07 August 2017

Regional Focus: Americas

Dangerous Territory: Mexico Still Not Safe for Refugees (Human Rights First, July 2017) [text]

"El Salvadoran Asylum Seeker Takes Canada to Court over Refugee Law," Reuters, 6 July 2017 [text]

"A Flawed Asylum System in Mexico, Strained Further by U.S. Changes," New York Times, 5 Aug. 2017 [text]

"Holding Refugees Hostage at Legal Aid Ontario," Slaw: Canada's Online Legal Magazine, 19 June 2017 [text]

"Mexico Becomes a Destination for Migrants," The Economist, 27 July 2017 [text]

Migrant Deaths on the US-Mexico Border (IOM, Aug. 2017) [text]
- See also related Guardian article and IOM press release.

"Montreal Turns Stadium into Welcome Centre for Asylum Seekers from US," The Guardian, 2 Aug. 2017 [text]

Strengthening Mexico’s Protection of Central American Unaccompanied Minors in Transit (Migration Policy Institute, July 2017) [text]

US and Mexico Immigration: Portraits of Guatemalan Refugees in Limbo (The Conversation, Aug. 2017) [text]

Venezuela is Imploding: These Citizens Were Desperate to Escape (Human Rights First, Aug. 2017) [text]

Violence, Development, and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant Apprehensions, Working Paper 459 (Center for Global Development, July 2017) [text]
- See also related blog post.

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