04 December 2007

Update on Iraqi Refugees

Several recent reports review the situation of Iraqi refugees generally and in neighboring countries:

General: "Iraq: Growing Needs Amid Continuing Displacement," Forced Migration Review, no. 29 (Nov. 2007) [text]

Egypt: "Iraqi Refugees in Egypt," Forced Migration Review, no. 29 (Nov. 2007) [text]

Jordan: Study of Iraqis in Jordan (Fafo, Nov. 2007) [access]

Lebanon: Rot Here or Die There: Bleak Choices for Iraqi Refugees in Lebanon (Human Rights Watch, Dec. 2007) [access]

Syria: Iraq: UNHCR cautious about returns (UNHCR, Nov. 2007) [text]

U.S. Resettlement: "Too Little Progress on Iraqi Resettlement," WorldBridge: Refugees International Blog (Dec. 2007) [text]

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