11 January 2007

Input Requested for Guide on Use of Timber in Humanitarian Relief

OCHA initiated a humanitarian timber in December 2006. The aim is to produce a field handbook entitled "Timber: a guide to the use and logistics of timber and wood in humanitarian relief." The guide will collate best practice, and is based on the Norwegian Refugee Council's "Internal Guideline - Timber Procurement and Specifications."

The project's managers announced today they are seeking "information from individuals and agencies interested in the use of timber in humanitarian emergencies on the following":

- Samples of logistics forms or in-house guidance used for grading
specifications / procurement / treatment
- Suggestions for references for reduced timber construction techniques / alternatives to timber use
- Inputs on how to decide when to use timber over other building materials
- Comments on the above proposed structure of the first draft.

More information about the project is available at the Humanitarian Timber web site along with links to timber resources.

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Humanitarian Timber said...

The first draft of this guideline is now available from www.humanitariantimber.org