25 April 2006

Surveys: Early Warning, HR Defenders, Human Trafficking, Peacebuilding

The UN Pulse reported that the UN Office on Drugs and Crime just released Human Trafficking: Global Patterns. The aim of the survey is three-fold: "First, to compile and make sense of existing disparate sources, so as to highlight trends concerning countries of origin, transit and destination. Second, to lay down a challenge to UN Member States to improve the quality of their reporting. ...Third, to make readers painfully aware that we are all affected by the human trafficking tragedy" (p. 10).

Another UN survey focuses on early warning: The Global Survey of Early Warning Systems: An assessment of capacities, gaps and opportunities toward building a comprehensive global early warning system for all natural hazards (March 2006)

The Annual Report 2005 of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders was published by FIDH/OMCT 22 March 2006. It surveys the situation of human rights defenders around the world. An executive summary is also available.

Finally, the International Peace Academy compiled International Assistance to Countries Emerging from Conflict: A Review of Fifteen Years of Interventions and the Future of Peacebuilding (Feb. 2006). The report looks at peacebuilding practice to date and considers strategies for improving its impact on countries transitioning from war to peace.

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