dangerous and Premature (9 Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Rohingya Fears Grow as Refugees Face Forcible Return to Myanmar," The Guardian, 11 Nov. 2018 [text]

Statement by UN High Commissioner for Refugees on the Repatriation of Rohingya Refugees to Myanmar (UNHCR, 11 Nov. 2018) [text]

Bachelet: Returning Rohingya Refugees to Myanmar Would Place Them at Serious Risk of Human Rights Violations (OHCHR, 13 Nov. 2018) [text]

"Bangladesh Army Arrives in Rohingya Refugee Camps as Repatriations Loom," The Guardian, 14 Nov. 2018 [text]

*"The Uphill Battle to Forge Peace in Myanmar's Rakhine State," IRIN, 14 Nov. 2018 [text]

Reports & articles:

Bangladesh-Myanmar: The Danger of Forced Rohingya Repatriation (International Crisis Group, Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Honour the Promises: One Year on from the Rohingya Pledging Conference (Christian Aid, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Humanitarian Exchange, no. 73 (Oct. 2018) [full-text]
- Focus is on “Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh: The Humanitarian Response.”

Why the ICC Investigation of Forced Displacement in Myanmar is a Big Deal (Just Security Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]


The Rohingya Crisis: Voices from the Field, London, 24 Oct. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for audio and video.


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13 November 2018

Thematic Focus: Education


The theme of UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring Report for 2018 is "Migration, Displacement and Education: Building bridges, not walls." The annual report will be officially launched on 20 November 2018; check the calendar for regional and national launch events, such as the panel discussion hosted by the Migration Policy Institute to mark the U.S. release of the report.


"Addressing Refugees and Non-refugees in Adult Education Programs: A Longitudinal Analysis on Shifting Public Concerns," RELA: European Journal for Research on the Education and Learning of Adults, vol. 9, no. 2 (2018) [open access]

"The Contribution of Non-formal Education to the Integration of Refugee Children into the Formal Education System and the Case of Greece," Part 4.4 in Global Citizenship Education, Multiculturalism and Social Inclusion in Europe: The Findings of the Project 'I Have Rights' (Ius Gentium Conimbrigae/Human Rights Centre, Aug. 2018) [text via SSRN]
- Scroll to. p. 397.

Empower Refugee Youth: Youth Education Programme (UNHCR, Sept. 2018) [text]

A Global Commitment to Refugee Education (Usable Knowledge, Oct. 2018) [text]

Hear It from the Teachers: Getting Refugee Children Back to Learning (Save the Children, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

High-Level Meeting on Action for Refugee Education, New York, 26 Sept. 2018 [info]
- View the agenda and follow this link for video. The companion web site provides more information about the objectives of the meeting. See also related UNHCR news story and World Education Blog post.

"A Lost Generation: Syrian Refugees and the Right to Education in Turkey," Fordham International Law Journal, vol. 42, no. 1 (2018) [full-text]

Making Connections: A Mentoring Program for University Students with a Refugee Background (Refugee Research Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

The Other One Per Cent: Refugee Students in Higher Education - DAFI Annual Report 2017 (UNHCR, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Refugee Students in Spain: The Role of Universities as Sustainable Actors in Institutional Integration," Sustainability, vol. 10, no. 6 (June 2018) [open access]

"Revisiting the Issues of Access to Higher Education and Social Stratification through the Case of Refugees: A Comparative Study of Spaces of Opportunity for Refugee Students in Germany and England," Social Sciences, vol. 7, no. 10 (Oct. 2018) [open access]

"Second Language Acquisition Effects of a Primary Physical Education Intervention: A Pilot Study with Young Refugees," PLoS ONE 13(9): e0203664 (Sept. 2018) [open access]

Syrian Refugees and the Schooling Challenge (Future Development Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Surviving vs. Thriving: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Adult Education for Immigrants and Refugees, Webinar, 30 Oct. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for audio.

UNICEF Announces New Partnership with Microsoft to Address Education Crisis Affecting Displaced and Refugee Children and Young People (Unicef, Sept. 2018) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Children & Families


ChildMove: A Discussion on the Project Following Unaccompanied Young Refugees across Europe, Brussels, 27 November 2018 [info]


"Central Issues in the Protection of Child Migrants," Introduction to Protecting Migrant Children: In Search of Best Practice (Edward Elgar, 2018) [preprint]
- See also related book launch panel discussion.

"The Integration of Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children: Resilience in the Face of Adversity," Chapter 23 in Research Handbook on Child Migration (Edward Elgar, 2018) [eprint]
- Note: Access to this item is embargoed until 31 March 2019.

Migrant Children [What Europe Does for You] (EPRS, Oct. 2018) [text]

Predicting Displacement: Using Predictive Analytics to Build a Better Future for Displaced Children (Save the Children, Nov. 2018) [text]

Refugees in Germany with Children Still Living Abroad Have Lowest Life Satisfaction, DIW Weekly Report, no. 42 (DIW Berlin, Oct. 2018) [text]

Sport for Protection Toolkit Programming with Young People in Forced Displacement Settings (UNHCR, IOC & Terre des Hommes, Oct. 2018) [text via Sport & Dev.]

"Stories for Kids about Heroic Young Refugees," New York Times, 7 Nov. 2018 [text]

"UK Admits Only 20 Unaccompanied Child Refugees in Two Years," The Guardian, 3 Nov. 2018 [text]

Unaccompanied Minor Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands: Choice or Chance?, Cahier, no. 18 (Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek- en Documentatiecentrum, 2018) [text]

United States:

The Torture of Forcibly Separating Children from Their Parents (Just Security Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Trauma Inflicting, Not Trauma Informed: The U.S. Federal Government’s Double Standard toward Migrant Children," Social Work, Advance Articles, 26 Oct. 2018 [free full-text] [preprint]

Unaccompanied Children: Agency Efforts to Reunify Children Separated from Parents at the Border  (U.S. Government Accountability Office, Oct. 2018) [text]
- See also related AP news article.

Will the Trump Administration Begin Family Separations Again? (Immigration Impact Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Climate Change & Disasters

"Climate Change and Human Migration," UC Irvine Law Review, vol. 8, no. 4 (July 2018) [full-text]

Climate Change and International Refugee Law: A Predicament Approach (RefLaw Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Disaster Displacement: How to Reduce Risk, Address Impacts and Strengthen Resilience, Words into Action Guidelines (UNISDR, 2018) [text]

"Good Evidence, Bad Politics: Overcoming the Noise in Climate Change and Migration Policy," ABC Radio, 1 Nov. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for audio.

The Hidden Costs of Disaster: Displacement and Its Crippling Effect (IDMC Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

The Intersection of Global Fragility and Climate Risks (USAID, Sept. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Migration, Environment and Climate Change: What’s New, and What’s True," Landscape News, 1 Nov. 2018 [text]

"A Plan Nobody Hopes They Will Need: New Zealand and Climate Change Migration," The Koa Koa: Pacific Journalism Review, vol. 24, no. 1 (2018) [open access]

Report of the Task Force on Displacement (Sept. 2018) [text]
- Established under the UNFCC.

"Resettlement as Climate Change Adaptation: What Can be Learned from State-led Relocation in rural Africa and Asia?," Climate and Development, Latest Articles, 3 March 2018 [open access]

Rights for People Forced Out by Climate Change (The Interpreter Blog, Aug. 2018) [text]

Rising Seas Will Displace Millions of People – and Australia Must be Ready (The Conversation, Aug. 2018) [text]

Sydney Declaration of Principles on the Protection of Persons Displaced in the Context of Sea Level Rise, Adopted at the 78th Conference of the International Law Association, Sydney, 19-24 Aug. 2018 [text]

"Taking India’s Climate Migrants Seriously," The Diplomat, 10 Aug. 2018 [text]

Vanuatu: National Policy on Climate Change and Disaster-Induced Displacement (Govt. of Vanuatu, 2018) [text via Env. Migr. Portal]

We Need to Address the Impact Climate Change Will Have on Migration (World Economic Forum Blog, Aug. 2018) [text]

A Well-Founded Fear of Environment: International Resistance to Climate Refugees (e-International Relations, Aug. 2018) [text]

Where Will Future Migrants Come From? (State of the Planet Blog, Aug. 2018) [text]

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12 November 2018

Regional Focus: MENA, incl. Syria - Pt. 2

Reports & journal articles:

“Better a prison in Israel than dying on the way”: Testimonies of Refugees Who Left Israel for Rwanda and Uganda and Received Protection in Europe (Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, Jan. 2018) [text]

"Bibliometric Analysis of Peer-reviewed Literature on Syrian Refugees and Displaced People (2011–2017)," Conflict and Health, 12:43 (Oct. 2018) [open access]

"Elites and Emulators: The Evolution of Iraqi Kurdish Asylum Migration to Europe," Migration Studies, Advance Articles, 31 Oct. 2018 [open access]

Falling on Deaf Ears, Asylum Proceedings in Israel (Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, Oct. 2018) [text]

How Does Poverty Differ Among Refugees? Taking a Gender Lens to the Data on Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Policy Research Working Paper, no. 8616 (World Bank, Oct. 2018) [text]

Iraq Displacement Crisis, 2014-2017 (IOM, Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Picking Up the Pieces: Realities of Return and Reintegration in North-East Syria (REACH, Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Refugee Hospitality in Lebanon and Turkey: On Making ‘The Other’," International Migration, Early View, 6 June 2018 [ResearchGate]

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Eight Years on: What Works and Why That Matters for the Future (CARE, Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Thousandth Cut: Eliminating U.S. Humanitarian Assistance to Gaza (Refugees International, Nov. 2018) [text]

Tunisia, Country of Destination and Transit for Sub-Saharan African Migrants (Mercy Corps & REACH, Oct. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Why Here? Factors Influencing Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Choosing Germany or Sweden as Asylum Destinations," Comparative Migration Studies, 6:29 (Dec. 2018) [open access]


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Regional Focus: MENA, incl. Syria - Pt. 1


Course: Palestine Refugees and International Law, Amman, 15-16 March 2019 [info]
- No application deadline indicated; "maximum 27 spaces with three partial funded places available for regional doctoral students or regional NGO staff."

News & blog posts:

Famine in Yemen: A Primer (IRIN, Oct. 2018) [text]

"How Many Syrians Have Returned? As Conflict Subsides, More Come Home," Newsweek, 27 Oct. 2018 [text]

In Conversation with the Kahkaha Project in Lebanon: An Effective Example of a Southern-led Initiative (Southern Responses to Displacement Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Libya: EU's Patchwork Policy Has Failed to Protect the Human Rights of Refugees and Migrants  (Amnesty International, Nov. 2018) [text]

Mission Impossible for Next UN Syria Envoy? (IRIN, Oct. 2018) [text]

Most Refugees Won’t Return to Syria Until Conditions are Right — Here's How to Help (The Hill, Oct. 2018) [text]

Qatar: Gulf's First Refugee Asylum Law (Human Rights Watch, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Syria Extends Time for Post-war Property Claims under Disputed Law," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 12 Nov. 2018 [text]


In a Troubled and Polarized Middle-East: Challenges for Palestine Refugees and UNRWA, Oxford, 18 Oct. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

Wellbeing & Protracted Urban Displacement Refugees & Hosts in Jordan & Lebanon, IDS Members Seminar, Brighton, UK, 29 Oct. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for video.

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09 November 2018

Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 2

New open access book:

Asylum Determination in Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives (Palgrave Macmillan, Nov. 2018)
- "Drawing on new research material from ten European countries, Asylum Determination in Europe: Ethnographic Perspectives brings together a range of detailed accounts of the legal and bureaucratic processes by which asylum claims are decided. The book includes a legal overview of European asylum determination procedures, followed by sections on the diverse actors involved, the means by which they communicate, and the ways in which they make life and death decisions on a daily basis. It offers a contextually rich account that moves beyond doctrinal law to uncover the gaps and variances between formal policy and legislation, and law as actually practiced." Note: The complete text will not be available until 13 Nov. 2018.


Creating Legal Pathways to Reduce Irregular Migration? What We Can Learn from Germany's "Western Balkan Regulation" (German Marshall Fund, Oct. 2018) [text]

ECRE and PICUM Position on the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Social Fund + 2021-2027 (ECRE & PICUM, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Elites and Emulators: The Evolution of Iraqi Kurdish Asylum Migration to Europe," Migration Studies, Advance Articles, 31 Oct. 2018 [open access]

"The European Union’s Refugee Deal with Turkey: A Risky Alliance Contrary to European Laws and Values," Houston Journal of International Law, vol. 40, no. 2 (Spring 2018) [full-text]

Europeans are More Accepting of Immigrants Today than 15 Years Ago (MEDAM, Oct. 2018) [text]

"Good Citizens? Ugandan Asians, Volunteers and ‘Race’ Relations in 1970s Britain," History Workshop Journal, vol. 85 (Spring 2018) [open access]

Not Welcome Anymore: The Effect of Electoral Incentives on the Reception of Refugees (SSRN, Oct. 2018) [text]

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Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1

News & blog posts:

Bleak Bosnian Winter for Migrants Camped Out on New Route to Europe (IRIN, Oct. 2018) [text]

The Case of the Administrative Arrangement between Greece and Germany: A Tale of “paraDublin Activity”? (EDAL Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Europe’s Populists are Having 'Irrational' Debates on Migration, Says the UN Head," QZ, 5 Nov. 2018 [text]

Sea Arrivals to Italy: The Cost of Deterrence Policies (ISPI, Oct. 2018 [text]

UNHCR Urges Greece to Accelerate Emergency Measures to Address Conditions on Samos and Lesvos (UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text]

Statistical data:

2,000 Lives and Counting: Mediterranean Death Toll in 2018 (UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text]

"56,800 Migrant Dead and Missing: 'They are human beings'," AP News, 2 Nov. 2018 [text]

Mediterranean Update: Arrivals and Fatalities (IOM, Nov. 2018) [text]

Refugees & Migrants Arrivals to Europe in 2018, Jan.-Sept. 2018 (UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text]

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Regional Focus: United States


Barring asylum seekers on the southern border

Yesterday, the Trump administration issued an interim final rule that, together with a Presidential Proclamation issued this morning, place significant limits on the right to seek asylum. Here is an initial sampling of commentary and analysis:

*Barring Asylum Claims: The President Versus the Statute (Lawfare Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

Five Things You Need to Know about the Asylum Ban (Niskanen Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Trump Claims New Power to Bar Asylum for Immigrants Who Arrive Illegally," New York Times, 8 Nov. 2018 [text]

Trump Signs a 90-day Asylum Ban for Border Crossers (Vox, Nov. 2018) [text]

UNHCR Statement on New US Regulation on Asylum (UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text]

Withholding of Removal and the U.N. Convention Against Torture—No Substitute for Asylum, Putting Refugees at Risk: Fact Sheet (Human Rights First, Nov. 2018) [text]

Legacy of (now former) Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The Immigration Crisis Jeff Sessions Leaves Behind (The Marshall Project, Nov. 2018) [text]

Jeff Sessions’s Carefully Built Deportation Machine Will Outlast Him (Vox, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Jeff Sessions Leaves the Trump Administration with a Tough Legacy on Crime and Immigration," Pacific Standard, 7 Nov. 2018 [text]

A Look Back at Immigration Under Sessions’ Justice Department (Immigration Impact Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Sessions: The Trump Administration’s Once-Indispensable Man on Immigration," Migration Information Source, 8 Nov. 2018 [text]


Access to Justice, Due Process, and the Rule of Law in the US Immigration System: Present Realities and a Vision for the Future, Washington, DC, 15 November 2018 [info]


2018 Midterms and Immigration: What Will Congress Do Next? (Immigration Impact Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]
- See also related VOA News article.

"Border Officials Preparing to Evict Immigrant Encampments Near Texas Ports of Entry," Texas Monthly, 8 Nov. 2018 [text]

How the United States Should Address Refugee Protection at Its Border (Human Rights First, Nov. 2018) [text]

Immigration Court Backlog Surpasses One Million Cases (TRAC, Nov. 2018) [text]

Is Mexico Safe for Refugees and Asylum Seekers? (Human Rights First, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Immigration Law & Resistance: Ensuring a Nation of Immigrants," UC Davis Law Review, vol. 52, no. 1 (2018) [full-text]
- Symposium issue with 15 articles.

"More Migrants From Far-Flung Lands Crossing US-Mexico Border," VOA News, 9 Nov. 2018 [text]

"South American Immigrants in the United States," Migration Information Source, 7 Nov. 2018 [text]

*The U.S. Government’s 2018 Border Data Clearly Shows Why the Trump Administration is on the Wrong Track (WOLA, Nov. 2018) [text]


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08 November 2018

Thematic Focus: Global Compacts Round-up

"Austria Will Not Sign UN Migration Treaty," Politico, 31 Oct. 2018 [text]

Communication Breakdown in Austria – How Far-Right Fringe Groups Hijacked the Narrative on the Global Compact for Migration (COMPAS Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Czech Government to Vote Next Week on Opting Out of U.N. Migration Pact," US News & World Report, 7 Nov. 2018 [text]

Delivering on the Global Compact on Refugees: The Need for Principled Leadership from UNHCR (Project Ploughsares, Nov. 2018) [text]
- Part 2 of three-part series.

GCM Commentary Blog Series (RLI Blog on Refugees and Forced Migration) [access]
- Additional posts are available with analyses of the following Global Compact for Migration objectives: Obj. 4 (legal identity & documentation); Obj. 7 (migration vulnerabilities); Obj. 14 (consular protection); Obj. 21 (facilitate safe return).

The Global Compacts: A Primer (Project Ploughsares, Oct. 2018) [text]
- Part 1 of three-part series.

*"The Ostrich Approach to Migration," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 2 Nov. 2018 [text]

"U.N. Says Austria and Hungary Mistaken to Shun Non-Binding Migrant Pact," Reuters, 31 Oct. 2018 [text]

*Wer hat Angst vor einem globalen Pakt (für Migration)?! (Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"What is the UN Migration Pact — and Why Do Some Oppose It?," Deutsche Welle, 2 Nov. 2018 [text]


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Thematic Focus: Nationality & Statelessness - Pt. 2 (Nationality)

Extending citizenship:

"'Complete equality': Refugees Find a Home – and Citizenship –  in Guinea-Bissau," The Guardian, 10 Oct. 2018 [text]

Good Practices in Nationality Laws for the Prevention and Reduction of Statelessness, Handbook for Parliamentarians, no. 29 (Inter-Parliamentary Union & UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text]

"No Name, No Rights: The Long Road to Thai Citizenship," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 3 Oct. 2018 [text]

"Pakistan's Imran Khan Pledges Citizenship for 1.5m Afghan Refugees," The Guardian, 17 Sept. 2018 [text]

Withdrawal of citizenship:

Featured Issue: Denaturalization Efforts by USCIS (AILA, Oct. 2018) [access]

Identity Denied: Citizenship Stripping in the Dominican Republic, Paperless People Podcast #5 (Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion, Oct. 2018) [access]

Painful Lessons of Stripping Citizenship Can Be Found Across the Globe (Just Security Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"The Return of Banishment," Part III of Debating Transformations of National Citizenship (Springer, 2018) [open access]
- "There is a growing trend in Europe and North America of using denationalisation of citizens as a counter-terrorism strategy. ... The contributors discuss the characterisation of citizenship as right versus privilege, the relevance of statelessness and dual nationality, the relative merits of citizenship versus human rights as normative framework, and the expansiveness of banishment itself as a concept."

"Stripping Naturalized Immigrants of Their Citizenship isn’t New," Smithsonian Magazine, 24 July 2018 [text]

(Un)Civil Denaturalization, Case Research Paper Series in Legal Studies Working Paper, no. 2018-9 (Case Western Reserve University, Aug. 2018) [text via SSRN]

U.S. developments: 

Ending Birthright Citizenship?

During a recent interview, the president indicated that he would like to end birthright citizenship via executive order. While no official policy for doing so is imminent, the proposal has generated significant commentary and analysis. Below is a sampling; for background, begin with this Vox explainer.

"The 14th Amendment and the History of Birthright Citizenship in the U.S.," NPR, 30 Oct. 2018 [text]

Ending Birthright Citizenship Could Put All Americans’ Nationality in Jeopardy (Immigration Impact Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Leading Constitutional Law Scholars Say Trump is Wrong if He Thinks He Can Eliminate Birthright Citizenship Through Executive Action (Center for American Progress, Oct. 2018) [text]

Reading the Plain Text of the Birthright Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment (Niskanen Center Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Trump, Birthright Citizenship and the US Constitution," VOA News, 1 Nov. 2018 [text]

"Trump’s Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Has Been Tried Elsewhere. The Human Rights Abuses Were Horrific," Slate, 6 Nov. 2018 [text]

The White House Counsel and the Pending Birthright Citizenship Executive Order (Lawfare Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Inclusion of Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census

What to Know about the Citizenship Question the Census Bureau is Planning to Ask in 2020 (Pew Research Center, March 2018) [text]
- See also related Vox explainer.

"Census Citizenship Question Triggers Legal and Political Fallout," Migration Information Source, 24 Oct. 2018 [text]

"Citizenship Query a Threat to U.S. Census, Witness Says as Trial Kicks off," Reuters, 5 Nov. 2018 [text]

The Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census, Explained (Vox, March 2018) [text]

How the Census Citizenship Question Could Affect Future Elections (ACLU Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Nationality & Statelessness - Pt. 1 (Statelessness)


Statelessness: A Minority Issue, Eleventh Session of the Forum on Minority Issues, Geneva, 29-30 November 2018 [info]
- Register by 23 November 2018. Follow link for concept note and factsheet.

World Conference on Statelessness and Inclusion, The Hague, 26-28 June 2019 [info]
- Early bird registration rate ends 31 December 2018.

News & developments:

Meeting of the Extraordinary Session of the Specialised Technical Committee (STC) on Migration, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, 29 October-3 November 2018 [info]
- Aim was to, among other things, consider the Draft Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Specific Aspects of the Right to a Nationality and the Eradication of Statelessness in Africa. Follow link for concept note and background documents. See also related discussion list posting.

UNHCR Reiterates the Importance of Eradication of Statelessness in Ukraine (UNHCR, Nov. 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

UNHCR Welcomes Spain and Haiti Move to Counter Statelessness (UNHCR, Sept. 2018) [text]
- Both countries recently took action to accede to one or both of the statelessness conventions.

Blog posts:

Chasing Shadows: Making Statelessness Visible in Poland (ENS Blog, Sept. 2018) [text]

Court of Appeal Says Statelessness Must be Proved on Balance of Probabilities (Free Movement Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]
- "In AS (Guinea) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2018] EWCA Civ 2234, the Court of Appeal has in effect rebuffed an attempt by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to make it easier to establish statelessness."

Not Just a Simple Twist of Fate: Statelessness in Lithuania and Latvia (ENS Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

#StatelessnessINDEX: A New Tool to Raise Awareness on Gaps in French Law, Policy and Practice (ENS Blog, Nov. 2018) [text]

Using the #StatelessnessIndex as a Teaching Tool: Enhancing the Capacity of Legal Aid Centres and Improving the Quality of Legal Assistance for Stateless People (ENS Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]

Reports & research:

Citizenship and Statelessness: (In)equality and (Non)discrimination (Institute on Statelessness & Inclusion, 2018) [text]

Mapping Statelessness in Portugal (UNHCR, Oct. 2018) [text]
- See also related ENS blog post.

Roma Belong: Statelessness, Discrimination and Marginalisation of Roma in Ukraine (European Network on Statelessness et al., March 2018; posted Sept. 2018) [text]

Statelessness: A Minority Issue, Report of the Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, UN Doc. no. A/73/205 (UN General Assembly, July 2018; presented Oct. 2018) [text]


International Society and the Risk of Statelessness, Oxford, 7 Nov. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

Paperless People Podcast Series (Institute on Statelessness & Inclusion) [access]
- "New podcast series around the nexus between legal identity and statelessness, including how minorities are vulnerable to harm even as efforts towards universal access to legal identity documentation move forward."

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07 November 2018

Thematic Focus: General - Pt. 2

Research & publications:

"Commentary: Unsettling Friendship and Using Friendship to Unsettle," Urban Studies, vol. 55, no. 3 (2018) [open access]
- Commentary on articles included in a special issue on "Urban friendship networks: Affective negotiations and potentialities of care" and how they might address the negative "othering" that occurs towards migrants and refugees.

Five Ways to Improve the World Bank Funding for Refugees and Hosts in Low-Income Countries and Why These Dedicated Resources Matter More Than Ever (Center for Global Development & International Rescue Committee, Nov. 2018) [text]

"Refugiados Urbanos: Política, Polícia e Resistência nas Fronteiras da Didade = Urban Refugees: Politics, Policing and Resistance at Cities’ Borders," REMHU: Revista Interdisciplinar da Mobilidade Humana, vol. 26, no. 53 (May-Aug. 2018) [open access]
- Article text is in Portuguese.

Social Cohesion and Forced Displacement: A Desk Review to Inform Programming and Project Design (World Bank, Nov. 2018) [text]
- See also related Dev4Peace blog post.

Urban Refuge: How Cities are Building Inclusive Communities (International Rescue Committee, Oct. 2018) [text]
- See also related CityLab article.

Vulnerabilities in Urban Protracted Displacement: Exploring the Roles of Space and Time, HLC Operational Practice Paper, no. 4 (Institute of Development Studies, Aug. 2018) [text]
- See also related opinion piece.

Workshop: Beyond Encampment: Managing Mass Migration in an Age of Urbanization, Oslo, 2 Nov. 2018 [info]

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Thematic Focus: General - Pt. 1


A Barbara Harrell-Bond Foundation has been established and is accepting donations to continue Barbara's work on behalf of refugees. A documentary about Barbara's life can also be accessed via the new site.

News & developments:

Hospitality Extended to Refugees Must Not Be Taken for Granted, Host Countries Caution as Third Committee Explores Responsibility-Sharing Options, GA/SHC/4248 (UN, Nov. 2018) [text]

[Joint Letter on Enhancing Cooperation on Internal Displacement] (UNHCR & ICRC, Oct. 2018) [text]

Member States Pledge More Than $425 Million at 2018 United Nations Conference for Development, Humanitarian Activities, DEV/3369-SAG/500 (UN, Nov. 2018) [text]

"On the Move: The Faces, Places, and Politics of Migration," Christian Science Monitor (Oct.-Nov. 2018) [access]
- Ongoing series on global migration.

"Trump Wants to Make It Hard to Get Asylum. Other Countries Feel the Same," New York Times, 2 Nov. 2018 [text]

UN Refugee Chief Urges States to Support Fairer Response to Refugee Crises (UNHCR, Oct. 2018) [text]
- See also the HC's speech to the UNGA's Third Committee, the annual Report on the United High Commissioner for Refugees (Part 1 & Part 2) which was presented to the Committee, and an overview of the debate at the meeting.

World Cities Day: Addressing Internal Displacement is Key to Achieving Urban Sustainability (IDMC Blog, Oct. 2018) [text]


Asylum after Empire: Postcolonial Legacies in the Politics of Asylum Seeking, Oxford, 24 Oct. 2018 [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

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