05 December 2010

Round-up of Human Trafficking Resources

"Human Trafficking: Need for Reform in Canada," Crime and Justice International (Nov. 2010) [full-text]

"Human Trafficking: The Unintended Effects of United Nations Intervention," International Political Science Review, forthcoming [full-text]

Labour Trafficking, Research and Public Policy Series, no. 108 (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2010) [text]

Migration and People Trafficking in Southeast Asia, Trends & Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice, no. 401 (Australian Institute of Criminology, Nov. 2010) [text]

"Regional Approaches to Trafficking in Women in South-East Asia: The Role of National Human Rights Institutions and the New ASEAN Human Rights Body," Australian Journal of Human Rights, vol. 15, no. 2, 2010 [full-text]

"Sex as Slavery? Understanding Private Wrongs," Human Rights Review, forthcoming [open access text]

"Sex Trafficking: Trends, Challenges, and the Limitations of International Law," Human Rights Review, forthcoming [full-text]

Trafficking in Human Beings: Ten Years of Independent Monitoring (Bureau of the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings, Oct. 2010) [text]

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