26 October 2007

Conference Presentations: European Ministers of Justice, Global Symposium, Intl. Metropolis Project

Researchers can read reports and statements and, in some cases, even view presentations from several conferences that have recently concluded.

The 12th International Metropolis Conference, which met 8-12 October 2007 in Melbourne, has PowerPoint presentations for many of its presenters at http://www.metropolis2007.org/.

The 28th Conference of European Ministers of Justice, which met 25-26 October 2007 in Spain and focused on "Emerging issues of access to justice for vulnerable groups, in particular migrants and asylum seekers, and children," has statements and reports at http://www.coe.int/t/dg1/legalcooperation/minjust/mju28/default_en.asp.

The Global Symposium +5 ‘Information for Humanitarian Action’, which met from 22-26 October 2007 in Geneva, has video webcasts, PowerPoint presentations and photos at http://www.reliefweb.int/symposium/.

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