27 February 2015

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Issues


FY 2015 Request for Research Concept Notes to Strengthen Evidence-based Humanitarian Decision Making by PRM and its Partners Worldwide [info]
- "Concept notes must respond to one of the following research questions: 1. Access to education for urban refugee children; 2. Costs/benefits of cash assistance in acute emergencies; 3. Economic impact of refugees on host communities; 4. Environmental impact of refugee camps." Submission deadline is 6 March 2015.

Call for Research Proposals to Assess the Economic Impact of Refugees on Host and/or Regional Economies [info]
- Submission deadline is 25 March 2015.


"Asylum, Welfare and Work: Reflections on Research in Asylum and Refugee Studies," International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, vol. 34, no. 5/6 (2014) [eprint via Academia.edu]

Construction and Service-sector Labour Market Systems: A Study of the Opportunities in Employment for Iraqi IDPs and Syrian Refugees - Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Danish Refugee Council et al., Dec. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

From Dependence to Self-Reliance: Changing the Paradigm in Protracted Refugee Situations (Global Views Blog, Feb. 2015) [text]

Microfinance Programmes in UNHCR Operations: Innovative Microlending in Kenya (UNHCR, 2015) [text]

Operational Guidelines for Cash-Based Interventions in Displacement Settings (UNHCR, Feb. 2015) [text]

Za’atari Winter Contribution Vouchers: Distribution and Initial Findings (Norwegian Refugee Council & UNHCR, Feb. 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

Research Project: 

*Labour Market Impacts of Forced Migration (2013-2015) [info]
- This project "aims to provide unique statistical evidence on the labour market implications of forced migration situations. The project looks at two different case studies in the African Great Lakes Region: forced migration in and from Burundi (main component of the project) and forced migration to Tanzania."


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Events & Opportunities: More March 2015

Info sharing: ESPMI Guest Twitter Project, Online, 2 March-13 April 2015 [info]
- Follow tweets at @ESPMINetwork.

Meeting: Working Together in the Field for Effective Humanitarian Response, Berlin, 3-4 March 2015 [info]
- Follow link for background paper, discussion starter, agenda and programme.

Meeting: 62nd Meeting of the UNHCR Standing Committee, Geneva, 3-5 March 2015 [info]
- Documents will eventually be made available via the a/m link.

Webinar: Social Media and Refugee Rights, 5 March 2015 [info]

CFP: De-mythifing Forced Migration: Place, Temporariness and Access in an Era of (Im)Mobility, 10th Annual Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS) Student Caucus Conference, Toronto, 1-2 May 2015 [info]
- Abstract submission deadline *extended* to 13 March 2015.

Panel discussion: Syria Crisis: How Aid is Changing, London, 15 March 2015 [info]

Workshop: Interrogating Forced Migration: A Research & Workshop Programme, Kolkata, 16-21 March 2015 [info]

Conference: Regulating ‘Irregular’ Migration: International Obligations and International Responsibility, Athens, 20 March 2015 [info]

Call for Research Proposals to Assess the Economic Impact of Refugees on Host and/or Regional Economies [info]
- Submission deadline is 25 March 2015.

Request for Proposal RFP/2015/653 for the Establishment of a Frame Agreement for the Provision of Protection Information Service in Strengthening the Response Capacity to RSD and Country and Legal Information Needs [info]
- Submission deadline is 30 March 2015.

CFP: Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015: Facilitating Innovation, Oxford, 17-18 July 2015 [info]
- Abstract submission deadline *extended* to 31 March 2015.

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26 February 2015

Thematic Focus: Detention

Alternatives to Immigration and Asylum Detention in the EU: Time for Implementation (MADE REAL Project, Jan. 2015) [text]

Behind Bars: The Detention of Migrants in and from the East & Horn of Africa (RMMS, Feb. 2015) [text]

*The Business of Immigration Detention: Activisms, Resistances, Critical Interventions, Lancaster, UK, 22-23 Jan. 2015 [info]
- An overview of the conference is provided in this blog post.

Court Orders DHS to Stop Detaining Mothers and Children to Deter Future Immigration Flow (Immigration Impact, Feb. 2015) [text]

Evaluating the Impact of International Detention Coalition (IDC, Oct. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

The Forgotten Children: National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014 (Australian Human Rights Commission, Nov. 2014; publicly avail. Feb. 2015) [text]
- See also related media materials, discussion paper and UNHCR statement.

Greece Commits to Detaining Migrants Only Exceptionally and for No More than Six Months (AIDA, Feb. 2015) [text]
- See also related UNHCR statement.

"Hosting an Asylum Seeker in Australia: A Nationwide Exploratory Study," Australian Psychologist, Forthcoming 2015 [abstract]
- Note: A copy of the postprint of this article can be requested from the institutional repository.

How UK Detention Policy Worsens Migrants’ Mental Health (IRIN, Feb. 2015) [text]

*Island Detentions (Border Criminologies Blog, Jan. 2015) [text]

Review of Mental Health Issues in Immigration Removal Centres (Tavistock Institute, Feb. 2015) [access]
- The Home Office response is also available via the a/m link.


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Thematic Focus: Humanitarian Assistance, incl. World Humanitarian Summit

Event & opportunity: 

Regional Humanitarianism in Action, Dubai, 24-26 February 2015 [info]
- Follow link for background paper, agenda and other related materials.

Introduction to Evaluating Humanitarian Action, Online (available in early March) [info]
- Registration required.


Addressing Causation in Humanitarian Evaluation: A Discussion on Designs, Approaches and Examples (ALNAP, Jan. 2015) [text]

The Aid Industry: What Journalists Really Think (International Broadcasting Trust, Nov. 2014) [text]
- See also related Guardian article and live Q&A.

Comment les humanitaires travaillent face à Al-Qaïda et l’Etat islamique (MSF CRASH, Jan. 2015) [text]

Drones for Good? (IRIN, Feb. 2015) [text]

"The Existence of the Right to Humanitarian Assistance in the Event of Natural Disasters," Czech Yearbook of Public & Private International Law, vol. 5 (2014) [full-text via ILR)

Humanitarian Action, Professional Development Reading Pack, no. 2 (GSDRC, Dec. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

Islamic Humanitarianism? The Evolving Role of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation in Somalia and Beyond (ODI, Feb. 2015) [text]

"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Humanitarian Challenges and Dilemmas in Crisis Settings," Journal of Humanitarian Assistance (Feb. 2015) [full-text]

Rhetoric or Reality? Putting Affected People at the Centre of Humanitarian Action (ALNAP, Oct. 2014) [text via ReliefWeb]

New resource:

Videos (ReliefWeb) [access]
- A selection of high-quality videos selected by ReliefWeb's editorial team; videos can be located by country, topic or organization.  See also related blog post.

World Humanitarian Summit:

Regional Consultation: Europe and Others Group, Budapest, 3-4 February 2015 [text via ReliefWeb]
- Follow link for Co-Chairs' Summary; see also additional related materials.

Regional Consultation: Middle East and North Africa, Amman, 3-5 March 2015 [text]
- Follow link for scoping paper; see also additional related materials.

The World Humanitarian Summit: Talking Shop or Game Changer? (IRIN, Feb. 2015) [text]

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New - and Free - Issue of JICJ Explores Intersection of Refugee & Criminal Law

A special issue of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (JICJ) has just been published.  The theme is "The Interaction between Refugee Law and International Criminal Justice."  It includes 16 articles and four book reviews, all of which - happily! - are freely available.  Read the introduction for a complete overview of the contents.

Topical Issues:
  • Systematising Systemic Integration: ‘War Refugees’, Regime Relations, and a Proposal for a Cumulative Approach to International Commitments [text]
  • The Laws of War and the Protection of ‘War Refugees’: Reflections on the Debate and its Future Directions [text]
  • Gender at the Intersection of International Refugee Law and International Criminal Law [text]
  • The Interaction between International Refugee Law and International Criminal Law with respect to Child Soldiers [text]
  • Assessing Ability and Willingness of States: What Can the ICC Learn from International Refugee Law? [text]
  • Human Trafficking: Mapping the Legal Boundaries of International Refugee Law and Criminal Justice [text]
Symposium on Exclusion and Post-Exclusion from Refugee Status:
  • Harmonizing Exclusion under the Refugee Convention by Reference to the Evidentiary Standards of International Criminal Law [text]
  • Exclusion under Article 1F(b) of the Refugee Convention: The Uncertain Concept of Internationally Serious Common Crimes [text]
  • Terrorism and Article 1F(c) of the Refugee Convention: Exclusion from Refugee Status in the United Kingdom [text]
  • Jurisdictional Competence Through Protection: To What Extent Can States Prosecute the Prior Crimes of Those to Whom They Have Extended Refuge? [text]
  • Refugee Exclusion and Extradition in the Netherlands: Rwanda as Precedent? [text]
  • Protecting Witnesses at the International Criminal Court from Refoulement [text]
National Issues:
  • Australia’s Treatment of Asylum Seekers: From Human Rights Violations to Crimes Against Humanity [text]
  • Left Out of Exclusion: International Criminal Law and the ‘Persecutor Bar’ in US Refugee Law [text]
  • The Notion of Complicity in UK Refugee Law [text]
  • Ezokola v. Canada: The Correct Place of International Criminal Law in International Refugee Law-making [text]

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25 February 2015

New Issue of RSQ

The latest issue of the Refugee Survey Quarterly (RSQ) has been published.  The theme is "The Role of International Organizations and Human Rights Monitoring Bodies in Refugee Protection." Contents of vol. 34, no. 1, March 2015 include:

  • Introduction: The Role of International Organizations and Human Rights Monitoring Bodies in Refugee Protection [abstract]
  • Refugee Protection under International Human Rights Law: From Non-Refoulement to Residence and Citizenship [abstract]
  • Time for Reform? Refugees, Asylum-seekers, and Protection under International Human Rights Law [abstract]
  • Recent Jurisprudence of the United Nations Committee against Torture and the International Protection of Refugees [open access]
  • Reframing Relationships: Revisiting the Procedural Standards for Refugee Status Determination in Light of Recent Human Rights Treaty Body Jurisprudence [abstract]
  • International Protection in Court: The Asylum Jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the EU and UNHCR [abstract]

Many thanks to Fernando M. Mariño Menéndez for making his article Open Access!  He follows in the footsteps of David Cantor who was the first to go OA in an earlier issue of RSQ.

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News: New Edition of AI's Annual Report on Human Rights

Amnesty International has launched the 2014/2015 edition of its annual report on the state of human rights around the world.  Here is part of the description:
"The Amnesty International Report 2014/15 documents the state of human rights in 160 countries and territories during 2014. Some key events from 2013 are also reported. This report also celebrates those who stand up for human rights across the world, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances. It represents Amnesty International’s key concerns throughout the world, and is essential reading for policymakers, activists and anyone with an interest in human rights."

For overviews of the report's coverage, read the press release and the foreword.

Also note that Amnesty International has reorganized its web site.  One happy result is that now visitors can finally access ALL AI annual reports from one location!  And when I say all, I mean dating back to the very first AI report published in 1962. Thank you, Amnesty International!

Moreover, the various language editions of the report can be located via the same link.  It looks like as of 2007, the report was available in English and Spanish. Then with each subsequent year, more and more language editions were published, with the current report available in 17 languages.  

(The downside of the reorganization is that RSS feeds appear to have disappeared! But that's the subject of a different post...!)

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24 February 2015

Thematic Focus: Sexual Orientation

Asylum and Sexual Orientation: Lost Opportunities in the CJEU (UK Immigration Law Blog, Jan. 2015) [text]

Asylum Policy Instruction: Sexual Identity Issues in the Asylum Claim (UK Home Office, Feb. 2015) [text via Refworld]

Envisioning LGBT Refugee Rights in Canada: The Impact of Canada's New Immigration Regime (Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights, June 2014) [text via RRN]
- Related information sheets can also be accessed via the same link.

"The International Refugee Regime: A Failing System," Ramapo Journal of Law & Society, vol. 1, no. 2 (Fall 2014) [full-text]
- Includes analysis of sexual orientation as a missed category of protection in the 1951 Convention.

"L’orientation sexuelle comme motif de persécution doit être appréciée dans la dignité," Lettres Actualités Droits-Libertés, 15 Jan. 2015

Seeking Protection: LGBTI Asylum Seekers (Right Now Blog, Jan. 2015) [text]

Sexualities, vol. 17, no. 8 (Dec. 2014) [contents]
- Special issue on "Queer Migration, Asylum, and Displacement."

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Regional Focus: Europe


Book Review: "On the Doorstep of Europe: Asylum and Citizenship in Greece. Heath Cabot. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014," American Ethnologist, vol. 42, no. 1 (Feb. 2015) [free full-text]

"The Common European Asylum System: Bric-à-Brac or System?," Chapter in Reforming the Common European Asylum System: The New European Refugee Law (Martinus Nijhoff, Forthcoming 2015) [eprint via SSRN]

Italy: Lampedusa Survivors' Tales of Despair Should Shock EU into Action (Amnesty International, Feb. 2015) [text]

"PEGIDA: The Last Stronghold of a ‘Fortress Europe’ Asylum Policy?," ECRE Weekly Bulletin, 20 Feb. 2015 [text]

Rapport par Nils Muižnieks, Commissaire aux droits de l'homme du Conseil de l'Europe, suite à sa visite en France, du 22 au 26 septembre 2014 (Council of Europe, Feb. 2015) [text via Refworld]

Setting Policy on Asylum: Has the EU got it Right? (IZA World of Labor, Feb. 2015) [access]

Two Charts Showing that 'Deterring' Migrant Boats is Failing (IRIN, Feb. 2015) [text]

You Faked Your Life? Towards a Culture of Protection in UK Asylum (openDemocracy, Feb. 2015) [text]

New blog:

FlüchtlingsforschungsBlog = Refugee Research Blog [access]
- A German-language blog provided by the Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung (Refugee Research Network) that aims to serve as a platform for information and exchange. Posts often focus on - but are not limited to - refugee/asylum issues in Germany and Europe. Guest posts are welcome.  Email blog[at]fluechtlingsforschung.net for more info.

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23 February 2015

Thematic Focus: Statelessness & Nationality


Symposium: What Awaits the Dutch Stateless in 2015?, Amsterdam, 2 March 2015 [info]


Good Practices Paper (Action I): Resolving Existing Major Situations of Statelessness (UNHCR, Feb. 2015) [text]
- New series of "Good Practices Papers to help States, with the support of other stakeholders, achieve the goals of its Campaign to End Statelessness within 10 Years."

"The Interwoven Trajectories of Stateless Vietnamese," International Examiner, 6 Feb. 2015 [text]
- Interview with film maker; includes link to documentary site.

Is It Legal to Strip Dual Nationals of Citizenship? (RN Breakfast, Feb. 2015) [access via Kaldor Centre]

Q&A: Abidjan Meeting Brings Hope for Stateless People in West Africa (UNHCR, Feb. 2015) [text]

The Return of Banishment: Do the New Denationalisation Policies Weaken Citizenship?, RSCAS Working Paper, no. 2015/14 (EUI, 2015) [text]

Statelessness in Italy: What’s Next? (ENS Blog, Feb. 2015) [text]

Statelessness Increases Risk of Exploitation and Trafficking (Tilburg Univ., Feb. 2015) [text]

Why Malta Needs to Accede to the UN Statelessness Conventions (ENS Blog, Feb. 2015) [text]

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19 February 2015

Regional Focus: Americas

Aftershocks: The Human Impact of U.S. Deportations to Post-Earthquake Haiti (Univ. of Miami & Univ. of Chicago, 2015) [text]

The Humanitarian Dimension in the Aftermath of a Peace Agreement: Proposals for the International Community in Colombia (Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre, Feb. 2015) [text via ReliefWeb]

"The Invisible Displaced: A Unified Conceptualization of Population Displacement in Brazil," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Access, 21 Jan. 2015 [full-text via Instituto Agarapé]

Refugee, Asylum and Other Humanitarian Policies: Challenges for Reform, Washington, DC, 29 Oct. 2014 [roundtable report]

Refugees, Law and the Courts, Toronto, 25 Nov. 2014 [info] [access]
- Follow access link for videos.

Smuggled Migrant or Migrant Smuggler: Erosion of Sea-borne Asylum Seekers' Access to Refugee Protection in Canada, Working Paper, no. 106 (RSC, Feb. 2015) [text]
- See also related thesis.

Note: See also these earlier posts on children [Feb. 13] [Feb. 17] as they both include multiple references to unaccompanied Central American minors.

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18 February 2015

Regional Focus: MENA


Seminar: Refugees after the Arab Spring: Challenges Facing Service Providers, Cairo, 25 February 2015 [info]

Panel discussion: Syria Crisis: How Aid is Changing, London, 15 March 2015 [info]


"Home is Where the Heart is? Forced Migration and Voluntary Return in Turkey's Kurdish Regions," Journal of Refugee Studies, Advance Access, 9 Oct. 2014 [full-text via Univ. of Kent IR]

Only Five Percent of Pledged Aid Reaches Gaza (IRIN, Feb. 2015) [text]

Refugees in Egypt Urgently Need Protection (Human Rights First Blog, Jan. 2015) [text]

"Repatriation and Voluntariness," International Journal of Human Rights, vol. 19, no. 1 (2015) [eprint via Academia.edu]

"Rights, Needs or Assistance? The Role of the UNHCR in Refugee Protection in the Middle East," International Journal of Human Rights (Forthcoming, 2015) [eprint via SSRN]

"The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Repatriation of Refugees," Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly, vol. 32, no. 1 (2014) [open access]

UNHCR Thematic Updates: Yemen (UNHCR, Jan. 2015)
- Internal Displacement;
- Mixed Migration;
- Urban Refugee Programme

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