19 June 2018

Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 2


Job announcement: Consultancy, Danish Refugee Council [info]
- Consultant sought for research on return practices and the role of detention in the EU hotspots in Greece and Italy. Apply by 22 June 2018.


Five Things You Didn’t Know about Refugees in the UK (Free Movement Blog, June 2018) [text]

Germany’s (not so) Grand Coalition May Cause Ripple Effects on European Refugee Policy (Refugee Research Blog, June 2018) [text]

Legal Analysis of Hungary’s Anti-NGO Bill (Open Society Foundations, June 2018) [text]

Monitoring Perceptions of People Served by the Red Cross in Austria and Their Field Staff (IFRC & Ground Truth Solutions, April 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Refugee Week 2018: 20 Years of Refugee Aid, Advocacy and Activism (Refugee History Blog, June 2018) [access]
- Blog series for Refugee Week.

A Study of the Communication Channels Used by Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Italy, with a Particular Focus on Online and Social Media (European Commission & European Univ. Institute, April 2018) [text]

Tracking Migrant Perceptions in Italy - Case Study: Perception Surveys of Migrants in Rome, Turin, and Catania (IFRC & Ground Truth Solutions, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Grandi Urges Fair and Coherent Approach to European Asylum Policies (UNHCR, June 2018) [text]
- Focuses on Denmark.

"When 'Inclusion' Means 'Exclusion': Discourses on the Eviction and Repatriations of Roma Migrants, at National and European Union Level," Journal of International Migration and Integration, 19 June 2018 [open access]
- Focuses on Roma in France.

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Regional Focus: Europe - Pt. 1

Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union 2017 (EASO, June 2018) [text]

The Aquarius Incident: Navigating the Turbulent Waters of International Law (EJIL: Talk Blog, June 2018) [text]

Asylum Seekers are Now Political Pawns in a Disharmonious EU (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

Central Mediterranean Survey: Mapping Migration Routes & Incidents (Xchange, June 2018) [text]

Deeply Talks: Europe’s Migration Laboratory (Refugees Deeply, June 2018) [text]
- Follow link for podcast.

Destination Europe: Homecoming (IRIN, June 2018) [text]

ECRE Comments on the Commission Proposal Amending the Migration Statistics Regulation COM(2018) 307 (ECRE, June 2018) [text]

EU Budget: Commission Proposes Major Funding Increase for Stronger Borders and Migration (European Commission, June 2018) [text]
- Note: Scroll down for numerous links to factsheets and other resources.

EU’s Refugee Deterrence Policies Drive ‘Suffering Out of Sight’ Say Aid Workers (WikiTribune, 4 June 2018) [text]

From Push-backs to Pull-backs: The EU’s New Deterrence Strategy Faces Legal Challenge (Netzwerk Fl├╝chtlingsforschung Blog, June 2018) [text]

How Cities Can Help Solve Europe’s Crisis Over Refugees (Refugees Deeply, June 2018) [text]

Refugees in Orbit – Again! (Verfassungsblog, June 2018) [text]

Toward an Effective and Principled EU Migration Policy: Recommendations for Reform (Human Rights Watch, June 2018) [text]

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Regional Focus: Americas

"Canada Tracking Trump's Border Crackdown to See if U.S. Remains Safe for Asylum Seekers," CBC, 18 June 2018 [text]

Chaos Coming to Canada after U.S. Decision on Refugees (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

Economic Transfers and Social Cohesion in a Refugee-hosting Setting, Innocenti Working Paper, no. 10 (Unicef, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Mexico Seeks to Become ‘Country of Refuge’ as US Cracks Down on Migrants (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

Playing This Board Game Will Challenge Your Ideas about Refugees (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]
- Focuses on Canada.

Reflections from the Border: Entering a New World (Center for Migration Studies, June 2018) [text]

Refugees and Indigenous Canadians Seek Common Ground Amid Tensions (Refugees Deeply, June 2018) [text]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons on Her Visit to El Salvador, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/38/39/Add.1 (UN Human Rights Council, April 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

They are (Still) Refugees: People Continue to Flee Violence in Latin American Countries (Center for American Progress, June 2018) [text]

UN Migration Agency Launches Report on Indigenous Venezuelans Migration to Brazil (IOM, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]
- Note: Report is in Portuguese.

United States Seeks to Reject Asylum Seekers by Designating Mexico a Safe Third Country (Immigration Impact Blog, June 2018) [text]
- See also related letter.

U.S.-Canada Agreement on Refugees is Now Unconstitutional (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

"Venezuela Migrants in Colombia Tops a Million over 15 Months: Government," Reuters, 13 June 2018 [text]

Venezuelans Deserve Refugee Status (Project Syndicate, May 2018) [text]

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News: More on U.S. Family Separation Policy

UN reactions:

UN Chief Criticizes Trump Family Separation Policy (The Hill, 18 June 2018) [text]

"U.N. Rights Boss Calls for End to Trump's Policy of Family Separation," Reuters, 18 June 2018 [text]
- Note: The OHCHR had issued an earlier statement on this matter. (Scroll down to "US Immigration Detention and Family Separation".)

UNHCR Urges Family Unity at Southern US Border (UNHCR, 18 June 2018) [text]
- Note: Prior to this press release, UNHCR responded to questions at a press briefing, stating that "The unity of the family was sacrosanct and needed to be preserved in the best interests of children and of society." (Scroll down to "William Spindler.")

Medical/health community's reactions:

Articles/blog posts:

"How the Toxic Stress of Family Separation can Harm a Child," PBS, 18 June 2018 [text]

"Kids Can Suffer Permanent Damage from Border Separations," NBC News, 15 June 2018 [text]

We Are Better Than This (LexisNexis Immigration Law Blog, June 2018) [text]

"What Separation from Parents Does to Children: ‘The effect is catastrophic’," Washington Post, 18 June 2018 [text]


AAP Statement Opposing Separation of Children and Parents at the Border (American Academy of Pediatrics) [text]

ACP Objects to Separation of Children from Their Parents at Border (American College of Physicians) [text]

America’s Health Professionals Appeal to Trump Administration: End Family Separation at Border Immediately (Physicians for Human Rights) [text]
- See also their sign-on letter.

American Academy of Family Physicians Statement Regarding the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Policy to Separate Children from Adult Caregivers [text]

APA Statement Opposing Separation of Children from Parents at the Border (American Psychiatric Association) [text]

"Doctors Oppose Policy That Splits Kids from Caregivers at Border," AMA News, 13 June 2018 [text]

Separating Parents and Children at US Border is Inhumane and Sets the Stage for a Public Health Crisis (American Public Health Association) [text]

Statement of APA President Regarding the Traumatic Effects of Separating Immigrant Families (American Psychological Association) [text]
- See also APA's letter to the president.

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18 June 2018

Thematic Focus: Education

Watch for:

The main focus of UNESCO's forthcoming 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report (GEM) will be on migration and displacement. It will "present evidence on the implications of migration and displacement for education systems but also the impact that reforming education curricula, pedagogical approaches and teacher preparation can have on addressing the challenges and opportunities posed by migration and displacement." The report will be launched on 20 November 2018; read the concept note for additional background info. In the interim, check the GEM blog as it will be posting related opinion pieces, and respond to this request for info for a background paper "on initiatives on higher education for refugees and asylum seekers globally."


Education under Attack 2018 (Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

A Handbook for Teaching English to Afghan Women Refugees, MA Field Project (Univ. of San Francisco, May 2018) [text]

Higher Education and Syrian Refugee Students (Issam Fares Institute, July 2017)
- Project with UNESCO "to assess the impact of the conflict in Syria and the results of the crisis on tertiary education in host countries, including Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey." Follow links for country reports; there is not one available yet for Egypt.

Innovations for Improving Access to and Quality of Education for Urban Refugees (Education Plus Development Blog, May 2018) [text]

"International Students in the United States," Migration Information Source, 9 May 2018 [text]

Is the Education of Local Children Influenced by Living Nearby a Refugee Camp? Evidence from Host Communities in Rwanda, Working Paper, no. 18 (UNU-WIDER, 2018) [text]

A Lost Generation: No Education, No Dreams for Rohingya Refugee Children (IRIN, May 2018) [text]

"Moving Forward: Educational Outcomes for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) Exiting Foster Care in the United States," Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 31, no. 2 (June 2018) [ResearchGate]

No Lost Generation: Supporting the School Participation of Displaced Syrian Children in Lebanon, Innocenti Working Paper, no. 6 (Unicef, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

(Re)Claiming Social Capital: Improving Language and Cultural Pathways for Students from Refugee Backgrounds into Australian Higher Education (Univ. of Newcastle, Curtin Univ. &Macquarie Univ., May 2018) [text via APO]
- See also related Univ. of Newcastle news story and The Conversation post.

UC Davis Launches Digital Tool in Lebanon to Help Syrian Refugees Reclaim Right to Education (UC Davis, June 2018) [text]

"Universities & Their Duty to Help Refugees," IPS, 13 June 2018 [text]

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Tagged Publications.

Events: Refugee Weeks & World Refugee Day

Refugee Week Australia, 17-23 June 2018 [info]
- The theme this year is same as World Refugee Day's: #WithRefugees.

Refugee Week UK, 18-24 June 2018 [info]
- This year's theme focuses on celebrating the 20th anniversary of Refugee Week.

World Refugee Day, 20 June 2018 [info]
- The #WithRefugees campaign was first launched in 2016. Here is a list of some U.S.-based events. Follow the hash tag to learn more about what is taking place around the world.

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16 June 2018

New Issue of JRS

The latest issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published. Contents of vol. 31, no. 2, June 2018 include:
  • The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework: A Commentary [free full-text]
  • The Local Refugee Match: Aligning Refugees’ Preferences with the Capacities and Priorities of Localities [abstract] [Academia]
  • Everyday Justice for the Internally Displaced in a Context of Fragility: The Case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) [open access]
  • Giving an Account of Persecution: The Dynamic Formation of Asylum Narratives [abstract]
  • Bifurcation of People, Bifurcation of Law: Externalization of Migration Policy Before the EU Court of Justice [abstract] [author site]
  • Moving Forward: Educational Outcomes for Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) Exiting Foster Care in the United States [abstract] [ResearchGate]

Many thanks to Carolien Jacobs & Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa for the open access article!

Tagged Periodicals.

New post on Open Access Book Chapters

If you would like a round-up of open access book chapters that I have referenced since the beginning of 2018, check out this post on my Forced Migration Library blog.

Tagged Publications.

Open Access Round-up: 15 June 2018

Below is a listing of Open Access literature that I have referenced on this blog since 31 May 2018. If you are not familiar with Open Access, please visit my other blog for an introduction.

Green Open Access [info]

"Global Migration Governance: Beyond Coordination and Crises," The Global Community: Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence 2017 (Oxford University Press, Forthcoming 2018)
- Preprint version of article.

"Immigration Detention, Punishment and the Transformation of Justice," Social & Legal Studies, Online First, 26 Dec. 2017
- Preprint version of article.

Gold Open Access [info]

Articles, health-related:

"A Scoping Review of Reporting 'Ethical Research Practices' in Research Conducted among Refugees and War-affected Populations in the Arab World," BMC Medical Ethics, 19:36 (May 2018)

"Using Digital Health to Enable Ethical Health Research in Conflict and Other Humanitarian Settings," Conflict and Health, 12:23 (May 2018)

Articles, other topics:

"The Burden of History(?): Remembering the Holocaust and Attitudes toward Asylum Seekers in Israel," International Journal of Conflict and Violence, vol. 12 (2018)

"Immigration Detention, Inc.," Journal on Migration and Human Security, OnlineFirst, 3 May 2018

"Research Agenda-setting on Cash Programming for Health and Nutrition in Humanitarian Settings," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 3:7 (May 2018)

"A Tale of Non-State Actors and Human Rights at Sea: Maritime Migration Crisis and Commercial Vessels’ Obligations," Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional, vol. 18 (Enero-Diciembre 2018)

Hybrid Open Access [info]

"Cross‐cultural Differences in Object Recognition: Comparing Asylum Seekers from Sub‐Saharan Africa and a Matched Western European Control Group," Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29 May 2018

"The Paradox of Safe Areas in Ethnic Civil Wars," Global Responsibility to Protect, vol. 10, no. 3 (2018)

"Self-represented Witnessing: The Use of Social Media by Asylum Seekers in Australia’s Offshore Immigration Detention Centres," Media, Culture & Society, vol. 40, no. 4 (2018)

"To Share or Not to Share Responsibility? Finnish Refugee Policy and the Hesitant Support for a Common European Asylum System," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 7 June 2018

Law Reviews

"Ganging Up on Immigration Law: Asylum Law and the Particular Social Group Standard - Former Gang Members and Their Need for Asylum Protections," University of Massachusetts Law Review, vol. 13, no. 2 (2018)

"Particular Social Groups: Vague Definitions and an Indeterminate Future for Asylum Seekers," Brooklyn Law Review, vol. 83, no. 3 (2018)

"The UN’s Search for a Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration," German Law Journal, vol. 18, no. 7 (2017)

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15 June 2018

Thematic Focus: Children & Families - Pt. 2 (United States)

Update on U.S. family separation policy:

Border Patrol Commissioner Kevin McAleenan’s Family Separation Denial (ACLU Blog, June 2018) [text]

"Conservative Religious Leaders are Denouncing Trump Immigration Policies," New York Times, 14 June 2018 [text]

Detained Immigrant Children Stay in Shelters That are Already Full and Aren’t Equipped for Babies (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

"Dr. Ruth, Dr. Kissinger, and Trump’s Cruelty to Families," New Yorker, 12 June 2018 [text]

"Editorial: Seizing Children from Parents at the Border is Immoral. Here’s What We Can Do about It," New York Times, 14 June 2018 [text]

"House GOP Wades into Family Separation Storm," Politico, 14 June 2018 [text]

"How Trump’s Family Separation Policy Has Become What It is Today," PBS, 14 June 2018 [text]

"Judge Says Yes to Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration Family Separation Policy," NPR, 7 June 2018 [text]

"Nearly 1,800 Families Separated at U.S.-Mexico Border in 17 Months through February," Reuters, 8 June 2018 [text]
- The 17-month period was from Oct. 2016-Feb. 2018.

*"Separated at the Border from Their Parents: In Six Weeks, 1,995 Children," New York Times, 15 June 2018 [text]
- The six-week period was from 19 April to 31 May 2018.

Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy Violates International Law (IntLawGrrls, June 2018) [text]

"The Trump Administration’s Separation of Families at the Border, Explained," Vox, 11 June 2018; updated 15 June 2018 [text

*"Trump Cites as a Negotiating Tool His Policy of Separating Immigrant Children from Their Parents," Washington Post, 15 June 2018 [text]


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Tagged Publications.

Thematic Focus: Children & Families - Pt. 1

Child Poverty and Deprivation in Refugee-Hosting Areas: Evidence from Uganda (EPRC & Unicef, June 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

*"Does Separating Families at the Border Discourage Immigration? Here's What the Research Says," Washington Post, 31 May 2018 [text]

The “Essential Right” to Family Unity of Refugees and Others in Need of International Protection in the Context of Family Reunification, Legal and Protection Policy Research Series, no. PPLA/2018/02 (UNHCR, Jan. 2018) [text]

Expert Roundtable on the Right to Family Life and Family Unity in the Context of Family Reunification of Refugees and Other Persons in Need of International Protection, Brussels, 4 Dec. 2017 [summary conclusions]

"Poverty Forces Syrian Refugee Children into Work," Thomson Reuters Foundation News, 12 June 2018 [text]

The Precarious Lives of Afghan Children in Iran (Refugees Deeply, June 2018) [text]

The Right to Family Life and Family Unity of Refugees and Others in Need of International Protection and the Family Definition Applied, Legal and Protection Policy Research Series, no. PPLA/2018/01 (UNHCR, Jan. 2018) [text]

Rights of Migrants in Action: Child Protection Projects - Synthesis Report of Lessons Learned in Benin, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Indonesia (IFRC, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Young People Crossing the Border Alone Face Challenges in the US Homes Where They're Placed (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

Young Refugees Share What It’s Like Trying to Finish School, Find Work and Get Married (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]


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News: New Legal Decision on Domestic Violence


On 11 June 2018, the U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, issued a decision on Matter of A-B-The case concerns a woman whose initial claim for asylum based on the particular social group of "El Salvadoran women who are unable to leave their domestic relationships where they have children in common" was denied. In December 2016, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) ruled in favor of the applicant, noting in part the applicant's similarities to the particular social group raised in Matter of A-R-C-G- that was found to be a basis for asylum (for background on this case, see this Harvard Law Review article).

But in March 2018, the AG announced that he would reconsider the case via a process referred to as certification: "[F]ederal regulations permit the Attorney General to intervene in the administrative appeals process by certifying a BIA decision to himself or accepting referral of a BIA decision by DHS or the Board itself. Once a case has been referred, the BIA decision is no longer final and cannot be reviewed by a federal court or relied on as precedent; the decision issued by the Attorney General becomes the final agency decision and serves as precedent binding on future cases" (Trice, 2010).  The AG received briefs from the respondents and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as 12 amicus briefs (all briefs can be accessed via CGRS). This blog post by a former immigration judge provides some background on the lead-up to the decision.

In the end, the AG overruled Matter of A-R-C-G- and vacated the BIA's decision on Matter of A-B-, effectively denying asylum protection to victims of domestic violence. However, his stated intention was much broader.  As he expressed in a speech to immigration judges, "I will be issuing a decision that restores sound principles of asylum and long standing principles of immigration law" and that "will provide more clarity for you. It will help you to rule consistently and fairly."

Commentary & analysis:

Brief Analysis of Attorney General’s Decision in Matter of A-B- (Tahirh Justice Center, June 2018) [text]

Do Abused Women Need Asylum? 4 Essential Reads (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

Is Domestic Violence Private? It Took 20 Years for Courts to Say No. It Took Jeff Sessions No Time to Say Yes (Marshall Project, June 2018) [text]

"Jeff Sessions is Hijacking Immigration Law," Slate, 13 June 2018 [text]
- Includes commentary on Matter of A-B-.

"Jeff Sessions Just All but Slammed the Door on Survivors of Domestic Violence and Gang Violence," Vox, 11 June 2018 [text]

Why Domestic Abuse and Anti-gay Violence Qualify as Persecution in Asylum Law (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]


Attorney General Pushes Immigration Judges to Deny Asylum to Victims of Violence (AILA, June 2018) [text]

Attorney General Sessions Attempts to Close the Door to Women Refugees (Center for Gender & Refugee Studies, June 2018) [text]
- CGRS has also made an action toolkit available.

HIRC Releases Statement on the Decision in Matter of A-B- (Harvard Immigration & Refugee Clinical Program, June 2018) [text]

Sessions Decision Blocks Domestic Violence Survivors from Asylum (Human Rights First, June 2018) [text]

Statement in Response to Sessions' Decision in Matter of A-B- by Retired Immigration Judges and Former Members of the Board of Immigration Appeals (June 2018) [text]

Wider implications of this decision:

While Matter of A-B- focused on domestic violence, the AG's decision is more wide-ranging and includes references to gang violence, even though it wasn't an issue in the case, and other pronouncements about asylum law.

The Attorney General’s Not-as-Bad-as-We-Feared Decision on Asylum (The Asylumist Blog, June 2018) [text]

"The Massive Asylum Changes Jeff Sessions Tucked into the Footnotes," CNN, 13 June 2018 [text]
- One observation the article makes is that "The last footnote would have implications for every kind of asylum claim. Sessions argues that asylum is itself 'discretionary' -- meaning that even if an applicant meets the eligibility requirements, they should have to prove on top of that why they deserve asylum. Sessions suggests that if an asylum seeker passed through another country and didn't seek asylum there, or came into the US illegally, those could be factors that a judge could use to reject asylum." Side note: The anti-immigration group, Center for Immigration Studies, specifically highlighted footnote 12, noting that it "should further disincentivize illegal entry by aliens who, if apprehended in the United States, plan to claim credible fear without seeking asylum in third countries transited on their way to the United States."

More info on the AG's self-referral of immigration cases:

The AG's Certifying of BIA Decisions (Jeffrey Chase Blog, March 2018) [text]

Brief Argues Attorney General Lacks Impartiality Necessary to Decide Immigration Cases (Immigration Impact Blog, Feb. 2018) [text]

"Jeff Sessions is Exerting Unprecedented Control over Immigration Courts — by Ruling on Cases Himself," Vox, 21 May 2018 [text]

"Sessions Tests Limits of Immigration Powers with Asylum Moves," CNN, 10 March 2018 [text]

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14 June 2018

Regional Focus: United States

News & developments:

"The Massive Asylum Changes Jeff Sessions Tucked into the Footnotes," CNN, 13 June 2018 [text]

"On the Border, a Discouraging New Message for Asylum Seekers: Wait," New York Times, 12 June 2018 [text]

"The Trump Administration is Completely Unravelling the U.S. Asylum System," New Yorker, 11 June 2018 [text]

"Trump Administration Moves to Block Victims of Gang Violence, Domestic Abuse from Claiming Asylum," Los Angeles Times, 11 June 2018 [text]
- Note: More resources relating to the AG's recent decision limiting asylum for victims of domestic violence will be circulated in a separate post.

Blog posts & commentary:

Asylum Seekers Fleeing Domestic Violence and Gangs Now Face Even Higher Hurdles to Protection (Immigration Impact Blog, June 2018) [text]

*Crisis at the Border? Not by the Numbers (Migration Policy Institute, June 2018) [text]

"Jeff Sessions is Hijacking Immigration Law," Slate, 13 June 2018 [text]

Punishing the Victims: Matter of A-C-M- (Jeffrey Chase Blog, June 2018) [text]

‘You Have to Follow the Law!’: Actors and Factors Shaping Compliance with 'Voluntary Departure' from the United States (Border Criminologies Blog, June 2018) [text]

Reports & law review articles:

Asylum in the Trump Era: The Quiet Dismantling of National and International Norms, Issue Brief (Center for American Progress, June 2018) [text]

Chilling Effects: The Expected Public Charge Rule and Its Impact on Legal Immigrant Families’ Public Benefits Use (Migration Policy Institute, June 2018) [text]

"Detainers, Detention and Deportation: From Presence to Personhood," LLRX, 29 April 2018 [text]
- Provides a number of links to resources relating to U.S. immigration policy developments.

"Ganging Up on Immigration Law: Asylum Law and the Particular Social Group Standard - Former Gang Members and Their Need for Asylum Protections," University of Massachusetts Law Review, vol. 13, no. 2 (2018) [full-text]

*House Bills Would Largely Dismantle Asylum System at U.S.-Mexico Border (Migration Policy Institute, June 2018) [text]

"Immigration and Crime and the Criminalization of Immigration," Chapter in The Routledge International Handbook of Migration Studies, 2nd ed. (Routledge, Forthcoming July 2018) [preprint]

Immigration Court Backlog Jumps While Case Processing Slows (TRAC, June 2018) [text]

Operation Streamline: No Evidence that Criminal Prosecution Deters Migration (Vera Institute of Justice, June 2018) [text]

"Particular Social Groups: Vague Definitions and an Indeterminate Future for Asylum Seekers," Brooklyn Law Review, vol. 83, no. 3 (2018) [full-text]

Practice Pointer: Matter of Castro-Tum, 27 I&N Dec. 271 (A.G. 2018) (CLINIC, June 2018) [text]


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12 June 2018

Events & Opportunities: More June 2018/New July 2018

Conference: 2018 IARMJ Americas Chapter's Conference, Washington, DC, 1-5 August 2018 [info]
- Note: IARMJ = International Association of Refugee and Migration Judges; registration is now open.

Workshop: New Perspectives on Humanitarianism and Human Rights, London, 15 June 2018 [info]

Job announcement: Secretary General, APRRN [info]
- Apply by 17 June 2018.

Conference: Forgotten at the Gates of Europe: Ongoing Protection Concerns at the EU's External Borders, Brussels, 19 June 2018 [info]
- Register by 18 June 2018.

 Job announcement: Policy Officer: EU Funding for Refugee and Migrant Inclusion, Brussels [info]
- Apply by 19 June 2018.

Panel discussion: We are Still Here: Elevating Refugee and Immigrant Voices in Policy Making,  New York, 20 June 2018 [info]

Conference: Statelessness: Theory and Practice, Liverpool, 9-10 July 2018 [info]
- Register by 28 June 2018.

CFP: The EU as a Global Actor in Maritime Security: Competences—Obligations—Accountability, Leiden, 25-26 October 2018 [info]
- Submit abstracts by 30 June 2018.

CFP: International Migration [info]
- Contributions sought for special issue on "Global Compacts on Refugees and on Migration." Submit abstract & CV by 30 June 2018.

CFP: (Re-)Shaping Boundaries in Crisis and Crisis Response, 5th Bi-annual IHSA Conference, The Hague, 27-29 August 2018 [info]
- The abstract submission deadline has been *extended* to 30 June 2018.

Call for applications: 2018 Summer School on EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, Brussels, 2-13 July 2018 [info]
 - Places are still available!

Call for expressions of interest: IARLJ Editorial Team, EASO Project [info]
- Members of courts and tribunals sought for editorial team to assist with revising, updating and further development of the EASO Professional Development Series for members of courts and tribunals. Register your interest by 6 July 2018.

Summer school: Advanced Research on Integration of Migrants and Refugees, Berlin, 22-26 October 2018 [info]
- Apply by 8 July 2018.

RFP: Documenting Human Migrations [info]
- Apply by 10 July 2018.

CFP/Symposium: Oxford Population, Migration & Environment, Oxford, 2-3 August 2018 [CFP]
- Submit abstracts by 10 July 2018; registration deadline is 11 July 2018.

Annual meeting: Human Rights, Migration, and Global Governance, Rome, 12-14 July 2018 [info]
- No registration deadline indicated.

Call for expressions of interest: IARLJ EASO Project [info]
- Experts sought to assist with revising, updating and further development of the EASO Professional Development Series for members of courts and tribunals. Register your interest by 13 July 2018.

Conference: Whither Refugees? Restrictionism, Crises and Precarity Writ Large, 2018 International Association for the Study of Forced Migration (IASFM17) Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece, 24-27 July 2018 [info]
- Note: Program is now available. No registration deadline indicated.

Course: International Migration Law, Sanremo, 24-28 September 2018 [info]
- Apply by 30 July 2018.

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Tagged Events & Opportunities. 

Thematic Focus: Climate Change & Disasters

Addressing Human Rights Protection Gaps in the Context of Migration and Displacement of Persons across International Borders Resulting from the Adverse Effects of Climate Change: Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Doc. no. A/HRC/38/21 (UN Human Rights Council, April 2018) [text]

Climate Change is Not a Key Cause of Conflict, Finds New Study (The Conversation, April 2018) [text]

"Climate Refugees Have No Legal Rights — and 200 Million Expected by 2050," WikiTribune, 12 June 2018 [text]
- Note: WikiTribune is a "news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together. We want to make sure that you read fact-based articles that have a real impact in both local and global events." All stories can be edited/enhanced.

The Coming Wave of Climate Displacement (Project Syndicate, May 2018) [text]

Institutional Frameworks and Environmental Mobility, Policy Brief, no. 10 (Knomad, Jan. 2018) [text]

Moving Towards the Recognition and Protection of Climate Change Refugees under International Human Rights Law (Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, April 2018) [text]

Planned Relocations: Learning from Latin American Experiences (People on the Move Blog, May 2018) [text]

Population and Environment, vol. 39, no. 4 (June 2018) [contents]
- Special issue "Honoring Graeme Hugo's Contributions to Environmental Migration." The introduction is freely available.

"Principles for Climate-related Resettlement of Informal Settlements in Less Developed Nations: A Review of Resettlement Literature and Institutional Guidelines," Climate and Development, vol. 10, no. (2018) [ResearchGate]

Protection under Climate Law: A Hybrid Approach (RLI Blog, May 2018) [text]

Refugee Status Determination in the Context of 'Natural' Disasters and Climate Change: A Human Rights-Based Approach, Thesis (Lund University, April 2018) [info]
- See also related presentation.

The Slow Onset Effects of Climate Change and Human Rights Protection for Cross-border Migrants, UN Doc. no. A/HRC/37/CRP.4 (UN Human Rights Council, May 2018) [text via ReliefWeb]

Task Force on Displacement Stakeholder Meeting, "Recommendations for Integrated Approaches to Avert, Minimize and Address Displacement Related to the Adverse Impacts of Climate Change," Bogis-Bossey, Switz., 14-15 May 2018 [info]
- See also related IOM news story.

Why Blaming Conflicts in Africa on Climate Change is Misguided (The Conversation, May 2018) [text]

"Will Climate Change Cause More Migrants than Wars?," IPS, 17 May 2018 [text]

"World Wakes up to Climate Migration," IPS, 11 June 2018 [text]

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11 June 2018

Regional Focus: Europe


Call for applications: 2018 Summer School on EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, Brussels, 2-13 July 2018 [info]
- Places are still available!


Access to Asylum and Detention at France’s Borders (ECRE, May 2018) [text]

Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2017 (European Migration Network, May 2018) [text]

Britain's Hostility to Those Seeking Refuge Didn't Start with Theresa May – It Dates Back a Century (The Conversation, June 2018) [text]

"Cross‐cultural Differences in Object Recognition: Comparing Asylum Seekers from Sub‐Saharan Africa and a Matched Western European Control Group," Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29 May 2018 [open access]
- Concludes that "Our findings elucidate cultural differences in responding on an object recognition test. Judges, juries, and immigration officials would be wise to take these differences into account when evaluating recognition performance in cross‐cultural contexts."

"Editorial: Asylum in Europe - Where Do We Go Now?," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 8 June 2018 [text]

"Five Myths about the Refugee Crisis," The Guardian, 5 June 2018 [text]

Fundamental Rights Report 2018 (EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, June 2018) [text via Refworl]

Ireland’s Response to Recent Trends in International Protection Applications, ESRI Research Series, no. 72 (Economic & Social Research Institute, June 2018) [text]

Italy’s Dangerous Direction on Migration (Human Rights Watch, June 2018) [text]

The Living Conditions of Asylum-Seekers in Cyprus (UNHCR & Univ. of Nicosia, 2018) [text]
- See also related Joint statement on the growing problem of homelessness among asylum-seekers in Cyprus.

Mind the Gap: Homelessness amongst Newly Recognised Refugees (No Accommodation Network, June 2018) [text]
- See also related Independent article.

This is Moria… (The Migrationist Blog, June 2018) [text]

"To Share or Not to Share Responsibility? Finnish Refugee Policy and the Hesitant Support for a Common European Asylum System," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, 7 June 2018 [open access]

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