09 November 2017

Regional Focus: United States

Acting Secretary Elaine Duke Announcement on Temporary Protected Status for Nicaragua And Honduras (Dept. of Homeland Security, 6 Nov. 2017) [text]
- See also related comment from the Center for Public Integrity, Niskanen Center blog post and Washington Post article.

Evaluation of the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project: Assessing the Impact of Legal Representation on Family and Community Unity (Vera Institute of Justice, Nov. 2017) [text]
- See also related Vox story.

Extending Temporary Protected Status for Honduras: Country Conditions and U.S. Legal Requirements, CLALS Working Paper, no. 16 (American Univ. & ICEFI, Nov. 2017) [text]

The Facts on America’s Immigrant and Visitor Vetting System (Brennan Center, Nov. 2017) [text]

The First Amendment and Soliciting Crimes of Migration (Take Care Blog, Nov. 2017) [text]

How to Tackle the Refugee Reform Dilemma (CGD Blog, Nov. 2017) [text]

In Defense of the Diversity Visa after NYC’s Terror Attack (Niskanen Center Blog, Nov. 2017) [text]
- See also related comment on The Conversation.

More Than 100,000 Haitian and Central American Immigrants Face Decision on Their Status in the U.S. (Pew Research, Nov. 2017) [text]

New Data Shows How the Trump Administration is Destroying the State Department (Vox, Nov. 2017) [text]

Refugee Security Screening is Legitimate — but Unrealistic  (Human Rights Watch, Nov. 2017) [text]

"U.S. Program for Central American Child Refugees to End Thursday," Reuters, 8 Nov. 2017 [text]

When Policy is Cut Off from Reality: Donald Trump’s Immigration Problem (Brookings, Oct. 2017) [text]

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