30 October 2010

New Issue of IJRL

A new issue of the International Journal of Refugee Law is now available (vol. 22, no. 4, Dec. 2010) with the following four articles:

- Refugee Status Determinations and the Limits of Memory, by Hilary Evans Cameron [abstract]
-Bridging the Gap Between Refugee Rights and Reality: a Proposal for Developing International Duties in the Refugee Context, by Jeannie Rose C. Field [abstract]
- Waiting for Life to Begin: the Plight of Asylum Seekers Caught by Australia's Indonesian Solution, by Savitri Taylor and Brynna Rafferty-Brown [abstract]
- UNHCR and Turkey, and Beyond: of Parallel Tracks and Symptomatic Cracks, by Marjoleine Zieck [abstract]

Three book reviews are also included.

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