30 March 2007

Build your own search engine

I have added links to several search options in the navigation menu on the right. The first takes you to a page where you can conduct a search of this blog together with three others that have a forced migration focus (two from ICAR and one from Refugees International).

The second link takes you to Forced Migration Online's search page where you can search across a number of different forced migration web sites (e.g., UNHCR, IDMC, ECRE, USCR, ICAR, ReliefWeb, Brookings-Bern IDP Project, etc.).

The third link takes you to Paul Currion's search engine which allows you to search across 47 different humanitarian-related web sites.

All of these specialized search engines were set up using Google's Co-op Search. It's a very easy process and happily (for me at least) required no technical skills to speak of. There are several other options for building customized search engines, including Yahoo! Search Builder, Gigablast Custom Topic Search, Rollyo, and Swicki. I haven't tried any of these out yet so I can't comment on their features or ease of use (this column provides brief comments though).

If you want to search just my blog, you can already do so using the Blogger search box in the top left corner.

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Frank Corrigan said...

Nice to see the idea of Customised
Search Engines
(CSE) being introduced on issues of Forced-Migration.

You might want to take a look at the first ever CSE on forced-migration:

frankslist.info: the asylum, immigration, conflict and rights information gateway