02 November 2017

Thematic Focus: Work/Economic Aspects - Europe/Middle East


Seminar series: Refugees and the Economy, Oxford, 2-30 November 2017 [info]
- Weekly seminars.

Conference: Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion: Maintaining Momentum and Creating Lasting Change, Brussels, 16-17 November 2017 [info]


Global Skill Partnerships: A Proposal for Technical Training in Settings of Forced Displacement (Center for Global Development, Oct. 2017) [text]

"Integration of Refugees: Lessons from Bosnians in Five EU Countries," Intereconomics, vol. 52, no. 5 (Sept. 2017) [full-text via CEPS]

Israeli Supreme Court Rules: Taxation and Employment Restrictions on Employers of “Foreign Workers” Apply to Employers of Asylum Seekers Too (RefLaw Blog, Oct. 2017) [text]

Prioritizing Livelihoods: How Personal Security Can Promote Economic Security in Jordan (CGD Blog, Oct. 2017) [text]

Refugee Work Rights Report: The Syrian Crisis and Refugee Access to Lawful Work in Greece, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey (Asylum Access, Sept. 2017) [text]

Syrian Businesses in Turkey: The Pathway to Refugee Integration? (Future Development Blog, Oct. 2017) [text]

"Work is Everything in Life": Refugees Seeking Formal Employment in Turkey (RI Blog, Oct. 2017) [text]

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