29 March 2010

1000 posts later...

...and still tracking forced migration information!

What exactly do I track?

In blog posts, I report on links to:
- the full-text of recently published reports, working papers, journal articles, books, and other publications (see publications)
- new issues of journals relevant to forced migration (see periodicals)
- information on upcoming events and opportunities (see events)
- multimedia, like videos, podcasts, and photo collections (see audiovisual and photographs)
- new web sites and online research tools (see websites)

In the sidebar, I list references to:
- new articles that appear in other disciplinary journals
- new law review articles and legal papers
- new books and book chapters
(note: these are non-full-text; links above go to bookmarked lists in Delicious)

If there is another type of information source you would like to have tracked, please let me know in a comment.

Many thanks to UNHCR's Policy Development and Evaluation Service (PDES) for sponsoring my blog and helping me to keep things going. If you find this service useful and would like to provide support as well, please be in touch!

Thanks for visiting!

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Dan said...

congrats and keep up the good work!