10 December 2018

Thematic Focus: Mental Health

"The Assessment of Grief in Refugees and Post-conflict Survivors: A Narrative Review of Etic and Emic Research," Frontiers in Psychology, 22 Oct. 2018 [open access]

"An Ecological Approach to Psychological Adjustment: A Field Survey among Refugees in Germany," International Journal of Intercultural Relations, vol. 68 (Jan. 2019) [free full-text]

"Enablers of Psychological Well‐being for Refugees and Asylum Seekers Living in Transitional Countries: A Systematic Review," Health and Social Care in the Community, Early View, 11 Nov. 2018 [open access]

"Exploring Risk Factors Affecting the Mental Health of Refugee Women Living with HIV," International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 15, no. 10 (Oct. 2018) [open access]

How to Develop the Mental Health Care That Refugees Really Need (The Conversation, Dec. 2018) [text]

Human Devastation Syndrome: The Impact of Conflict on Mental Health (Syrian American Medical Society Foundation, Nov. 2018) [text]
- See also related update on SAMS psychosocial work.

Indefinite Despair: The Tragic Mental Health Consequences of Offshore Processing on Nauru (MSF, Dec. 2018) [text]
- See also related press release.

"Mental Health Outcomes among Arab Refugees, Immigrants, and U.S. Born Arab Americans in Southeast Michigan: A Cross-sectional Study," BMC Psychiatry, 18:379 (Dec. 2018) [open access]

Mental Health Promotion and Mental Health Care in Refugees and Migrants: Technical Guidance (WHO Europe, 2018) [text]

"Modeling the Effects of War Exposure and Daily Stressors on Maternal Mental Health, Parenting, and Child Psychosocial Adjustment: A Cross-sectional Study with Syrian Refugees in Lebanon," Global Mental Health, vol. 5: e40 (Dec. 2018) [open access]

"Psychological and Psychosocial Interventions for Refugee Children Resettled in High-income Countries," Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences, vol. 27, no. 2 (April 2018) [free full-text]

"Psychological Burden in Female, Iraqi Refugees Who Suffered Extreme Violence by the 'Islamic State': The Perspective of Care Providers," Frontiers in Psychiatry, 8 Nov. 2018 [open access]

"Psychotherapeutic Group Intervention for Traumatized Male Refugees Using Imaginative Stabilization Techniques: A Pilot Study in a German Reception Center," Frontiers in Psychiatry, 29 Oct. 2018 [open access]

Refugees' Experiences of Grieving (Open University, Dec. 2018) [text]

"Regulatory Focus, Coping Strategies and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: A Comparison Between Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Germany," PLoS ONE 13(10): e0206522 (Oct. 2018) [open access]

"Trauma without Borders: The Necessity for School-based Interventions in Treating Unaccompanied Refugee Minors," Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal, vol. 35, no. 6 (Dec. 2018) [open access]

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