14 April 2018

Thematic Focus: Law/Policy Items - Pt. 1

"2017: The Year in Review," International Journal of Refugee Law, Advance Articles, 27 March 2018 [free full-text]

A Guide to International Refugee Protection and Building State Asylum Systems, Handbook for Parliamentarians, no. 27 (Inter-Parliamentary Union & UNHCR, 2017) [text]

International Law and Migration: Strategies for Protection (International Law under Construction Blog, Feb. 2018) [text]

Legal Considerations Regarding Access to Protection and a Connection Between the Refugee and the Third Country in the Context of Return or Transfer to Safe Third Countries (UNHCR, April 2018) [text]

"Note on Migration and the Principle of Non-refoulement," International Review of the Red Cross, First View, 28 March 2018 [full-text]
- See also related ICRC blog post.

Questioning Treaty Interpretation as the Legitimizing Foundation of the Internal Relocation Principle under Refugee and Human Rights Treaties (SSRN, Jan. 2018) [text]

The Right to Asylum in International Law (SSRN, Nov. 2017) [text]

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