17 September 2018

Thematic Focus: Mental Health - Pt. 2 (Children)

Addressing the Intergenerational Mental Health Needs of Refugee Families with Young Children, Webinar, 13 Sept. 2018 [info]
- Watch for audio.

"Childhood Trauma and the Enduring Consequences of Forcibly Separating Children from Parents at the United States Border," BMC Medicine, 16:146 (22 Aug. 2018) [open access]

"An Evaluation of a Common Elements Treatment Approach for Youth in Somali Refugee Camps," Global Mental Health, vol. 5 (2018) [open access]

"Gender Differences in the Mental Health of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors in Europe: A Systematic Review," BMJ Open, 8:e022389 [open access]

"How Gender- and Violence-related Norms Affect Self-esteem among Adolescent Refugee Girls Living in Ethiopia," Global Mental Health, vol. 5 (2018) [open access]

"The Impact of an Exercise Training Intervention on Cortisol Levels and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Juveniles from an Ugandan Refugee Settlement: Study Protocol for a Randomized Control Trial," Trials, 19:364 (July 2018) [open access]

"Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Young Refugees and Asylum Seekers in European Countries: A Systematic Review," European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, OnlineFirst, 27 Aug. 2018 [open access]

Young Children in Refugee Families and Early Childhood Programs: Ways to Mitigate the Effects of Trauma, Webinar, 29 Aug. 2018 [access]
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