05 March 2007

Research News: Displacement/Burma, Environment, Human Trafficking/UK, Iraqi Ref./Jordan, Protracted Ref. Situations, Resettlement/US, Security

New research publications:

Burma: The Changing Nature of Displacement Crises, RSC Working Paper No. 39, by A. South (Feb. 2007) [text]

Contemporary slavery in the UK, by G. Craig et al, Joseph Roundtree Foundation (Feb. 2007) [site]

Human Security Research (22 Feb. 2007) [access]
- Current issue focuses on the security realities confronting humanitarian aid workers.

"Refugee Resettlement in Metropolitan America," by A. Singer and J.H. Wilson, in Migration Information Source (March 2007) [text]

New research projects:

Environmental Change and Forced Migration Scenarios [web site]
- Two-year project that will look into environmental changes/degradation that cause forced migration. Unlike other research, this study will consider "multiple environmental problems and socio-political and demographical aspects of a large number of regions and countries."

Globalization of Protracted Refugee Situations [web site]
- This project will attempt to "detect patterns across camps that have existed for a decade or more to determine why such chronic conditions persist." The focus will be on Somali refugees in Kenya and Afghans in Iran.

Iraqi Refugees in Jordan [web site]
- Fafo is expecting to finalize an arrangement with the Jordanian government to survey Iraqi refugees in Jordan in order to calculate a more accurate total number. Currently, 400,000 Iraqi refugees are registered, but an estimated 700,000 are believed to be in the country. See Fafo's Middle East project page for descriptions and reports of other surveys conducted in the region.

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