30 June 2016

News: 2016 Trafficking in Persons Report Published

The 2016 edition of the U.S. Department of State's annual Trafficking in Persons report is now available. Here is part of the blurb:

"The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is the U.S. Government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. It is also the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts and reflects the U.S. Government’s commitment to global leadership on this key human rights and law enforcement issue. It represents an updated, global look at the nature and scope of trafficking in persons and the broad range of government actions to confront and eliminate it."

Follow the link above for the text of the report by country section, background information, fact sheets, and remarks made during the briefing to launch the report.

Previous editions are available here.

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Thematic Focus: Law/Policy Items

Are Regional Approaches to Refugee Protection Really the Best Way Forward? (Elgar Blog, June 2016) [text]

"The Concept of 'Place of Safety': Yet Another Self-Contained Maritime Rule or a Sustainable Solution to the Ever-Controversial Question of Where to Disembark Migrants Rescued at Sea?," Australian Year Book of International Law, vol. 33 (2016) [full-text via DiVA IR]

Fixing the Refugee System, Amsterdam, 13 May 2016 [access]
- ESIL lecture by James Hathaway.

Insights from the OHCHR Expert Meeting on Non-Refoulement in International Human Rights Law (GHLG Blog, June 2016) [text]

Introducing the First Multi-blog Series on the Updated Geneva Conventions Commentaries (Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog, June 2016) [text]
- Here is the first official post in the series.

Millions in Asylum Claim Backlog (IRIN, June 2016) [text]

Myth Buster: Memories of Trauma are Engraved on the Brain (Free Movement Blog, June 2016) [text]

Refugee Law and Policy (Library of Congress, updated June 2016) [access]
- "This report describes the law and policy on refugees and other asylum seekers in 22 geographically dispersed countries and, at the supranational level, in the European Union. The individual surveys cover such topics as participation in relevant international conventions; laws and regulations governing the admission of refugees and handling refugee claims; processes for handling refugees arriving at the border; procedures for evaluating whether an applicant is entitled to refugee status; the accommodations and assistance provided to refugees in the jurisdiction; requirements for naturalization; and whether asylum policy has been affected by international emergencies, such as the current refugee crisis in Europe."

A Structured Approach to the Decision Making Process in Refugee and other International Protection Claims, Presented at "The Role of the Judiciary in Asylum and Other International Protection Law in Asia," Seoul, 10-11 June 2016 [access]
- Follow link for paper and flowchart.

What is the Legal Meaning of "Refugee"? (Free Movement Blog, June 2016) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

*The Economic and Political Lives of Refugees, Sheffield, UK, 9 June 2016 [access]
- Follow link for video.

"Economic Impact of Refugees," PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol. 113, no. 27 (July 2016) [open access]
- See also related UC Davis news release.

"Empowering Refugees One Chai at a Time," Artefact Magazine, 14 June 2016 [text]

Exploring New Avenues for Legislation for Labour Migration to the European Union (European Parliament, June 2016) [text via MPC]

Forced Migration Review, no. 52 (May 2016) [open access]
- Theme is "Thinking ahead: displacement, transition, solutions"; includes articles relating to labour mobility, the private sector, self-reliance and other economic aspects.

How Economics Could Solve the Refugee Crisis (Future Development Blog, June 2016) [text]

Mobilizing the Community, Creating Opportunities for Internally Displaced People in Azerbaijan (World Bank, June 2016) [text]

'We are Together' in Preventing Displacement (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]


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Regional Focus: MENA, incl. Syria

*Asylum Procedures Shortcomings in Tunisia: What do External Borders Mean for the EU? (Refugee Outreach & Research Network Blog, June 2016) [text]

"Because We Struggle to Survive": Child Labour among Refugees of the Syrian Conflict (Terre des Hommes, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Burden or Brothers? Media Representations of Refugees in the Middle East (Border Criminologies Blog, June 2016) [text]

The Economic Impact of Displacement: Analysis of the Economic Damage Caused to Palestinian Households as a Result of Displacement by Israeli Authorities (Norwegian Refugee Council, April 2015) [text]

The Effects of the Syrian Crisis on the Neighboring Countries, Beirut, 15 June 2016 [session 1] [session 2]
- Follow links for video. See also related report published Jan. 2015.

The GCC ‘Must Rethink its Refugee Strategy’ (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]

"In First, Israel Grants Refugee Status to Sudanese Asylum Seeker," +972 Magazine, 24 June 2016 [text]

The Middle East Migration Crisis: Genesis and Responses, London, 20-23 June 2016 [access]
- Follow link to Facebook page for videos from conference.

Migration Profile: Morocco, Policy Brief, no. 5 (Migration Policy Centre, 2016) [text]

Syria’s Internally Displaced and the Risk of Militarization, Policy Brief, no. 6 (PRIO, 2016) [text]

"Threat of the Downtrodden: The Framing of Arab Refugees on CNN," Arab Media & Society, no. 22 (Spring 2016) [full-text via Academia.edu]

"When, and Where, does History Begin? Collective Memory, Selective Amnesia, and the Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Israel," Univ. of Illinois Law Review (Forthcoming, 2017) [eprint via SSRN]


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29 June 2016

Thematic Focus: Health

"Active Tuberculosis Case Finding Interventions among Immigrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Italy," Infectious Disease Reports, vol. 8, no. 2 (June 2016) [open access]

"ASPIRE: A Multi-site Community-based Participatory Research Project to Increase Understanding of the Dynamics of Violence against Immigrant and Refugee Women in Australia," BMC Public Health, 15:1283 (Dec. 2015) [open access]

"Caring for a Newly Arrived Syrian Refugee Family," CMAJ, vol. 188, no. 3 (Feb. 2016) [full-text]

"Mental Health of Refugees and Non-refugees from War-Conflict Countries: Data from Primary Healthcare Services and the Norwegian Prescription Database," Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, Online First, 21 June 2016 [open access]

The Mental Health of Refugees in Prison: A Case-study from Western Uganda (Refugee Law Project, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Myth Buster: Memories of Trauma are Engraved on the Brain (Free Movement Blog, June 2016) [text]

"Sharp Increase of Imported Plasmodium vivax Malaria Seen in Migrants from Eritrea in Hamburg, Germany," Malaria Journal, 15:325 (June 2016) [open access]

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Referral Care at a Glance - Final Report, January-December 2015 (UNHCR, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

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Regional Focus: Australia

[Note: I am re-circulating this post due to the addition of two references.]

*Asylum Seeker Policy: Polling Brief (Australia Institute, June 2016) [text via APO]

Australia’s Offshore Processing Regime (Refugee Council of Australia, June 2016) [text]

"Election 2016: 10 Things Vote Compass Reveals about Voters' Views on Immigration," ABC, 8 June 2016 [text]
- See also CAPSA's related Guide to Asylum Seeker Policies for the Federal Election.

*The Immigration Debate in Australia: World War I and its Impact, Parliamentary Library Research Paper (Parliament of Australia, June 2016) [text]

The Migration-security Nexus in Asia and Australia (Lowy Interpreter, June 2016) [part 1] [part 2] [part 3]
- First three entries in five-part blog series.

"Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v SZSSJ: Consideration of Asylum Claims Outside the Visa Application System," Sydney Law Review, vol. 38, no. 2 (June 2016) [full-text]  

"New Evidence on Refugee Status Determination in Australia, 1978–1983," Refugee Survey Quarterly, Advance Access, 23 June 2016 [abstract]

Protection Denied, Abuse Condoned: Women on Nauru at Risk (Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru, June 2016) [text via APO]

Recent Changes in Australian Refugee Policy (Refugee Council of Australia, June 2016) [text]

Reuniting Refugee Families (Refugee Council of Australia, June 2016) [text]

Self-immolation and Asylum in Australia: 'This is how tired we are' (openDemocracy, June 2016) [text]

South Australian, Indi and New England Voters Oppose Current Asylum Seeker Policy, Support Resettlement of Refugees (Australia Institute, March 2016) [text via APO]


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Regional Focus: Africa

Administrative Contempt: South Africa’s Refusal to Reopen the Port Elizabeth Refugee Reception Office (RefLaw Blog, June 2016) [text]

Community Consultations on Humanitarian Aid: Findings from Guinea (World Humanitarian Summit, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Community Consultations on Humanitarian Aid: Findings from South Sudan (World Humanitarian Summit, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"A Dark Side of Democratization in Africa: Displacement of Population and Open Door Asylum in Kenya and South Africa," Chapter 7 in Constitutionalism, Democratic Governance and the African State (Black Mask, Dec. 2015) [full-text via ResearchGate]

Forgotten Conflicts: Blue Nile (IRIN, June 2016) [text]

Joint Communiqué: Ministerial Tripartite Commission for the Voluntary Repatriation of Somali Refugees from Kenya to Somalia, Nairobi, 21 June 2016 [text]

MSF Internal Review of the February 2016 Attack on the Malakal Protection of Civilians Site and the Post-event Situation (MSF, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"No one on the earth cares if we survive except God and sometimes UNAMID": The Challenges of Peacekeeping in Darfur (International Refugee Rights Initiative, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

North East Nigeria: Vulnerability Screening Report: Round II (UNHCR, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

*A Report on the Profiles of Internally Displaced Persons Living in Camps of Kismayo (Govt. of Somalia, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

*Somali Refugees Struggle in Shadow of Forced Return (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]


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28 June 2016

Thematic Focus: Children

"Because We Struggle to Survive": Child Labour among Refugees of the Syrian Conflict (Terre des Hommes, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Danger Every Step of the Way: A Harrowing Journey to Europe for Refugee and Migrant Children (Unicef, June 2016) [text]

Europe’s Real Refugee Crisis: Unaccompanied Minors (OUP Blog, June 2016) [text]

"In re A-R-C-G-: A Game-Changer for Children Seeking Asylum on the Basis of Intrafamilial Violence," Hastings Law Journal, vol. 67, no. 4 (May 2016) [full-text]

Neither Safe nor Sound: Unaccompanied Children on the Coastline of the English Channel and the North Sea (Unicef, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Refugee Crisis in Europe: The UK's Role in Protecting the Rights of Unaccompanied and Separated Children (Unicef, June 2016) [text]

The State of the World’s Children 2016: A Fair Chance for Every Child (Unicef, June 2016) [access]

"Transcending Borders: Social Support and Resilience, the Case of Separated Children," Transnational Social Review: A Social Work Journal, vol. 5, no. 3 (2015) [free full-text]

Unaccompanied Minors in the Hotspot (ECRE, June 2016) [text]

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Thematic Focus: Human Trafficking & Smuggling

Climate Change and Human Trafficking after the Paris Climate Agreement, Paper presented Judges' Summit on Human Trafficking and Organized Crime, Vatican City, 3 June 2016 [text via SSRN]

Defining Human Smuggling in Migration Research: An Appraisal and Critique, RSCAS Working Paper, no. 30 (Migration Policy Centre, 2016) [text]

Durable Solutions for Trafficked Children (Unicef, Jan. 2016) [text]

Global Slavery Index 2016 (Walk Free Foundation, May 2016) [access]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/32/41 (UN General Assenbly, May 2016) [text via Refworld]

The Smuggled and the Smuggler: Exploring the Distinctions between Mutual Aid, Humanitarian Refugee Assistance and People Smuggling in Canadian Law (RefLaw Blog, June 2016) [text]

"Situations of Human Trafficking among Unaccompanied Children," Chapter 5 in Neither Safe nor Sound: Unaccompanied Children on the Coastline of the English Channel and the North Sea (Unicef, June 2016) [text]
- See also related Guardian article.

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Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance


Data are not Dangerous: A Response to Recent MSF CRASH Critiques (HPN Blog, May 2016) [text]

The Economics of Humanitarian Aid: Are We on a Slippery Slope? (International Growth Centre Blog, June 2016) [text]

Evaluating Protection in Humanitarian Action: Decision-making Processes, Common Issues and Challenges (ALNAP, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]
- See also related factsheet.

For Humanitarian Response, a Cash-based Payment Consensus (Devex, June 2016) [text]

Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2016 (Development Initiatves, June 2016) [text]

How Can Innovation Deliver Humanitarian Outcomes?, Policy Brief, no. 12 (PRIO, 2016) [text]

How Can We Better Involve National Actors in Humanitarian Coordination? (ALNAP, June 2016) [text]

How Can We Improve Decision-making in Humanitarian Coordination? (ALNAP, June 2016) [text]

How Can We Improve Humanitarian Coordination Across a Response? (ALNAP, June 2016) [text]

The Importance of Addressing Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Challenges in Humanitarian Response (Norwegian Refugee Council, April 2016) [text]

Putting Oxfam’s Partnership Principles into Practice - Oxfam’s Partnership Toolkit: Minimum Requirements and Good Practice Guidelines (Oxfam, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Toolkits for the Moving Energy Initiative (Chatham House, May 2016) [access]
- Two papers are available: A Review of Cooking Systems for Humanitarian Settings and Private-Sector Engagement: The Key to Efficient, Effective Energy Access for Refugees.

What’s Stopping Change in the Humanitarian System?, London, 13 June 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video.

New campaign:

Nobody Left Outside (UNHCR) [access]
- "UNHCR research and data shows that millions of people are suffering in desperate living conditions that leave them exposed to both physical and emotional risks and rob them of any chance of a stable future." See also related Shelter Design Catalogue.

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27 June 2016

Regional Focus: Europe


"Asylum Seeker and Migrant Flows in the Mediterranean Adapt Rapidly to Changing Conditions," Migration Information Source, 22 June 2016 [text]

Falling through the Cracks: Asylum Procedures and Reception Conditions for Torture Victims in the European Union (IRCT, June 2016) [text]

"Germany’s Asylum Law Reforms: Developing a Foul Heart Behind a Fair Face?," Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 6, no. 2 (June 2016) [full-text]

Immigration, Asylum, and Gender: Ireland and Beyond, Paper presented at Conference on Immigration, Refugees and Asylum Policies, Milan, 22 April 2016 [text via Academia.edu]

Missing Migrants and Managing Dead Bodies in the Mediterranean: A Briefing Note (Mediterranean Missing, June 2016) [text]

"Muslim or Migrant? An Exploration of the Portrayal of Syrian Refugees in the British Press," Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 6, no. 2 (June 2016) [full-text]

Reject Dangerous Migration Response Plan, More than 100 NGOs Tell EU Leaders (ECRE, June 2016)[text]

Rethinking Asylum Distribution in the EU: Shall We Start with the Facts?, CEPS Commentary (Centre for European Policy Studies, June 2016) [text]

"Selective Border Policies and 'Victimhood': The Shrinking Protection Space for Migrants in Europe," Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 6, no. 2 (June 2016) [full-text]

Strengthening Effective Remedies for Asylum Seekers in the Dublin Procedure: From Abdullahi to Ghezelbash and Karim (EDAL Blog, June 2016) [text]

Study on the Reviewing Powers of the Administrative Jurisdictions of the Republic of Armenia in Asylum Cases (UNHCR, Dec. 2015) [text]

Ukraine: Protection Strategy (Protection Cluster, 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Web sites:

Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography (European Commission) [access]
- "To strengthen the Commission’s overall response to the opportunities and challenges related to migration, the KCMD aims to be the point of reference to support the work of Commission services and Member States on migration and related issues. It will allow for analytical and networking activities accompanied by a repository of relevant research and new initiatives to deepen knowledge and understanding."

Mediterranean Missing [access]
- A research project that aims "to systematically collect data and comparatively explore current responses to migrant bodies in the Mediterranean, and the impacts of a missing person on families left behind." See also briefing note listed above.

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25 June 2016

Thematic Focus: General

Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World in 2015 (European Council, June 2016) [text]

Expat, Migrant, Refugee: How Do We Talk about People Who Leave Their Home Country? (Oxford Dictionaries, June 2016) [text]

Forced Migration: Some Sobering Realities, RSIS Commentary, no. 157 (Nanyang Technological Univ., June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Key Facts about the World's Refugees (Pew Research Center, June 2016) [text]

"Nascent Journal to Help Refugees Preserve and Publish Their Research," NPR, 20 June 2016 [text]
- Interview with the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Interrupted Studies. See also related Oxford Student news story.

New Way Forward in Advocating for the Displaced (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]
- Final part in a series on refugee advocacy.

"Refugees and Terrorism," Pax et Bellum Journal, vol. 3, no. 1 (Spring 2016) [full-text]
- Scroll to p. 46.

Smart Practices that Enhance Resilience of Migrants: Summary Report (IFRC, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

UNHCR Age, Gender and Diversity: Accountability Report 2015 (UNHCR, June 2016) [text]

The World's Ten Most Neglected Displacement Crises (Norwegian Refugee Council, June 2016) [text]

You Make a Decision and You Start Your Journey (The Migrationist Blog, June 2016) [text]

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24 June 2016

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 4

'Freedom from seizure' : Law and Asylum in Conflict, Dissertation (Birkbeck, University of London, 2016) [text]

Gender-related Persecution of Refugee Women: A Feminist Analysis of the Persecution Grounds of the Refugee Definition, Thesis (Lund University, 2016) [text]

Nursing of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Families: An Integrative Review, Bachelor's thesis (Turku Univ. of Applied Sciences, June 2016) [text]

Providing Safe Entries: Asylum and Humanitarian Visas at Embassies, Thesis (Lund University, Spring 2016) [text]

Repatriation of Sri Lankan Refugees from South India in the Post-war Era, Thesis (University of Kelaniya, 2016) [text]

Tagged Publications.

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 3

Exploring Predictors of Canadian Attitudes Toward Syrian Refugees and How They Should be Helped, Undergraduate honors thesis (King’s University College at Western University, April 2016) [text]

Homes of Our Own: A Qualitative Journey of Nepali-Bhutanese Refugees to Northeast Ohio, Undergraduate honors thesis (Malone University, 2016) [text]

The Influence of US Foreign Policy on Asylum and Refugee Admissions to the United States, Undergraduate honors thesis (Bates College, May 2016) [text]

Resettlement Challenges for Refugees in the United States, Thesis (California State Univ., 2016) [text]

Transformative Filmmaking in Resettlement: Refugees Addressing Acculturation Gaps, Concordance, and Cohesion in Canada, Thesis (University of Lethbridge, 2016) [text]

West African Refugees in Baltimore City: Pros and Cons, Thesis (SIT Graduate Institute, May 2016) [text]

What are the Barriers to Economic Self-Sufficiency of Congolese Refugees in Abilene, Texas?, Thesis (Abilene Christian Univ., May 2016) [text]

Tagged Publications.

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 2

Framing Arab Refugees in Global News, Thesis (American University in Cairo, May 2016) [text]

Human Security, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, and Vulnerable People: Rhetoric, Solidarity, and Silences in International Human Rights Discourses on Syrian Women Refugees, Undergraduate honors thesis (Univ. of Michigan, April 2016) [text]

Local Integration of African Refugees in Egypt: The Policy Challenges, Thesis (American University in Cairo, May 2016) [text]

"They do not treat us like humans here": A Study of Syrian Refugees' Integration in Egypt, Bachelor's thesis (Lund University, April 2016) [text]

Welcoming the Stranger: African Refugees and Israel’s Asylum Regime, Undergraduate distinction thesis (Syracuse Univ., June 2016) [text]

Where do Humanitarians Connect to Find Data? A Study of Accessibility in Online Information about Adult Refuges in Emergency Education, Dissertation (Univ. of Pittsburgh, May 2016) [text]

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New ETDs & Student Papers - Pt. 1

Asylum in Crisis: Structural Violence and Refugees in Siracusa, Italy, Thesis (University of Central Florida, May 2016) [text]

Employment Challenges Affecting the Recent Influx of Refugees in the European Union, Student paper (Seton Hall Univ., 2016) [text]

From Voluntary to Mandatory Reception of Asylum Seeking Unaccompanied Minors: A Case Study of the 2014 Policy Change in Sweden, Thesis (Lund Univ., 2016) [text]

Mental Health Problems of Child and Adolescent Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Literature Review, Bachelor's thesis (Turku Univ. of Applied Sciences, May 2016) [text]

A New Home: An Empirical Analysis of Pull Factor Influences on EU Asylum Applications, Bachelor's thesis (Univ. of Montana, 2016) [text]

The Role of Syrian Refugees in the Sharing Economy and Technology Sector in Germany: A Neoliberal Approach to Integration and Empowerment, Undergraduate honors thesis (Duke Univ., April 2016) [text]

What Triggers Change in Asylum Policy? A Comparative Study of Policy Change, Thesis (Lund Univ., 2016) [text]

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23 June 2016

Thematic Focus: ICTs & Information Services

"An App to Save Syria's Lost Generation? What Technology Can and Can't Do," Foreign Affairs, 23 May 2016 [extract]

"Digitizing Refugees: The Effect of Technology on Forced Displacement," Gnovis: A Journal of Communication, Culture & Technology, vol. XVI, no. II (Spring 2016) [open access]

"The Geospatial Rhetoric of Asylum: Mapping Migration in Fortress Europe," Networking Knowledge, vol. 9, no. 4 (2016) [open access]

"How the Internet Became a Home for Displaced Somalis," VICE, 12 May 2016 [text]

"'Internet is the same like food": An Empirical Study on the Use of Digital Media by Unaccompanied Minor Refugees in Germany," Transnational Social Review: A Social Work Journal, Latest Articles (13 June 2016) [open access]

Is Now the Moment the Humanitarian Data Revolution Begins? (Devex, June 2016) [text]
Library Services to Immigrants and Refugees, The Hague, 31 March 2016 [info]
- Follow link for webinar recording.

Library Services for Immigrants and Refugees: Actions and Principles from a Global Perspective, Paper prepared for IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Columbus, OH, 13-19 August 2016 [text]

Migration in the Internet Age: The 21st Century: When Refugees Went Online, Student paper (Lund University, 2016) [text]

"Refugees and Research for Healthy Outcomes," 3rd Refugee Research Symposium, Auckland, NZ, 3 Dec. 2015 [info]
- Two presentations focused on ICTs and refugees in New Zealand: [Andrade] [Andrade & Doolin]

Twitter and Crisis Communication: An Overview of Tools for Handling Social Media in Real Time (LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog, June 2016) [text]

Understanding the Data Needs of Settlement Stakeholders to Better Support Newcomers and Refugees (OpenNorth, June 2016) [text]

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Regional Focus: Asia Pacific

"Disaster Induced Resettlement: Multi-stakeholder Interactions and Decision Making Following Tropical Storm Washi in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines," Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 218 (May 2016) [open access]

"Hong Kong’s Unified Screening System: Lack of Unification to Improve Asylum Seekers’ Reality," Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 6, no. 1 (June 2016) [full-text]

"A Human Rights-based Approach to Disaster Displacement in the Asia-Pacific," Asian Journal of International Law, vol. 6, no. 2 (July 2016) [postprint]

Is Pakistan Going to Send Afghan Refugees Home? (IRIN, June 2016) [text]
- See also related UNHCR news story.

Livelihood Strategies of Rohingya Refugees in Malaysia: "We want to live in dignity," HPG Working Paper (ODI, June 2016) [text]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons on his Mission to the Philippines, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/32/35/Add.3 (UN General Assembly, April 2016) [text via Refworld]

Rohingya Refugees in Aceh, Indonesia: Hostile Hospitality (Middle East Institute, June 2016) [text]

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Myanmar Refugees Face Tough Choices in Thailand (IRIN, June 2016) [text]

"Tamils Stranded in Indonesia Face 'Probable Torture' if Returned to Sri Lanka," The Guardian, 22 June 2016 [text]
- See also related APRRN statement.

UNHCR's Commentary on the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Tajikistan: "On Nationality of the Republic of Tajikistan" (UNHCR, May 2016) [text]

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22 June 2016

CFPs/New Issues of Field Exch., GILJ, IMR, IHL Mag., Intl. J. Middle East Stud., JEMS, J. Immigr. & Min. Health, OxMo, REMI


Refugee Watch [info]
- Articles sought for a special issue on the "Syrian Refugee Crisis." Submit proposals by 30 June 2016.

International Journal of Refugee Law [info]
- Contributions sought for special issue marking the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees. The deadline is 31 August 2016.

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [info]
- Contributions sought for next issue. Deadline is 15 September 2016.

New issues:

Field Exchange, no. 52 (June 2016) [full-text via ReliefWeb]
- Mix of articles relating to nutrition.

Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, vol. 29, no. 3 (Spring 2015) [contents]
- Mix of articles, including one on statelessness in the U.S. and climate change and migration.

International Migration Review, vol. 50, no. 2 (Summer 2016) [contents]
- Mix of articles on immigration policies and immigrant integration.

International Humanitarian Law Magazine, no. 1 (2016) [full-text via ReliefWeb]
- The theme is "The Business of War: IHL and the Corporate Sector."

International Journal of Middle East Studies, vol. 48, no. 2 (May 2016) [contents]
- Includes a Roundtable section on "Problematics of Human Rights and Humanitarianism."

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 42, no. 7 (2016) [partial full-text]
- Mix of articles, two of which are open access. Includes "The myth of transit: the making of a life by asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia."

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, vol. 42, no. 9 (2016) [partial full-text]
- Mix of articles, one of which is open access. Includes "Statelessness in a world of nation-states: the cases of Kurdish diasporas in Sweden and the UK."

Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, vol. 18, no. 4 (Aug. 2016) [contents]
- Focus is on "Mental Health and Substance Abuse"; five articles address refugee mental health issues.

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, vol. 6, no. 1 (June 2016) [full-text]
- Mix of articles, including on Syrian refugees, climate refugees, cash payments, reception centre in Italy, Germany's asylum law, Hong Kong's Unified Screening system, protection in Europe, and Afghans in Turkey.

Revue européenne des migrations internationales, vol. 31, nos. 3&4 (2015) [contents]
- Theme is "Migrations au Maghreb et au Moyen-Orient: le temps des révolutions = Migrations in Maghreb and in the Middle East: The Time of the Revolutions." Includes articles on migration and asylum in Tunisia, Syrian refugees in Jordan, and Syrian Palestinians seeking asylum in Lebanon.

Tagged Periodicals.

21 June 2016

Thematic Focus: Persons with Disabilities & Older People

Assessing the Impact of Nepal's 2015 Earthquake on Older People and Persons with Disabilities and How Gender and Ethnicity Factor in that Impact (CBM & HelpAge, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action (May 2016) [access]
- Note: The Charter was endorsed at the World Humanitarian Summit.

 Disabled asylum seekers and refugees and access to social care in South-East England

 Disaster, Disability and Ddifference: A Study of the Challenges Faced by Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Post-earthquake Nepal (UNDP, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Displaced and Disabled: 'Don’t Leave Us Behind' (Refugees Deeply, May 2016) [text]

End the Neglect: A Study of Humanitarian Financing for Older People (HelpAge International, May 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"The Impact of Forced Migration on the Mental Health of the Elderly: A Scoping Review," International Psychogeriatrics, vol. 28, no. 6 (June 2016) [abstract]

Leave No One Behind: Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Emergencies (Human Rights Watch, May 2016) [text]
- See also related Dispatches story.

Syria, a Mutilated Future: A Focus on the Persons Injured by Explosive Weapons (Handicap International, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Working to Improve Our Own Futures": Inclusion of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action (Women's Refugee Commission, May 2016) [text]

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New Issue of JRS

The latest issue of the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) has been published; the theme is "What is a Refugee Camp?" Contents of vol. 29, no. 2, June 2016 include:
  • What Is a Refugee Camp? Explorations of the Limits and Effects of the Camp [abstract] [Academia.edu]
  • ‘Digging Aid’: The Camp as an Option in East and the Horn of Africa [abstract]
  • Community After All? An Inside Perspective on Encampment in Haiti [abstract]
  • Refugee Politics: Self-Organized ‘Government’ and Protests in the Agamé Refugee Camp (2005–13) [abstract] [Academia.edu]
  • Camps and Enclaves: Palestine in the Time of Closure [abstract]
  • The Ongoing Catastrophe: Erosion of Life in the Danish Camps [abstract]
  • Beyond Space of Exception? Reflections on the Camp through the Prism of Refugee Schools [free full-text]

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20 June 2016

Events & Opportunities: Additional June & July 2016

Conference: The Migration-Human Rights Nexus, Giessen, Germany, 1-2 July 2016 [info]
- Register by 20 June 2016.

CFP: Connecting the Dots: Migration – Environment – Resilience, Bonn, 29-30 September 2016 [info]
- Submit abstracts by 21 June 2016.

Refugee Week Event: "Different Pasts: Shared Futures": Showcasing UEL Initiatives Supporting Refugees, London, 22 June 2016 [info]

Conference: Rethinking the Global Refugee Protection System, New York, 5-7 July 2016 [info]
- Register by 24 June 2016 using this form.

Discussion: Responding to Lebanon's Syrian Refugee Crisis, Washington, DC, 24 June 2016 [info]

Roundtable: New Ways of Thinking about Mass Migration, Canberra, 27 June 2016 [info]

Seminar: Global Responses to Refugees: What is the World Thinking?, Sydney, 28 June 2016 [info]

CFP: "Protecting the Invisibles: LGBTI Refugees in the Context of EU-Turkey Migration Policies," Panel at the Human Security Implications of the Refugee Crisis: Evaluating Current Policies and Discussing Potential Solutions, Istanbul, 19-21 October 2016 [info]
- Submit abstract by 30 June 2016.

CFP: 11th Annual Minerva-ICRC International Conference on Contemporary Challenges in International Humanitarian Law, Jerusalem, 28-29 November 2016 [info]
- Submission deadline is 1 July 2016.

Summer institute: Refugee Protection and the Rights and Process of (Re)Settlement, Evanston, IL, 7-13 August 2016 [info]
- Early bird registration by 2 July 2016.

Job opportunity: Secretary General, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network [info]
- Apply by 10 July 2016.

Job opportunity: Research Fellows, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Claims of Asylum: A European Human Rights Challenge, University of Sussex [info]
- Apply by 13 July 2016.

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Regional Focus: Europe, esp. Family Reunification

Asylum on the Clock? Duration and Review of International Protection Status in Europe, Legal Briefing (AIDA, June 2016) [text]

EU: Don’t Send Syrians Back to Turkey (Human Rights Watch, June 2016) [text]

*EU Referendum Briefing 4: Immigration (EU Law Analysis Blog, June 2016) [text]

EU States’ Dangerous Approach to Migration Places Asylum in Jeopardy Worldwide (MSF, June 2016) [text]

Europe, Don't Let Us Down: Voices of Refugees and Migrants in Greece (ActionAid & Oxfam, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Formulation of the Right to Family Life beyond ZAT & Others in Recent UK Jurisprudence (EDAL, June 2016) [text]

Hungary: Recent Legal Amendments Further Destroy Access to Protection, April-June 2016 (Hungarian Helsinki Committee, June 2016) [text]

Information Note on Family Reunification for Beneficiaries of International Protection in Europe (ELENA, June 2016) [text]

A Right to Family Reunification for Persons Granted International Protection? The Strasbourg Case-law, State Sovereignty and EU Harmonisation (EU Immigration & Asylum Law & Policy Blog, June 2016) [text]


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WRD: New & Updated Resources

In honor of World Refugee Day, I wanted to let visitors know about various resources I have compiled that are either new or recently updated.

1. Web research guides:
- Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
- Internally Displaced Persons: Guide to Legal Information Resources on the Web
- Statelessness: A Web Research Guide

2. Forced Migration & Open Access blog:
I have compiled various lists of article eprints that are available for both the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) and the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL).
- International Journal of Refugee Law (currently, have eprints of articles published between 2001-2015)
- Journal of Refugee Studies (2004-2013)
- Journal of Refugee Studies (2014+)

3. Researching Forced Migration: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources:
In the near future, I plan to review and update the resources in this guide and undertake some major weeding!

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World Refugee Day 2016

World Refugee Day (WRD) is commemorated annually on June 20th. The official WRD page is on the UNHCR web site; visit to learn more about the agency's #WithRefugees campaign. UNHCR also publishes its Global Trends report on WRD. This year's edition reports the following:

"Global forced displacement has increased in 2015, with record-high numbers. By the end of the year, 65.3 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations. This is 5.8 million more than the previous year (59.5 million)."

The total figure is broken down as follows:
- 21.3 million persons were refugees (16.1 million under UNHCR’s mandate + 5.2 million Palestinian refugees registered by UNRWA)
- 40.8 million internally displaced persons
- 3.2 million asylum-seekers

For more background and a related video, check out the accompanying press release. See also a video summary of the report prepared by IRIN.

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18 June 2016

Thematic Focus: General

2016-2017 Framework for Cooperation between the United States Department of State's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [text]

Advocating Human Rights: The Forgotten Battle (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]
- Part 3 of series on refugee advocacy.

Annual Report 2015: Investigation Service, Inspector General's Office (UNHCR, March 2016) [text]

Corruption and Incapacity Hinder Rights Advocacy (Refugees Deeply, June 2016) [text]
-  Part 4 of series on refugee advocacy.

Disaster Recovery in Conflict Contexts: Thematic Case Study for the Disaster Recovery Framework Guide (GFDRR, June 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

Fatal Journeys, vol. 2: Identification and Tracing of Dead and Missing Migrants (IOM, June 2016) [text]

The Global Crisis of Internal Displacement, London, 11 May 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video.

How to Fix the Global Migration Management System, Washington, DC, 16 June 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Imagining the Refugee Camp: Are Camps Good for Families?, Oxford, 8 June 2016 [info]
- Follow link for podcast.

The Moral Obligations Owed to Strangers, London, 9 June 2016 [info]
- Follow link for video.

Peacebuilding: A Review of the Academic Literature, White paper series, no. 13 (Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, Oct. 2015 [text via SSRN]

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/32/35 (UN General Assembly, April 2016) [text via Refworld]

"Writing Human Rights and Getting It Wrong," Boston Review, 6 June 2016 [text]

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17 June 2016

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects

From Refugees to Workers: Mapping Labour Market Integration Support Measures for Asylum-seekers and Refugees in EU Member States (Migration Policy Centre, May 2016) [exec. summ.]
- Learn more about this project on the MPC web site.

"Integrating Refugees into Labor Markets," IZA World of Labor, 2016:269 (May 2016) [open access]

Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Economic Gamble (Middle East Institute, May 2016) [text]

Micro-finance in Refugee Contexts: Current Scholarship and Research Gaps, RSC Working Paper, no. 116 (Refugee Studies Centre, June 2016) [text]

More than Half the World’s Refugees Live in Urban Areas. Here’s What That Means for Cities (Citiscope, May 2016) [text]

Resilient Market Systems: Workshop Report and an Emerging Framework (CARE, May 2016) [text]

Telling Refugees' Stories: The Voices Hidden Behind the Panic (The Migrationist, May 2016) [text]
- Brief report on the Refugee Economics project.

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Regional Focus: Americas

Alternatives to Europe: Syrian Refugees in Brazil (Regional MMS, May 2016 [text]

American Attitudes on Refugees from the Middle East (Brookings, June 2016) [text]

"Bordering the Constitution, Constituting the Border," Osgoode Hall Law Journal, vol. 53, no. 3 (Forthcoming 2016) [eprint via SSRN]

Policy Options (May 2016) [full-text]
- Includes special feature on "Refugee Integration in Canada." Follow link for list of articles.

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons on His Mission to Honduras, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/32/35/Add.4 (UN General Assembly, April 2016) [text via Refworld]

"'Sí, Tengo Miedo--Yes, I Am Afraid': How the Current Interpretation of Asylum Law is Contrary to Legislative Intent and What the Courts Should Do about It," Cleveland State Law Review, vol. 64, no. 3 (2016) [text]

"Using Learned Helplessness to Understand the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder on Refugees and Explain Why These Disorders Should Qualify as Extraordinary Circumstances Excusing Untimely Asylum Applications," Buffalo Law Review, vol. 64, no. 2 (2016) [text]

What’s So Special about Canada? Understanding the Resilience of Immigration and Multiculturalism (Migration Policy Institute, June 2016) [text]

Where Refugees to the U.S. Come from (Pew Research Center, June 2016) [text]
- See image of graph above.

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Regional Focus: Africa

Addressing the Refugee Situation in Ethiopia, New York, 19 May 2016 [info]
- Follow link for summary of the event and video.

The Energy Situation in the Dadaab and Goudoubo Refugee Camps (Chatham House, May 2016) [access]
- Follow link to access two research papers.

Has Kenya’s Brinkmanship over Dadaab Worked? Kenya Looks to UNHCR to Help It Solve Its Refugee Dilemma (IRIN, June 2016) [text]

Humanitarian Cash Transfer Programming Symposium - Cash Based Responses in North-eastern Nigeria: Harmonising CTP Approaches, Sharing Learning and Cash Transfer Mechanisms Experiences, Report and Joint Recommendations, Abuja, 12-13 April 2016 (OCHA & FAO, April 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Kenya Crisis Refocuses Attention on Refugee Plight," America: The National Catholic Review, 6 June 2016 [text]

Niger Deaths Add to Growing Toll of Migrant Fatalities within Africa (IOM, June 2016) [text]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Why South Sudanese Refugees are not Joining Flows to Europe (Regional MMS, June 2016) [text]

Report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea, UN Doc. No. A/HRC/32/47 (UN General Assembly, May 2016) [text]
- For detailed findings of the Commission and background information, visit the relevant OHCHR web page. See also related Refugees Deeply news story.

Report of the Inter-agency Humanitarian Evaluation (IAHE) of the Response to the Crisis in South Sudan (IAHE Steering Group, Nov. 2015) [text]

Somalia: Internal Displacement Profiling in Mogadishu (JIPS et al., April 2016) [text via ReliefWeb]

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