20 June 2016

WRD: New & Updated Resources

In honor of World Refugee Day, I wanted to let visitors know about various resources I have compiled that are either new or recently updated.

1. Web research guides:
- Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web
- Internally Displaced Persons: Guide to Legal Information Resources on the Web
- Statelessness: A Web Research Guide

2. Forced Migration & Open Access blog:
I have compiled various lists of article eprints that are available for both the Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS) and the International Journal of Refugee Law (IJRL).
- International Journal of Refugee Law (currently, have eprints of articles published between 2001-2015)
- Journal of Refugee Studies (2004-2013)
- Journal of Refugee Studies (2014+)

3. Researching Forced Migration: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources:
In the near future, I plan to review and update the resources in this guide and undertake some major weeding!

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