18 December 2020

Thematic Focus: Children & Families

Blog posts:

Child marriage among conflict-affected populations – a major threat for adolescent girls (Monash Univ. Lens, Nov. 2020) [text]

Contemporary immigration policy: the rise of child anxiety and its harmful effect on children’s development (ImmigrationProf Blog, Dec. 2020) [text]
- Focuses on the US.

*"Ending detention, Greece still accused of failing to protect migrant children," The New Humanitarian, 18 Dec. 2020 [text]

"Our Immigration Policy Has Done Terrible Damage to Kids: Here are four steps the Biden-Harris administration should take immediately to prevent further harm," Scientific American, 1 Dec. 2020 [text]
- See also related interview.

‘What works’ to protect children on the move: five insights from across the globe (ODI Blog, Dec. 2020) [text]


Caring for unaccompanied minors in transit in Serbia, RLI Working Paper, no. 51 (Refugee Law Initiative, Nov. 2020) [text]

Children Affected by Armed Conflict, 1990–2019 (PRIO, Nov. 2020) [text]

A Path to Reintegration: The Role of Handover Protocols in Protecting the Rights of Children Formerly Associated with Armed Forces or Armed Groups (Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict, Dec. 2020) [text via ReliefWeb]

Journal articles:

"Child Marriage among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: At the Gendered Intersection of Poverty, Immigration, and Safety," Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies, Latest Articles, 15 Dec. 2020 [open access]

"The child refugee in Calais: from invisibility to the ‘suspect figure’," Journal of International Humanitarian Action, 5:19 (Dec. 2020) [open access]

"Children Trapped in Camps in Syria, Iraq and Turkey: Reflections on Jurisdiction and State Obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child," Nordic Journal of Human Rights, vol. 38, no. 2 (2020) [open access]

"Family in the Balance: Barton v. Barr and the Systematic Violation of the Right to Family Life in U.S. Immigration Enforcement," William & Mary Journal of Race, Gender and Social Justice, vol. 27 (Forthcoming, 2021) [full-text]

"Giving voice to migrant children during reception and asylum procedures: Illustrations on the implementation of Art. 12 CRC in Greece and Belgium," Revista Española de Investigación Criminológica, vol. 18, no. 2 (2020) [full-text]

International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, vol. 15, suppl. no. 2 (2020) [open access]
- Special issue that features a thematic cluster on "The Predicament of the Child Refugee," with 9 articles.

"Language assessment tools for Arabic-speaking heritage and refugee children in Germany," Applied Psycholinguistics, vol. 41, spec. issue no. 6 (Nov. 2020) [open access]

"Living in the Shadow of Political Decisions: Former Refugees’ Experiences of Supporting Newly Arrived Refugee Minors," Journal of Refugee Studies, 17 Dec. 2020 [open access]


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