04 November 2009

Publications: Diasporas, Early Recovery, Forced Migration/Uganda, Kampala Decl., Migrants/Greece, Refugees/South Africa, Separated Children/UK

Committed to the Diaspora: More Developing Countries Setting Up Diaspora Institutions (Migration Information Source, Nov. 2009) [text]

The Consequences of Forced Displacement in Northern Uganda, HiCN Working Paper 65 (Households in Conflict Network, Oct. 2009) [text]

Hidden Children: Separated Children at Risk (Children's Society, Nov. 2009) [text]

Kampala declaration on refugees, returnees and internally displaced persons in Africa (African Union, Oct. 2009) [text via Refworld]

No Refuge: Migrants in Greece (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2009) [text]

Refugee Information Guide 2009 (Lawyers for Human Rights, 2009) [text via CoRMSA]

Untangling Early Recovery, HPG Policy Brief no. 38 (ODI, Oct. 2009) [text]

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