03 July 2010

Education Programmes

If you are interested in pursuing academic studies in humanitarian assistance, read on: The Geneva Center for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH) has compiled Humanitarian Studies 2010: University Training and Education Programmes in Humanitarian Action, which "identifies and systematically presents 77 programmes offered to practising or entry-level humanitarian workers at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels of study." The volume begins with several essays, reflecting on education in humanitarian action including "Bridging the Gap in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies in Africa : The Role of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria."

A few other degree programmes that focus more particularly on forced migration have been brought to my attention recently, including:

American University of Cairo, Migration and Refugee Studies [info]
- Offers a graduate diploma in forced migration and refugee studies and a specialized diploma in applied psychosocial intervention for forced migrants and refugees. See also the list of courses for Fall 2010 here and here.

City University London, Global Migration [info]
- "The MA in Global Migration at City University London takes an inter-disciplinary approach drawing on sociology, law, politics, international relations, social policy, economics and anthropology. Students will be introduced to the local, national and regional impact of migration across the world. Theoretical explanations of the causes of different forms of migration – ‘refugee’, ‘forced’ and ‘free’ – and responses to migrants and their settlement patterns form a significant component of the course." Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.

Georgetown University, International Migration Studies [info]
- This programme "addresses global migration trends, national and local security conditions, and social issues driving contemporary immigration policy and enforcement." A course on "refugees and displaced persons" is required, while a course on "human trafficking" is offered as an elective.

Refugee Studies Centre, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies [info]
- This Master of Science programme is "an interdisciplinary degree taught by leading experts in the field of forced migration from international law, politics and international relations, anthropology, and other disciplines. The course enables participants to explore forced migration through a thesis, a group research essay, and a range of required courses including 'Introduction to Forced Migration', 'International Refugee and Human Rights Law', 'Asylum and the Modern State', and 'Research Methods'."

University of the Witwatersrand, Forced Migration Studies degree offerings [info]
- Offers Honours degree, Postgraduate diploma, Master of arts, and PhD in forced migration.

Many more university-level education programmes are listed in ReliefWeb's training directory.

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