17 April 2020

Round-up: COVID-19 - Pt. 1


Immigration and the U.S.-Mexico Border during the Pandemic: A Conversation with Members of Congress, 22 April 2020 [info]

Blog posts & press:

Are slums more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from Mumbai (Brookings Up Front Blog, April 2020) [text]

Avoiding a COVID-19 Migration Crisis (Project Syndicate, April 2020) [text]

Borders in the Time of COVID-19 (Ethics & International Affairs Blog, March 2020) [text]

The Council of Europe and UNHCR support Member States in bringing refugee health workers into the COVID-19 response (UNHCR, April 2020) [text]

COVID-19: Some issues for asylum seekers and refugees in Australia (Kaldor Centre, April 2020) [text]

COVID-19 and Humanitarian Access for Refugees and IDPs: Part 2 – Syria and Bangladesh (Just Security Blog, April 2020) [text]

"The COVID-19 excuse? How migration policies are hardening around the globe," The New Humanitarian, 17 April 2020 [text]

COVID-19 Impacts on Migration and Displacement (ISIM Blog, April 2020) [text]

COVID-19 related blog posts and op-eds, 23-30 March 2020 (IHSA) [access]

COVID-19 Symposium: COVID-19 and Migrants–Gaps in the International Legal Architecture? (OpinioJuris, April 2020) [text]
- Note: The entire symposium is available as a PDF.

COVID-19 Travel Bans: The Right to Seek Asylum When You Cannot Leave Your Homeland (Kaldor Centre, April 2020) [text]

Displaced and Isolated: The Realities of COVID19 for Internally Displaced People in Lagos, Nigeria (IDMC Blog, April 2020) [text]

Essential Travel in a Time of Pandemic (Human Rights Watch, April 2020) [text]
- Focuses on the US.

Governments Need to do More for Refugees Affected by Coronavirus: Here’s How (The Conversation, April 2020) [text]
- Focuses on Africa.

"Guatemala Calls US 'Wuhan of Americas' in Battle over Deportees," The Guardian, 15 April 2020 [text]
- See also related RI statement.

How the Coronavirus Will Kick Legal Immigrants Out of Line — and Out of the Country (Niskanen Center Commentary, April 2020) [text]

Kenya Government’s Loud Silence on Refugees and COVID-19 Outbreak (LERRN Blog, April 2020) [text]

A Migrant Model To Follow: Portugal’s Response to the Coronavirus (Center for American Progress, April 2020) [text]

"Moral multi-tasking in the COVID-19 response," The New Humanitarian, 15 April 2020 [text]

Protect: The Right to International Protection Blog [access]
- Follow link for blog series on coronavirus.

Russia: As Pandemic Grows, Migration Detention Deadlock (Human Rights Watch, April 2020) [text]

States Should Ensure Rescue at Sea and Allow Safe Disembarkation during the COVID-19 Crisis (COE Commissioner for Human Rights, April 2020) [text]

There is No Public Health Rationale for a Categorical Ban on Asylum Seekers (Just Security Blog, April 2020) [text]
- Focuses on the US.

Trump Has Achieved His Goal of Abolishing Asylum (Slate, April 2020) [text]

Two refugees explain what COVID-19 means in their precarious world (World Economic Forum Blog, April 2020) [text]

Uncertainty of the Coronavirus in Kakuma Refugee Camp (LERRN Blog, April 2020) [text]
- See also related New Humanitarian article.

Uprooted by conflict, now threatened by coronavirus (IDMC Blog, April 2020) [text]
- Focuses on Yemen.

Will COVID-19 finally force us to reconsider the Global (Im)mobility Regime? (RLI Blog, April 2020) [text]

"Wrestling with COVID-19 Risks in Refugee Camps," VOA News, 11 April 2020 [text]

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