23 May 2007

Forced Migration Overviews

I was asked recently about finding an introduction to the forced migration situation within a particular region/country. The following resources are starting points for developing overviews of population displacements around the world. Because different labels are used to describe forced migrants, depending on the type of displacement they experience, it is necessary to consult a range of sources in order to get a sense of the overall picture in any given place; currently, there is no single comprehensive source for "forced migration country profiles."

Forced Migration Research Guides (Forced Migration Online) [access]
- The aim of these guides is to provide an overview of the range of displacement situations in selected countries. Currently, 18 countries are profiled, as well as Palestinian refugees.

International Federation of Red Cross/Red Crescent Societies [access]
- Describes IFRC programmes to assist the "world's most vulnerable people; victims of natural and man-made disasters, refugees and displaced people and those hit by socio-economic problems."

Profiles of Internal Displacement (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre) [access]
- Select countries from the orange drop-down menu on the right. For regional overviews of displacement, read through the recent report entitled Internal Displacement: Global Overview of Trends and Developments in 2006 (April 2007). IDMC focuses on conflict-induced displacement.

ReliefWeb [access]
- Portal to humanitarian information on complex emergencies and natural disasters.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees [access]
- Browse by country using the drop-down menu on the home page. UNHCR's focus is on refugees, or people fleeing persecution, conflict, human rights violations who cross an international border. For regional overviews, read the agency's latest Global Appeal.

World Refugee Survey (U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants) [access]
- Search by individual country using the drop-down menu on the right, entitled "Refugee Conditions by Country." Or browse through the complete issues of World Refugee Surveys back to 2003. USCRI surveys both refugee and IDP situations.

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