03 December 2007

New Pubs. on Afghanistan, AIDS, Asylum/EU, Iraq, Migration/Africa, Public Health, Suicide, Women Asylum-Seekers

11th European Country of Origin Information Seminar, Vienna, 21-22 June 2007, Country Reports (Nov. 2007) [access]
- Country reports published on Afghanistan and Iraq.

African Migration Workshop, Accra, Ghana, September 2007, Papers (Nov. 2007) [access]
- Abstracts/full-text papers in English and French.

Asylum Deaths: What to do Next (Institute of Race Relations, Nov. 2007) [access]

Asylum is not gender neutral: Protecting women seeking asylum (European Women's Lobby & Refugee Women's Resource Project, Nov. 2007) [text]

Public health, conflict and human rights: toward a collaborative research agenda, Conflict and Health 2007, 1:11 (Nov. 2007) [text]

Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2007 (UNAIDS, Dec. 2007) [acesss via ReliefWeb]

Transposition of the Asylum Procedures Directive (European Commission, Dec. 2007) [text]

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