21 May 2010

International Sahara Film Festival/Even More Film Resources

Following on from my previous post on film resources, I just learned about a film festival that took place 26 April-2 May 2010: The International Sahara Film Festival (FiSahara) is held annually in the Dakhla camp, home to 30,000 Sahrawi refugees and located in the Algerian desert.

For more info., check out...

- The festival's web site and blog.
- "FiSahara – the film festival in the desert," The Guardian, 13 May 2010
- "International Sahara Film Festival pitches in with global talent," Metro.co.uk, 19 May 2010

FiSahara, along with other festivals, is featured as a case study in this recently published volume: Film Festival Yearbook 2: Film Festivals and Imagined Communities (University of St. Andrews, Feb. 2010), which "brings together essays about festivals that use international cinema to mediate the creation of transnational ‘imagined communities’."

A related volume from the same press is Moving People, Moving Images: Cinema and Trafficking in the New Europe (Feb. 2010), which provides analysis of 15 films that focus on human trafficking.

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