10 August 2007

Environmental Refugees

Discussions about climate change have invariably renewed the debate about "environmental refugees." I have collected a number of random references to various resources on this topic. Some are recent publications, some provide background information. The list is definitely not comprehensive.

Climate Change and Forced Displacements: Towards a Global Environmental Responsibility? (CEDEM, 2006) [text]

Control, Adapt or Flee: How to Face Environmental Migration? (UNU-EHS, May 2007) [text]

Environmental change and forced migration: making sense of the debate, New Issues in Refugee Research no. 70 (UNHCR, 2002) [text]

Environmental Refugees: An Emergent Security Issue, Presentation at 13th Economic Forum (OSCE, 2005) [text]

Environmental Refugees: The Case for Recognition (New Economics Foundation, 2003) [text]

“Environmental Refugees: The forgotten migrants,” Report of UNU Conference, May 16th 2007, UN Headquarters [text]

Environmental refugees: myth or reality?, New Issues in Refugee Research no. 34 (UNHCR, 2001) [text]

Feeling the Heat: Why governments must act to tackle the impact of climate change on global water supplies and avert mass movements of climate change refugees (Tearfund, 2006) [text]

Human tide: The real migration crisis (Christian Aid, May 2007) [text]

Re-thinking Policies to Cope with Desertification (UNU International Network on Water, Environment and Health, June 2007) [text]

Sudan Post-Conflict Environmental Assessment (UNEP, June 2007) [text]

Understanding Migration Choices: The UNCCD as a Mechanism for Developing Coping Strategies, Presentation at International Symposium on Desertification and Migration, 2006 [text]

Research Projects:
Environmental Change and Forced Migration Scenarios (Each-For) [access]

Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) [access]

Les réfugiés environnementaux. L'émergence d'un nouveau phénomène migratoire, CEDEM [access]

Blog Posts:
Climate change refugees?, on ICAR's Policyblog (15 May 2007) [text]

Environmental Refugees & the Growing Desert, on Britannica Blog (1 May 2007) [text]

Intersections Summer Call for Papers: Migration and Environmental Change, on Intersections (10 July 2007) [text]

A word of caution on climate change and 'refugees', on Grist (24 July 2007) [text]

Other Resources:
LISER: World Information Centre on Environmental Refugees [access]

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Anonymous said...

man this got me through my final research project for my environmental studies class.
thank you very much.

ad said...

Has anyone come across research linking national asylum policies to the often misconceived perception of environmental refugees in international politics?