01 December 2023

Regional Focus: Europe

Commentary & analysis re. the recent UK Supreme Court decision on the UK-Rwanda policy and the government's next steps:

AAA and Others (2023-4): Judging Rwanda (Border Criminologies Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- The Good Faith Dilemma: Analysis of Rishi Sunak’s Asylum Plan to Rwanda (RLI Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- The Human Impact of the Illegal Migration Act and the Rwanda Plan (UK Refugee Council, Nov. 2023) [access] (follow link for research report, two related briefings and press release)
- Panel discussion: Refugee Protection and AAA and others (2023-4) - Panel 1: International Refugee Law and Safe Third Countries, Online, 22 November 2023 [access]
- The Supreme Court rules the UK-Rwanda policy unlawful (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- Supreme Judgecraft: Non-Refoulement and the end of the UK-Rwanda ‘deal’? (Verfassungsblog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- UK’s failed asylum deportation plan puts Rwanda’s human rights and refugee struggles in the spotlight (The Conversation, Nov. 2023) [text]

Short pieces:

Enforcing Migration Control on Mountains (Border Criminologies Blog, Dec. 2023) [text]

How a small organisation can influence EU migration policies: lessons for the research-policy nexus (MPC Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Latest on migration [What Think Tanks are thinking] (EPRS, Nov. 2023) [access]

Refugees unwelcome: Increasing surveillance and repression of asylum seekers in the “new Moria” refugee camp on Lesvos (NCHS Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Top EU court makes it easier to deport refugees to other EU states (InfoMigrants, Dec. 2023) [text]

UNHCR urges Finland to protect the right to seek asylum (UNHCR, Nov. 2023) [text]


Bridging the Gap: Migration Policies and People’s Policy Perspectives in Balti and Cahul (Republic of Moldova) (IOM, Nov. 2023) [text]

Migrant and refugee movements through the Central Mediterranean sea: Joint Annual Overview 2022 (IOM & UNHCR, Nov. 2023) [text]

"No one came to our rescue”: The new normal of EU migration policies in the Central Mediterranean (Médecins Sans Frontières, Nov. 2023) [text]

Residence permits and travel documents for third-country nationals in the context of asylum (EUAA, Nov. 2023) [text]

Streamlining the Asylum Process: An Evaluation of Recent Reforms (Univ. of Nottingham, Oct. 2023) [text]
- Focuses on the UK.

Journal articles:

"An Analysis of Greece's Potential Violations of the Refugee Convention and the Rome Statute in its Treatment of Refugees," UCLA Journal of International Law and Foreign Affairs, vol. 27, no. 1 (2023) [full-text]

"Emotions, perceived threat, prejudice, and attitudes towards helping Ukrainian, Syrian, and Somali asylum seekers," PLoS ONE 18(9): e0290335 (Sept. 2023) [open access]

"Governing through bureaucratically imposed waiting: on stuckedness among asylum seekers and refugees waiting for residence permits in Sweden," European Journal of Social Work, Latest Articles, 16 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"The Italy-Libya Memorandum: stripping away the right of asylum in the Italian legal system," UNIO – EU Law Journal, vol. 9, no. 2 (2023) [open access]

"Understandings of Happiness and Life Satisfaction Among Refugees in the UK," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Articles, 25 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Voter Preferences for EU Asylum Policies: The Role of Government Cues," Government and Opposition, FirstView, 20 Nov. 2023 [open access]

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New Book Titles

Please see a two-part listing of references to new books posted on my Forced Migration Library blog. Part 1 highlights new books due out in December 2023, while part 2 lists new November 2023 and open access titles.

30 November 2023

Round-up: OA Articles Published by Global South Authors (30 Nov. 2023)

This is a round-up of open access materials produced by authors based in the Global South (GS) and other geographic areas that are less well-represented in the domain of scholarly forced migration literature. Generally, articles are included if either the lead author or at least half of the co-authors are based in the GS. These references are organized by type of open access. The OA items herein were previously referenced on this blog as of 1 November 2023.

Bronze OA:

"La Migracion Ambiental en la Frontera Colombo-Ecuatoriana: Es Suficiente la Proteccion Internacional Para los Eco-Refugiados?," American University International Law Review, vol. 38, no. 2 (2023)
- Author = Ecuador

Diamond OA:

"Arbitrary Detention of Mexican Citizens by Mexican Immigration Authorities," International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, vol. 12, no. 2 (2023)
- Authors (2) = Netherlands (lead), Mexico

"Editorial: Serving Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations in Social and Educational Contexts," Frontiers in Psychology, 27 Oct. 2023
- Authors (4) = Lebanon (lead), US (2), UK (1)
- Note: This journal charges a publication fee for articles but not for editorials.

"Legal Gap in Refugee Protection in Non-Signatory Countries: An Evidence from Indonesia," Danube, vol. 14, no. 3 (2023)
- Authors (3) = Hungary/Indonesia (2, incl. lead), Hungary (1)

"Movilidad humana: 'Riesgos y respuestas de protección para la población en situación de movilidad humana y refugio en el contexto de la pandemia COVID-19 en Ecuador'," Tsafiqui: Revista Científica en Ciencias Sociales," vol. 13, no. 20 (2023)
- Authors (2) = Ecuador

"Serendipity during the Pandemic: Taking a Community-partnered Study about Young, Forced Migrants Online," Migration, Mobility & Displacement, vol. 6, no. 1 (2023)
- Authors (6) = Canada (2, incl. lead), Thailand (4)

"Vulnerabilities of Venezuelan Refugee Women: Violence and Intersectional Social Relations," Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP, vol. 57, Spec. Issue (2023)
- Authors (4) = Brazil

Gold OA:

Note: Article processing charges (APCs) and other fees are indicated below; waivers are generally offered by gold OA journals but the waiver status of the authors listed below is unknown.

"COVID-19 and Migrants: Lessons for Pandemic Preparedness from the Malaysian Experience," Globalization and Health, 19:92 (Nov. 2023)
- Author = Malaysia
- APC = USD 2990

"Determinants of Life Satisfaction among Migrants in South Africa: An Analysis of the GCRO’s Quality of Life Survey (2009–2021)," BMC Public Health, 23:2030 (Oct. 2023)
- Authors (4) = South Africa
- APC = USD 3090

- Authors (7) = Jordan
- APC = CHF 2300

- Authors (10) = UK/Japan (lead), Jordan (6), Japan (1), US/Lebanon (1), UK (1)
- APC = GBP 1475

- Authors (2) = Australia/Bangladesh (lead), Bangladesh
- APC = CHF 2400

- Authors (4) = Brazil
- APC = USD 2890

"A Sustainable Wind–Biogas Hybrid System for Remote Areas in Jordan: A Case Study of Mobile Hospital for a Zaatari Syrian Refugee Camp," Sustainability, vol 15, no. 20 (Oct. 2023)
- Authors (5) = Jordan (3, incl. lead), US (2)
- APC = CHF 2400

- Authors (6) = Nigeria
- Note: There is no APC, but a submission fee is collected to pay reviewers and there are page charges.

- Authors (2) = Bangladesh
- APC = USD 2000

Green OA:

Note: Authors can now deposit their postprints in the Forced Migration Research Archive (FMRA)! The submission form and guidelines are available on FMRA's website.

Hybrid OA:

Note: Article processing charges (APCs) are indicated below; waivers are not available for hybrid OA APCs.

"Context Matters: The Implications of the Mode of Service Provision for Structural and Relational Integration of Refugees in Ghana and Ethiopia," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Articles, 28 Oct. 2023
- Authors (4) = Ghana (lead), Ethiopia (2), Germany (1)
- APC = EUR 4210

"Expanding the Reflexive Turn in Migration Studies: Refugee Protection, Regularization, and Naturalization in Latin America," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Latest Articles, 1 Nov. 2023
- Authors (2) = UK (lead), Peru
- APC = USD 3175

"Introduction: Towards a New Migration and Asylum Research Agenda for the Americas," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Latest Articles, 1 Nov. 2023
- Authors (2) = Canada (lead), Mexico
- APC = USD 3175

"Migration Governance in Pakistan: Institutional Challenges and Data Gaps," International Migration Review, OnlineFirst, 16 Oct. 2023
- Authors (3) = Pakistan
- APC = USD 3250

"Political Participation of Refugee and Host Community Youths: Epistemic Resistance Through Artistic and Participatory Spaces," Journal of Youth Studies, Latest Articles, 26 Oct. 2023
- Authors (8) = UK (2, incl. lead), Turkey (2), South Africa (2), Uganda (2)
- APC = USD 3710

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Thematic Focus: Gender-related Issues - Pt. 2

Journal articles:

"Afghan Women Refugees Enduring Domestic Violence Despite Finding Sanctuary in the UK," Journal of International Migration and Integration, Latest Articles, 28 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Disparities in Obstetric, Neonatal, and Birth Outcomes Among Syrian Women Refugees and Jordanian Women," International Journal of Public Health, 3 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Journey of Violence: Refugee Women’s Experiences Across Three Stages and Places," Journal of International Migration and Integration, Latest Articles, 15 Nov. 2023 [open access]
- Focuses on Portugal.

"Lifetime sexual violence experienced by women asylum seekers and refugees hosted in high-income countries: Literature review and meta-analysis," Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine, In press, 22 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Post-Resettlement Intimate Partner Domestic Violence in Afghan and Arab Refugees: A Scoping Review," Social Sciences, vol. 12, no. 12 (Nov. 2023) [open access]

"Reflection of Syrian Refugee Women Living in Türkiye in National and International Academic Studies," Migration & Diversity, vol. 2, no. 3 (2023) [open access]

"Safety, Shame, and Ambiguity: The Case of Ukrainian Male Refugees," International Migration Review, OnlineFirst, 21 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) needs for forcibly displaced adolescent girls and young women (10-24 years old) in humanitarian settings," Reproductive Health, 20:174 (Nov. 2023) [open access]

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Thematic Focus: Gender-related Issues - Pt. 1

Short pieces:

Female Genital Mutilation and the Question of Future Persecution When Seeking Asylum in the United States (Immigration Law Blog, Oct. 2023) [text]

The U.S.-Canada Safe Third Country Agreement & Gender-Based Discrimination (RLI Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Why Women Leave: Gang and Gender-Based Violence in the Northern Triangle (RLI Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]


Gender Dynamics in Internal Displacement (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, Nov. 2023) [text]

Guide Pratique pour les avocat·es: Procédures de Protection Internationale Liées au Genre - Violences sexuelles ou basées sur le genre, orientation sexuelle et identité de genre (Ghent Univ., 2023) [text]

Unequal Access: Gendered Barriers to Humanitarian Assistance (WFP, May 2023) [text]


Women in Refugee Law Network (WiRL) [access]
- "The purpose of the network is to re-centre the study of refugee women within refugee law, policy and practice. In particular, the initiative challenges the assumption that legal and policy changes in the last 30 years have displaced the need for continued research and advocacy efforts. It aims to safeguard advances and identify contemporary obstacles to the protection of women in refugee law, policy and practice." WiRL's new website provides information on how to join the network, along with access to event details and key guidelines. In addition, it has developed a searchable database that houses "links to research, legal cases and other resources relating to refugee women." 

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29 November 2023

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

Short pieces:

Examining the Refugee Microenterprise Development Program, its successes, and opportunities for further impact (Niskanen Center Commentary, Nov. 2023) [text]
- Focuses on the US.

Helping refugees integrate into the labour market: Evidence from Uganda (VoxDev, Aug. 2023) [text]

IGAD Conducts the 3rd Annual Regional Review Conference on the Kampala Declaration (IGAD, Oct. 2023) [text]

Labor Shortage Can Be Fixed by Letting Asylum Seekers Get Work Permits Sooner, Business Leaders Say (Immigration Impact Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- Focuses on the US.

Lessons from Canada: private sponsorship can help refugees land higher-skilled jobs (Niskanen Center Commentary, Nov. 2023) [text]
- See also related post on The Conversation.

Na’amal and World Bank Launch Research Study with 2,000 Refugees:  What is the impact of mentoring and training on remote work for refugees? (Na’amal, Nov. 2023) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Solutions That Work? Analyzing State Employment Authorization for Noncitizens in the US (Just Security Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Unlocking the economic gains of hosting refugees starts with economic inclusion (UNHCR Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Apples and Oranges: Refugees’ Right to Work versus Economic Migrants’ Privilege to Work," Migration & Diversity, vol. 2, no. 3 (Nov. 2023) [open access]
- Focuses on South Africa.

"Are cash-for-work programmes good for local economic growth? The case of donor-funded public works for refugees and nationals in Jordan," Canadian Journal of Development Studies = Revue canadienne d'études du développement, Latest Articles, 14 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"The Benefits and Challenges of Including Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Paid and Unpaid Positions in Non-Governmental Organisations through ‘Experts by Experience’ programs," Migration & Diversity, vol. 2, no. 3 (Nov. 2023) [open access]
- Focuses on the UK.

"Refugees and asylum seekers in informal and precarious jobs: early labour market insertion from the perspectives of professionals and volunteers," International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, vol. 43, no. 13/14 (2023) [open access]
- Focuses on Italy.

"Scorched Earth: Employers’ Breached Trust in Refugees’ Labor Market Integration," Business & Society, OnlineFirst, 8 Nov. 2023 [open access]
- Focuses on Germany.

"Taking Action towards an Inclusive Career Counselling for Asylum Seekers and Refugees—A Literature Review Based on the PRISMA Model," Behavioral Sciences, vol. 13, no. 12 (Nov. 2023) [open access]

Towards Dignified Inclusive Opportunities: Enhancing Self-Reliance and Access to the Formal Labour Market for Refugees and Host Communities (West Asia-North Africa Institute, Nov. 2023) [text via ReliefWeb]
- Focuses on Jordan.

The transformative role of agriculture in refugee settings: Amplifying the voices of refugees and host communities (FAO, Nov. 2023) [text]


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Regional Focus: Asia Pacific

Short pieces:

Australia’s chance to show global leadership on Rohingya displacement (The Interpreter Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

"Indonesia’s Refugees Are Just in Transit. What Happens If the Boats Keep Coming?," The Diplomat, 22 Nov. 2023 [text]

"Pakistan Extends Stay of 1.4 Million Registered Afghan Refugees," VOA News, 10 Nov. 2023 [text]

Where did the Afghan refugees go – and where next? (The Interpreter Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- See also related ICG Q&A and UNHCR briefing note.

Reports & journal articles:

"Afghan mental health and psychosocial well-being: thematic review of four decades of research and interventions," BJPsych Open, vol. 9, no. 4 (2023) [open access]

*"COVID-19 and migrants: lessons for pandemic preparedness from the Malaysian experience," Globalization and Health, 19:92 (Nov. 2023) [open access]

"COVID-19 return migration phenomena: experiences from South and Southeast Asia," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Latest Articles, 23 Nov. 2023 [free full-text]
- Introduction to forthcoming special issue.

"Legal Gap in Refugee Protection in Non-Signatory Countries: An Evidence from Indonesia," Danube, vol. 14, no. 3 (2023) [open access]

Migration in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic: A Country Profile 2023 (IOM, Oct. 2023) [text]

"Serendipity during the pandemic: Taking a community-partnered study about young, forced migrants online," Migration, Mobility & Displacement, vol. 6, no. 1 (2023) [open access]
- "This research update describes the transformation of a partnership project between a university-based team in Canada and a migrant-serving community organization in Thailand occasioned by the pandemic."

'Under the radar with no support': Access to justice for newly arrived, migrant and refugee communities during COVID-19 in Victoria (Univ. of Melbourne, RMIT Univ., Foundation House, Victoria Legal Aid & Afri-Aus Care, Nov. 2023) [text]


Far from the Rooftop of the World: Travels Among Tibetan Refugees on Four Continents, 25 Oct. 2023 [access]


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New Issue of IJRL

The latest issue of the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL) has been published. Contents of vol. 35, no. 2, June 2023 include: 
  • Migration Deals Seen through the Lens of the ICESCR [open access]
  • Statelessness and Nationality Matters in the Context of Migration between Northern Africa and Spain [abstract]
  • Nationality Status Determination in Asylum Procedures under the CEAS and the Potential Impact of the ‘New Pact on Migration and Asylum’ [open access]
  • Adjudication of Procedural Safeguards for Vulnerable Asylum Seekers in Greece: Case Law and Systemic Non-Compliance [abstract]

In addition, readers will find case law summaries and five book reviews.

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18 November 2023

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17 November 2023

Regional Focus: Europe


Report launch: Nordic Asylum Practice in relation to Religious Conversion: Insights from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Copenhagen, 13 December 2023 [info]

Short pieces:

Disinformers use similar arguments and techniques to steer hate against migrants from Ukraine or the Global South (European Digital Media Observatory, Nov. 2023) [text]

International law or national identity? How the German and Polish governments framed whether to accept Syrian and Ukrainian refugees (MPC Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Supreme court rules Rwanda plan unlawful: a legal expert explains the judgment, and what happens next (The Conversation, Nov. 2023) [text]
- Focuses on the UK. See also related UNHCR statement and AP news story.

What makes Ukrainian refugees different from other refugees in the eyes of Europeans? (EUROPP Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Contesting policy categories using intersectionality: reflections for studying migration governance," Ethnic and Racial Studies, vol. 46, no. 14 (2023) [open access]

Displacement Patterns, Protection Risks and Needs of Refugees from Ukraine, Regional Protection Analysis, no. 3 (UNHCR, Nov. 2023) [access]

EU Asylum Reform and the Western Balkans: What Does the Future Hold for Serbia? (GPPI, Sept. 2023) [text]

"If ‘it all breaks down’: The Norwegian refugee crisis as a geography of chaos," Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, OnlineFirst, 9 Nov. 2023 [open access]

"Navigating constraints, finding freedom: exploring asylum seekers’ access to urban arrival infrastructures," Urban Geography, Latest Articles, 10 Nov. 2023 [open access]
- Focuses on Germany.

"The permanent regime of temporary solutions: Housing of forced migrants in Europe as a policy challenge," European Urban and Regional Studies, OnlineFirst, 13 Oct. 2023 [open access]

"Perspectives of flow and place: rethinking notions of migration and mobility in policy-making," Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Latest Articles, 11 Nov. 2023 [open access]


Refugee protection and solidarity: the duties of EU member states, 14 Nov. 2023 [access]

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Thematic Focus: Climate Change & Disasters

Short pieces:

Australia’s offer of climate migration to Tuvalu residents is groundbreaking – and could be a lifeline across the Pacific (The Conversation, Nov. 2023) [text]
- See also related Kaldor Centre statement.

Climate change and displacement: the myths and the facts (UNHCR, Nov. 2023) [text]

"COP28 declaration to tie climate funding to conflict for the first time," The New Humanitarian, 13 Nov. 2023 [text]
- Includes a link to a draft of the Climate, Relief, Recovery and Peace Declaration.

IOM Hackathon Bridges Data Gaps on Climate Change and Migration (IOM, Oct. 2023) [text]

It’s Not Too Late to Galvanize Action on Climate-Affected Mobility (Just Security Blog, Oct. 2023) [text]

A New Bill Could Help the U.S. Lead on Climate Change and Displacement (Just Security Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Pacific Islands Countries Lauded for Endorsing Regional Framework on Climate Mobility (IOM, Nov. 2023) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Climate Migration 101: An Explainer," Migration Information Source, 16 Nov. 2023 [text]

"Climate Crisis Induced Migration: A Global Framework to Minimize and Manage Large-Scale Climate Refugees and Migrants," Journal of Science Policy & Governance, vol. 23, no. 1 (2023) [open access]

"Interventions addressing conflict in communities hosting climate-influenced migrants: Literature review," Environment and Security, OnlineFirst, 10 Nov. 2023 [free full-text]

Kaldor Centre Principles on Climate Mobility (Nov. 2023) [text]

"La Migracion Ambiental en la Frontera Colombo-Ecuatoriana: Es Suficiente la Proteccion Internacional Para los Eco-Refugiados?," American University International Law Review, vol. 38, no. 2 (2023) [full-text]

"(Un)just post-disaster mobilities in small island developing states: Revisiting the patterns and outcomes of three major environmental disasters in the Caribbean," International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction, vol. 97 (Oct. 2023) [open access]

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16 November 2023

Regional Focus: Africa

Short pieces:

Pledges aren’t enough to protect East Africa’s refugees (ISS Today, Nov. 2023) [text]

SADC Member States partner with the African Development Bank and UNHCR to address forced displacement, fragility, and climate resilience in Southern Africa (UNHCR, Nov. 2023) [text]

Verifying records of over 61,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in Republic of Congo (UNHCR Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

Conflict, climate change, food security, and mobility in the Karamoja Cluster: A study to analyse interactions among conflict, food security, climate change, migration and displacement factors (FAO, IGAD & Interpeace, Nov. 2023) [text via ReliefWeb]

A Critical Turning Point: The Path to Durable Solutions for Refugees in Uganda (Norwegian Refugee Council, Nov. 2023) [text]

Exploring new approaches to urban refugee hosting in Kenya (IIED, Nov. 2023) [text]

Knowledge, resources and access to sexual and reproductive health and rights: The views and experiences of young refugees living in Kyangwali refugee settlement, Western Uganda (Open Univ., June 2023) [text]

Migration and Displacement in Secondary Cities: Insights from Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda (Migration Policy Institute, Nov. 2023) [text]
- See also video recording of related webinar.

"Systematic Analysis of the Security and Economic Implications of Migration and Regional Conflict in West Africa," Global Journal of Social Sciences, vol. 22, no. 1 (2023) [open access]

"When Legal Inclusion is not Enough: The 'Uganda Model' of Refugee Protection on the Brink of Failure," Refugee Survey Quarterly, Advance Articles, 15 Nov. 2023 [open access]

White Paper on Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Protection: Towards a complete overhaul of the migration system in South Africa (Govt. of South Africa, Nov. 2023) [text via CRAI]
- See also related press statement. Public comments on the white paper can be submitted until 19 January 2024.

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Regional Focus: MENA

News & commentary on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza: 

Here are the most recent sitreps from OCHA and UNRWA. Visit ReliefWeb for a much more comprehensive listing of updates and situation reports.
  • "4 things to know about UNRWA, Gaza's largest aid organization," NPR, 13 Nov. 2023 [text]
  • "Gaza: 'How do we escape the slow death of starvation?'," The New Humanitarian, 7 Nov. 2023 [text]
  • "Gaza refugee camps: born during first Arab-Israeli war," France 24, 7 Nov. 2023 [text]
  • "Israel Tells Palestinians to Leave 4 Southern Gaza Towns," VOA News, 16 Nov. 2023 [text]
  • "Overrun shelters in Gaza become disease risks, as forced flight continues," The New Humanitarian, 15 Nov. 2023 [text]
  • Responses to the humanitarian situation in Gaza and Israel (Humanitarian Practice Network, Oct.-Nov. 2023) [access]
  • Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, Humanitarian chiefs will not take part in unilateral proposals to create “safe zones” in Gaza (IASC, Nov. 2023) [text]
  • Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, on the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, "We need an immediate humanitarian ceasefire" (IASC, Nov. 2023) [text]
  • "UN Security Council adopts resolution calling for urgent humanitarian pauses and corridors in Gaza," AP News, 15 Nov. 2023 [text] [see also related Amnesty International statement and VOA News story]
  • Why a “humanitarian pause” or “humanitarian corridors” are simply not the answer in Gaza (Views & Voices Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
  • "With 102 Workers Killed, U.N. Agency in Gaza Struggles to Provide Aid," New York Times, 14 Nov. 2023 [text]
Other publications:

Abuse, Corruption, and Accountability: Time to Reassess EU & U.S. Migration Cooperation with Tunisia (Refugees International, Nov. 2023) [text]

A Cascading Crisis: Looming Threats of Mass Internal Displacement from South Lebanon in the Wake of the Israel-Hamas Armed Conflict (RID Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]

EU planning new anti-migration deals with Egypt and Tunisia, unrepentant in support for Libya (Statewatch, Nov. 2023) [text]

"In a Tunisian migration hub, asylum seekers find little support," The New Humanitarian, 6 Nov. 2023 [text]

"Problematizing Early Marriages: Development Narratives and Refugee Experiences in Jordan," Chapter in Muslim Marriage and Non-Marriage: Where Religion and Politics Meet Intimate Life (Leuven University Press, Nov. 2023) [access]
- Scroll to p. 61.

"Los refugiados palestinos y la UNRWA: encuentros y desencuentros de una relación compleja," Estudios de Asia y África, vol. 58, no. 3 (2023) [open access]

"Youth development and spatial configurations: socio-spatial inequalities in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon," Frontiers in Sociology, 15 Nov. 2023 [open access]

15 November 2023

Regional Focus: United States


Webinar: Immigration Enforcement Mechanisms at the U.S. Southwest Border: The Only Constant is Change, 6 December 2023 [info]

Short pieces:

The Importance of Fair Vetting Procedures for Iranian Refugees (Cardozo ERSJ Blog, Oct. 2023) [text]

Map the Impact: Immigrants Make Up Over 18% of the Total US Population Growth (Immigration Impact Blog, Nov. 2023) [text]
- Links to interactive map. 

Shifting Patterns and Policies Reshape Migration to U.S.-Mexico Border in Major Ways in 2023 (MPI Commentary, Oct. 2023) [text]

The U.S.-Mexico Border Problem will not be 'Solved' until all Parts of the Border Enforcement System are Properly Resourced (MPI Commentary, Nov. 2023) [text]

Reports & journal articles:

"Can the Biden Immigration Playbook be Effective for Managing Arrivals via Sea?," Migration Information Source, 25 Oct. 2023 [text]

Judge-by-Judge Asylum Decisions in Immigration Courts, FY 2018-2023 (TRAC, Oct. 2023) [access]

"The Leadership Limitation on Persecutors and Terrorist Organizations," Cornell Law Review Online, vol. 108 (May 2023) [full-text
- Focuses on Sikh asylum-seekers. See also related preprint.

New data analysis shows that Temporary Protected Status for Central American countries should reduce, not increase, irregular migration at the border (FWD.us, Oct. 2023) [text]

Primer: Immigration Enforcement Mechanisms at the U.S. Border (American Bar Association, updated Oct. 2023) [text]

"The Toll Paid When Adjudicators Err: Reforming Appellate Review Standards for Refugees," Georgetown Immigration Law Journal (Forthcoming) [preprint]

"Violence in the Administrative State," California Law Review, vol. 112 (Forthcoming, 2024) [preprint]


20th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference, 18 Sept. 2023 [access]

Reforming Asylum for the 21st Century: A Podcast with Immigration Expert Muzzafar Chishti (The Border Chronicle, Oct. 2023) [access]

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