19 June 2019

Thematic Focus: Gender Issues - Pt. 2

Abused, Blamed, and Refused: Protection Denied to Women and Children Trafficked Over the U.S. Southern Border (Refugees International, May 2019) [text]

Adolescent Girls in Crisis: Voices from Beirut (Plan International, June 2019) [text via ReliefWeb]

"Being a Father in My New Society: A Qualitative Study of the Fathering Experiences of Men from Refugee Backgrounds Resettled in Australia," Journal of Refugee Studies, vol. 32, no. 2 (June 2019) [postprint]
- See also related thesis.

"Engaging Men to Promote Resilient Communities among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon," Intervention, Ahead-of-print, 2019 [open access]

"Examining Intersections between Violence against Women and Violence against Children: Perspectives of Adolescents and Adults in Displaced Colombian Communities," Conflict and Health, 13:25 (June 2019) [open access]

Migrant and Refugee Caravans: Failed Responses to Women and Children in Need of International Protection and Humanitarian Aid (Women's Refugee Commission, May 2019) [access]
- Follow link for report and summary in English and report in Spanish.

Nobody Wants Us: The Plight of Displaced Female-headed Families in Iraq (Amnesty International, June 2019) [text]

"Strengths and Resilience of Migrant Women in Transit: An Analysis of the Narratives of Central American Women in Irregular Transit Through Mexico Towards the USA," Journal of International Migration and Integration, Latest Articles, 4 June 2019 [open access]

"'We just been forced to do it': Exploring Victimization and Agency among Internally Displaced Young Mothers in Bogotá," Conflict and Health, 13:21 (June 2019) [open access]

"Woman Migrants: Forgotten Victims of South Africa’s Xenophobia," ISS Today, 8 May 2019 [text]

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