10 July 2017

Regional Focus: Americas

"Activists Challenge 'Unsafe' US-Canada Pact That Prompts Refugees to Flee by Foot," The Guardian, 6 July 2017 [text]

"After Paris: A New Era of Securitization of U.S. & Canadian Refugee and Immigration Policy?," Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues - Digital Companion, vol. 3 (Winter 2017) [full-text]

"Asylum Seekers in Canada Who Fled Trump Now Trapped in Legal Limbo," Reuters, 26 June 2017 [text]
- See also related ImmigrationProf blog post.

"Caribbean Migrants Risk Danger and Discrimination for a New Life in Chile," The Guardian, 29 June 2017 [text]

"Colombia’s Civil War Ends but Displacement Continues," Verdict, 28 June 2017 [text]

Contesting the Designation of the US as a Safe Third Country (Canadian Council for Refugees & Amnesty International, May 2017) [text]
- See also related infographic.

"Cuban Migration: A Postrevolution Exodus Ebbs and Flows," Migration Information Source, 6 July 2017 [text]

"'I Simply Do Not Believe': A Case Study of Credibility Determinations in Canadian Refugee Ajudication," Windsor Review of Legal and Social Issues, vol. 38 (Forthcoming, 2017) [full-text via SSRN]

"Organised Violence is Ravaging Central America and Displacing Thousands," The Guardian, 29 June 2017 [text]

"Securing Protection for De Facto Refugees: The Case of Central America's Northern Triangle," Ethics & International Affairs, vol. 31, no. 2 (July 2017) [free full-text]

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