24 June 2016

New ETDs/Student Papers - Pt. 4

'Freedom from seizure' : Law and Asylum in Conflict, Dissertation (Birkbeck, University of London, 2016) [text]

Gender-related Persecution of Refugee Women: A Feminist Analysis of the Persecution Grounds of the Refugee Definition, Thesis (Lund University, 2016) [text]

Nursing of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Families: An Integrative Review, Bachelor's thesis (Turku Univ. of Applied Sciences, June 2016) [text]

Providing Safe Entries: Asylum and Humanitarian Visas at Embassies, Thesis (Lund University, Spring 2016) [text]

Repatriation of Sri Lankan Refugees from South India in the Post-war Era, Thesis (University of Kelaniya, 2016) [text]

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