25 July 2017

Regional Focus: Europe

The Central Mediterranean Route: Working on the Alternatives to Dangerous Journeys - Supplementary Appeal, January-December 2017 (UNHCR, July 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

A Dramatic Deterioration for Asylum Seekers on Lesbos (MSF, July 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

"How Not to Solve the Refugee Crisis," New Yorker, 31 July 2017 [text]

Journeys of Hope: Stories of Refugees on the Road to Europe (Jesuit Refugee Service, 2017) [text via Refworld]

Migrants and Mafia: Forced Migration and Organized Crime in Sicily (Forced Migration Forum, July 2017) [text]

"Migration and Asylum Statistics as a Basis for European Border Control," Migration Studies, vol. 5, no. 2 (July 2017) [free full-text]

Mixed Migration Flows in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Flow Monitoring Data Analysis (IOM, July 2017) [text via ReliefWeb]

The New EU Law on Refugees Takes Shape: More Harmonisation but Less Protection? (EU Law Analysis Blog, July 2017) [text]

Punish the Smuggler or Reward the Smuggler? Recent Refugee Arrivals in Greece (openDemocracy, July 2017) [text]

‘Refugees Welcome’ and the Myth of Two Europes (Political Critique, July 2017) [text]

Research Shows That Refugee Image in Lithuanian, British and US Press is Mainly Negative (EurekaAlert, July 2017) [text]

The Tangled Politics of Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean (UN Dispatch, July 2017) [text]

To Protect Refugees, We Must Confront Anxiety Over Muslims in Europe (Refugees Deeply, July 2017) [text]

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