12 April 2010

Nominate Your Favorite Films

On this blog, I intermittently highlight videos and short documentary films that focus on refugees and other forced migrants. However, I haven't reported much on feature-length movies. These too can be useful resources, particularly for advocacy groups aiming to raise awareness of displacement issues and for lecturers wishing to add variety to their reading lists.

I would like to invite readers to help me compile a list of remarkable films that share useful insights into refugee, asylum and forced migration issues. Please provide your nominations by leaving a comment to this post with all the relevant details, including what you liked about the film(s). I'll circulate a consolidated list at a future point in time.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Other resources:
[Photo credit: © Sharif Al Majali. Source: "On location in Jordan with 'The Hurt Locker'...," UNHCR News Story]

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1 comment:

Smartipants said...

constant gardener
blood diamonds
Last King of Scotland
hotel rwanda...

while popular films really got the essence of what I see in Africa as an Aid worker.